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in 3 Days, 22 hrs....

Duck / Sep 07, 2019

In just under 4 days, the Vanquish Guild came together to rebuild and improve and New Guild Hall. A feat beyond comprehension. A feat that took over a year in the past. DONE in 94 HOURS! This "FAMILY" of Vanquish just proved to everyone what Vanquish is all about.

With a new account that will be permanently tied to the leadership of Vanquish, a new Guild Hall was purchased in the Elsweyr Meadows. After the announcement was made that it was now time to build, we were flooded with donations.

the Vanquish Guild Home now holds:
• All 200 Crafting Stations with the 3 for the new patch coming this year.
• All 13 Mundus Stone
• 2 Atro Trial Dummies
• a Mix of 9 regular and robust target dummies
• a Centurion Trial dummy
• Banker and Merchant
• All base game crafting stations
• Transmutation Station
• and even stuff to make you look your best!

So many member of Vanquish helped to make this happen! Please see this thread of the entire list of who donated and throw a "thank you" their way!

NOW.. the decorating can begin. The Vanquish Guild Hall will be glorious with our 2 biggest home designers in Vanquish...

Thank you EVERYONE!


Duck and I have been speechless by the generosity and thoughtfulness of all our members. We started this rebuild project 4 days ago think it would take months or even a year to finish. Here we are 4 days later and it is not only done....but better than ever!! You all are some of the most amazing people I have ever known. You should all be proud of what you have done for yourselves and each other.

Everyone, and I mean everyone did what they could. The PvP'er jumped in with some huge support for our crafters and PvE folks. The newest members of the guild gave to a group of people they have only know for a few days or few weeks. Some of our most reserved and solo members came out to help support this New Guild Hall! It has been amazing to watch all of you invest time, effort, coin, writs, materials and for some, real world cash, into Vanquish and the future of Vanquish to come.

You are the most impressive group of people I have ever known in my life. Pat yourselves on the back, take pride in what you have done, and lets have a drink to celebrate! CHEERS 🍺🍸🍷🍹🍻🍷🍸🍹

**And to Duck...hell of an impressive .gif there! Have a 🍪
Great post. A very special thanks to Savina whom I know made an extreme effort. Cheers x 3 !
It has been an amazing turn out from the guild at large, to take on the task of rebuilding the guild hall. Record time to re-establish all of that and in a more complete state than the original was. Thank you Savina and Duck for securing the future of our guild hall and for your heroic effort to get it done so quickly. It's been an honor to put my shoulder to the task with you all and I'll never forget how we came together to support our guild through this! Love to all!

It was a truly amazing feat! With so many people donating lots of mats and writs and tables and crated items and crown store items and their time.. wow people, just WOW😍. Thank you!

To Savina and Duck who came up with the idea of a guild account to protect our investment in the future and who went out and got the account, bought the house, leveled the little character, did mages guild and fighters guild quest lines until their eyes went blurry to get the last 2 set, attuned ALL of those tables, stayed up until 3 am doing the writs to buy tables, then got up the next morning to do it all again, spent a ton of their own gold and real money, made us that incredible gif and probably a thousand things we don’t even know they did.. to you guys I tip my Symphony of Blades helm and raise my Masters Restoration staff in salute!
Grats you guys! That is awesome!!!
Wow. Just WOW!
Awesome, wish you'd sent out an email, I haven't been very active the last few months but would have loved to there anything your still looking for or needing for the hall?


In hindsight that was probably in one of those guild emails I get in game and never read :-(
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