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Craglorn Progression is HIRING!

Duck / Aug 22, 2019
A note from Josie of the Vanquish Guard:

"Fashion is indisputably the true endgame in ESOL. However, in the interest of providing an appropriate venue in which showcase your super cute outfits, may we suggest a strut down the pathway of a Vet Trial?! This is a Vanquish group and as such it is fairly casual and can get messy so wear your better gowns at your own risk. While we do absolutely take our forays into the depths seriously and we intend to win, more importantly we’re here to have FUN (but you do need pants, for pants less fun, please see FNF).

With that in mind, we are looking for people interested in joining our Craglorn Vet Trial group. But this is only the beginning! The ultimate goal is to build a strong, tight knit, skilled progression group that can take on tier two trials…on hard mode…and win. The best way to do this is to party, party, party, while looking fabulous of course, which means the number one requirement is to show up, on time, prepared and ready to go. As the saying going “80% of success is just showing up!”

If this catches your attention, read further on the post in our forums here: Continue reading... *Note: if you get a link that displays 404 error, or unauthorized, it means you need to LOG IN.

As a reminder, we do host several 'normal' trials throughout the week; Thursday 8:30pm est, Friday 12:30pm EST, Saturday 11:30pm EST and Sundays at 1:30pm EST which is centered around quick gear runs and trial introduction.


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