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1 year later, X-UP comes to a close.

Duck / Apr 02, 2019
Making the loop over an entire year, March ends the long string of the X-UP points program. But first, the winners! With a grand total of 17,782 points, the winner of the month of March, and with 1930 points, is Duck. The second-place random winner goes out to #74 of the random dice roll; the one and only RaeRae! With total points ending in Tier 5 prizes, Duck will be able to keep his 100K while RaeRae is awarded 50K in gold.

Over the year running, we have given out 1,905,000 in gold, 3 music boxes, 1-character slot and 1 appearance change token. That’s quite a bit to hand out just for participating in Vanquish activities. And over that year, a huge thank you to all of you that took the time to post those screenshot, participate in guild activities, running those impromptu events, donating to the table program, and of course, rez’ing our guild leader!

So why is X-UP ending? The X-UP was designed for 2 things. 1) To encourage inner guild activities and play and 2) to bring our members together in support of getting all the crafting tables in the game in our guild hall. As of last night, April 1st, Vanquish NOW HAS every crafting table at our guild hall. And that is no joke =) If you need to craft sets, or you need to do those master writs, travel to @Oakos primary residence. A very special thank you to Oakos for taking the time to see those done, to Sabre for arranging the tables so they are easily identified, and to all our guild members for accomplishing this incredible task. APPLAUD!

With the tables now complete, this does away with half the X-UP program. We wanted to cater to all sorts of members. Whether or not you run dungeons, participate in bigger Vanquish activities, PVP, or simply just like to craft; the X-UP covered all. But now, part of that element is missing. It is very possible that sometime in the future we will bring it back with some alterations though. It’s been a great year and we got a lot accomplished!

For the final month’s stats:

114 Vanquish Members were listed as participating.
312 members in dungeon runs
29 members joined in "impromptu events"
51 members participated in "MNM - Monday Night Madness" (based on screenshots provided
111 members participated in "FNF - Friday Night Fights" (based on screenshots provided) (5 Fridays for Nov)
54 members participated in "SMS - Saturday Morning Smackdown" (based on screenshots provided)
48 members participated in "TTP - Take the Pledge" (based on screenshots provided)
54 members in "UT - Undaunted Tuesdays” (based on screenshots provided)
There were 15 Schedule Events ran
There were 3 Impromptu Events ran
600 refined materials were donated
0 UN-refined materials donated
395 Master Writ Vouchers donated
0 tempers donated
6 attunable tables donated

Oakos was REZ'd 1 time.
Colby was REZ'd 1 time.


A lot of work and time went into this, thank you Duck and thank you all for participating!
Thanks Duck!
Thank you Duck for all your time and effort! I'm sure you got tired of posting (and PM'ing) "I need @names, damnit" 😀
The amount of love and support you and Savina give the Guild is amazing Duck! Congrats to you and RaeRae for winning! :D
Gratz to all who had a fun time with our guildies through X-Up motivation! I know I truly enjoyed the events I put together and those that participated. Here's to a super fun rest of the year!!!
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