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The Vanquish Guard

Savina / Jun 23, 2019
Vanquish Guard

The Vanquish Guard is comprised of senior members who have dedicated their time and effort for the benefit of the guild. These sentries of Vanquish stand guard and protect our core values through their ability to teach, lead, and guide other members. They are exemplary members who deserve to be recognized for their loyalty to Vanquish, honorable actions and noble deeds.

Requirements: Veteran member that promotes and strengthens our core values through their actions, or by Commander's, Captain, Officer's or Guild Commander's appointment

This first wave of Veterans promoted to Vanquish Guard are as follows:

@ArtificialSon - Chanel
@BlackmagicwomanCT – (BMW) Black Magic Woman
@Cyfrinair – Copacetic
@DawnWarrior – Bella (@Dawnwarrior)
@Delkurz - Delkurz
@Emphatic_Static - Static
@Kamalii – Sarah (Kamali’i
@Lapuaboy - Lapuaboy
@More_Tono – Last Tono
@Tuatha'an – (@Tuatha’an) Josien
@Woodhaven-woods – Wayne (Sara’s)
@ZhuBajie – Zhu-Zhu

Also moving to the rank of Vanquish guard by request or necessity are the following officers:

@megnin - Meg
@Ixtyr – Ixtyr Falavir (game inactive yet meets and exceeds the requirement through Discord Daily)
@mistified – Rylii (game inactive yet meets and exceeds the requirement through Discord Daily)
@Tormennt – Mersy

Vanquish Guard names will be orange on Discord. This fancy new color comes with new permissions that include the ability to monitor and kick, as well as dragging/dropping images into discord.

Other changes in the Vanquish Current Leadership Core :

@Infidelux – Infidelux has been promoted to Captain
@Oakos – Oakos now holds the Guild Founder title
@Savina.09 – Savina is now Guild Commander

Thank you, Vanquish Guard, for helping to enrich and grow our community. Your contributions to Vanquish include but are not limited to advice and knowledge shared, leading and/or running events, crafting services, a sense of humor and ability to make us all laugh. The things you do are the things that help Vanquish stay strong and healthy.




Thank you all for being so AMAZING!
Congratulations to ALL!!!!!! 😀😀😀
Wahoo! I am excited to see this change in organization!
Wow, Thank you and Congratz to ALL!! 😍
Congrats to all!
Gratz everyone!!!
congrats to everyone!
Thanks Sav!!!
This is so great! Congrats to the Guard. :)