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Five Years in ESO!

Oakos / Mar 22, 2019
Five Years in ESO!

Vanquish, on the 30th of this month we will be celebrating our FIFTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY in ESO! To ring in the event we will be holding “Vanquish Days”.
This will be a multi hour event, come and go as you like, join the scheduled events, get involved with your guild and help us celebrate five awesome years in The Elder Scrolls Online! Below you will find our itinerary for the event. We look forward to seeing everyone here!




What a GREAT 5 years too! Time well spent with my Vanquish Family!
What's amazing is how the guild has flourished over the years. And how close many of us have become with one another. Vanquish is more than an online community, it's a home. Like Mother Spritey says, "A guild that slashes together, stays together."

It's been an honor to be here.
*slays together, stays together."

:I'll see myself out as apparently I've been here too long to know that:
Lol rylii. You even said it right twice!
Five years of good times!!!
Awesome Enjoy all. My son's first baseball game of the season so I can't make it. Love me some lawn darts.
You guys really put the laughter in slaughter!
Congrats to Vanquish on 5 wonderful years of guiding and helping players achieve many things with kindness and loving hearts! So happy I found you all! Here's to even more years together!
What a day! Holy Cow.

First, Roll Call with some very nice words from Oakos. Congrats to Savina and Sabre for their promotions to Captain And a welcome to our new officers; DeSyreni and Unicojole! Mia, at roll call, WON 5K CROWNS! It was great to see so many Vanquish members there sporting their guild Tabards and the occasional "congrats" from locals who asked what the occasion was.

Then off we went to the Vanquish Dome! A gladiator style type of fighting at the Hammerdeath Arena right there in Stormhaven. Those that participated in the fight were given an iron helm to wear and 1 random, low leveled weapon. No armor. You fought naked except the jewelry you wore. There were some exciting battles and one that ended quicker than it started when Uni just strongarmed me. =) Some really great showing from several participants. The final round matched up our own guild leader Oakos (who knew right?) against Unicajole. It was a match! Eventually Uni got the better hand and crowned champion, but damn, it was a good fight.

Next up, we did the Vanquish tradition of Lawn Darts. This is where our guild leader finds the highest peaks in Tamriel and plummets to his death. We need to follow and attempt to land on his corpse. Easy? Oh noooooo. But fun as hell. Especially when there are others, down below, seeing a bunch of Vanquish members falling from the sky and the occasional "WTF?" We did 3 locations; one in Craiglorn near the skyreach bridge, in Wrothgarr, and in Stonefalls which may be the highest point in the game.

Then, dum dum dummmmmm.. NAKED TRIALS BABY! Oh yeah. Butt naked except the jewelry and weapons you had. We had 2 groups that wanted to participate with ten in each group. Doing trials, even on normal, without armor is a challenge! And fun! Did I say challenging? Strats that you normally use, you need to adapt. And Sanctum Ophidian, with those Overchargers, Poison Trolls, and my gawd the War Priests can keep you on your toes. Not counting the attacks from the bosses that you normally laugh at suddenly has your attention. At the end, Group 2; Duck, Infi, Josie, Destrolly, Delkurtz, Kidaan, Taeve, Savina, and Uni found a way to be victorious!

And yet there is more! Off to Cyrodiil to ransack the sewers and destroy Molag Bal one more time! Collecting skyshards, killing bosses, and the occasional 'red' and 'yellow' that expired. By this time, most of us were, tipsy. LOL. There is one very important thing we did learn in the sewers. We found that CPR isn't the proper way to bring a boss back to life. Just send in Sabre. A few hip thrusts, a little t-bag, the boss is back up and he is pissed. =) With minty breath of course! Rounding off the central section, we climbed up to deal with some roaming bosses to finish off our night.

Thanks to everyone for an incredible, event filled day. And most of all, HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY VANQUISH!
Congrats to everyone and thanks to all who participated, and even those who couldn't be here. We are all winners since we are part of this amazing guild!