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Oakos / Nov 10, 2017

Does me good to announce to the guild we have a new lead on board! Dedicated, loyal and can hold his liquor.... three cheers as we welcome Officer Torin into the ranks of leadership!

Oakos / Nov 10, 2017

Tell us your Main characters name and any alts you have in Vanquish's ESO division? You wanna know a little about me huh??? Well now, I could tell ya, but then i'd have to duel and kill you... Hahahaha!No seriously I feel Honored.. I think.. Or is...

Duck / Oct 30, 2017

This Sunday, November 5th at 1PM EST/10AM PST, we will hold our first ESO Vanquish Wedding to celebrate the marriage of Black Magic Woman and Ogromus. On October 15th, the couple said their vows in RL. Now, they will share those vows and relive ...

Oakos / Oct 17, 2017

That's right folks, its that time again!Lawn Darts!What is it you ask? Most of us remember the highly regarded 80's back yard game in which deadly projectiles are thrown in the hopes of landing your missle in the center of a circle and winning the...

Duck / Oct 02, 2017

Madness! Defending the mountains of Wrothgar, our brave Vanquish Adventurers set out to slay the beasts made up of Deadra, Dwarven Constructs, and Ogres!Gathering at the cozy Skalar's Hostel, they donned their specially prepared gear for such the...

Oakos / Sep 28, 2017

What the hell is going on around here! I am going to start advertising Vanquish as a fertility clinic! You people do KNOW WHAT CAUSES this right? Grats Fire and don't forget the fine print about your "first born" in the Vanquish application!