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Oakos / May 31, 2019
Hello Vanquish!

Today is a great day for the guild as I promote Savina to Guild Commander along site Duck, Mersy and Colby! A well-deserved and earned position! She joins the ranks of Duck, Colby and Mersy as co-leads of ESO!

This announcement follows up with another, my own. I have spent 5.5 years playing ESO and for myself the game has reached my top 3 all time MMOs, an incredible MMO filled with incredible people. That said, I need to focus my efforts on other endeavors for now. I will remain in ESO as the guild leader and founder and I will ALWAYS be your servant in all things Vanquish undertakes. That said, I am stepping back a bit in game and hand the day-to-day reigns over to my Commanders, Officers and of course... the incredible members that make up our roster!

Should you have concerns, questions or ideas about Vanquish, ESO and overall direction, please feel free to contact myself at anytime via the site, Discord or in game!

While my time in world may be limited, my time for each of you... is not.




And *along side, not site

Congrats Savina!!!

GL on endeavors Oakos!
Mutha lover
Duck: If I'm going up I'm dragging you with me!

Congratz Sav!
Savina going up own her own. And its tenfold deserved.
Congratz Savina!
Grats to Savina!

Also Oakos. If you're ever on the north end of Seattle or near Edmonds beers are on me.
A well earned congrats to Savina!
Grats Sav!

And best of luck in all your endeavors Oakos!
Congrats Savina! You are one of the many life-lines of Vanquish!!! Real life, and game life would not be the same without YOU! I will miss you Oakos.....take care of you and yours. It will be good to still see you around. When I joined Vanquish you were the rock that I was amazed by! Thankfully, Vanquish has MANY rocks, and some pebbles like me lol!