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2nd World Boss Marathon 100% COMPLETE

Duck / Sep 04, 2019
Last Saturday, the 31st of August, Vanquish held the 2nd World Boss Marathon with the objective of destroying all 143 world bosses throughout the world of Tamriel.

Starting off in Glenumbra at 11am EST, we completed that objective 15 hours and 30 minutes later with the final boss going down in Vvrandenfell. We were quite excited that so many VNQ’ers participated in this event. Consistently running 2 groups, we had 44 Vanquish members participating with an average of 21 members taking part at all times. With the 143 world bosses, all dailies were completed as well (Gold Coast, Vvrandenfell, Clockwork, Summerset, Murkmire, Elsweyr and Wrothgar)

What made this event run so well was the Vanquish members themselves. As Savina stated in her post, “The truth is we really didn’t do that much…. started auto invite and followed a laid-out plan on where to go next. ALL of you that participated in this event are the ones that made it a success. Everyone involved did their part to ensure everyone got credit for each boss. All involved stayed with the group and exercised patience and understanding throughout the day for both Duck and I, as well as their fellow guildmates. It really was ALL OF YOU that made this Event so much fun!”

Of everyone that attended, a very special shout out to a few individuals that had attended the entire length of the events; @rosemackie, @astluminos, @creakinator, @squatch9, @NukeLikeTheBomb, and @trickstertoons. Plus another shout out to a very special guest who joined Vanquish, @rtwowl, and got a taste of what Vanquish is all about. No pants, drinks, and fun. =)

A special "Thank you" to Lenore, Infi, and Sav for donating so much gold for this event. At random, trivia questions were given ranging anywhere from Vanquish history, Lore, to Crafting and 40-80K in gold was passed out in almost every zone. The six members that lasted the entire run all received 200K in gold. All in all, over 2.6 million in gold was passed out to those attending.

Thank you ALL for such a wonderful, memorable time!

Below are some comments that were made before this news thread was posted:

“Kudos to Duck and Savina for running the World Boss Marathon, they lasted a lot longer than I could have. Thanks to those who sponsored by their donations of game gold for the prizes.” – Pawpie

“Yes... thanks Duck and those that helped. Much appreciated” - Burner

“Thanks Duck and Savina Y'all did an awesome job yesterday. I had lots of fun. We completed all 143 bosses. Thanks to those who sponsored by their donations of game gold for the prizes.” - Shell

“Special thanks to "pudding". That guy is awesome.” – Nuke

There were loads more mentioned in voice discord but those were posted in discord chat.


Thank you to everyone that came out and spent the day with us! And a special shout out to Pudding for being a good sport and making us all laugh so much, we love ya Warden!
Great job again folks! I was only on for 3 hours, but had a grand time. I have to mention what was the highlight for me: that was when our newest member @rtwowl wanted to join in the festivities Duck and crew made sure to get him all set up in Discord, grouped up and extend a warm Vanquish welcome. Made me happy😀 Hopefully we didn't scare him too much, we were on our best behavior😋 Thanks again to all.
Congrats everyone! Wish I could have made it but I spent my weekend camping and exploring (trying to squeeze the last bit of summer here).
Thank you all so much for the warm welcome and giving me the pleasure of joining you for the last 6 or 7 zones. Despite much of the team suffering from severe boss burnout and stiff body parts, it was the most enjoyable time I've had in game so far; and thanks for your patience and help with Discord! I'm really looking forward to spending evenings with you all! (PS - changed my login to @Santaniko to tidy things up (formerly @rtwOWL). Cheers!
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