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New year of X-up starts with…

Duck / Feb 03, 2019
January has come to a close with the X-UP points system and a new month has begun with the guilds largest roster of 268 active members! And with the X-UP system, the guild hall now has, we believe, all the tables necessary to have every single crafting station available. A wonderful, extraordinary achievement.

Several months ago new rules were set to prevent repeat winners 2x in a row. For the month of January, this finally came into play. Though Lenore took total points with 1850, she was the winner of the month of December, so it falls to 2nd place. Brining in 1680 total points, Duck, will take the win for the month of January. The random winner for 2nd place goes to (drum roll), #46 of the 125 participants. That #46 is Lapuaboy! With the total points reaching 24,378, it still falls into the 4th tier prizes but just shy of Tier 3. Congrats Lapuaboy on winning the random and to Duck who gets to save a little gold this month. =) Duck would receive 200K in gold and Lapuaboy, 100K in gold.

We did make a slight change to the X-UP system for the up and coming months. Previously, any 4-man dungeon with Vanquish members was awarded 15 pts. That is now 20 points. Those that participate in the Vanquish events such as MNM, FNF, etc.… was awarded 25 points. That was reduced to 20 points to bring both on an even level. We realize that because of set timed events, it’s easier to get points in the evening than during the day. So, you morning people, simply doing those randoms and pledges with Vanquish members can grab you 60 points a day hopefully bringing people closer together.

As of right now, we are continuing with the crafting section of the X-UP system, but this may be altered later. The tables are done! Woot! But we also know we have expansions coming that will require more tables to be needed. Something to look at later.

Once again congrats Duck and Lapuaboy for taking home the January X-UP points!

The X-UP points program is a way to encourage inner guild activities. Whether it is random dungeon, doing pledges, joining in the many activities such as Monday Night Madness, Take the Pledge, Friday Night Fights (the list goes on), a simple screenshot with users @names will get everyone registered with points. We have given out a lot of gold and some terrific prizes over the months and all you need to do is post those screenshots. For more information about the X-UP program, see this thread in the “General Discussion” (it’s pinned near the top) HERE.

January stats:

125 Vanquish Members were listed as participating.
371 members in dungeon runs
0 members joined in "impromptu events"
69 members participated in "MNM - Monday Night Madness" (based on screenshots provided
123 members participated in "FNF - Friday Night Fights" (based on screenshots provided) (5 Fridays for Nov)
63 members participated in "SMS - Saturday Morning Smackdown" (based on screenshots provided)
53 members participated in "TTP - Take the Pledge" (based on screenshots provided)
0 members participated in “Warzone Wed” (based on screenshots provided)
73 members in "UT - Undaunted Tuesdays” (based on screenshots provided)
There were 16 Schedule Events ran
There were 0 Impromptu Events ran
1200 refined materials were donated
3000 UN-refined materials donated
1678 Master Writ Vouchers donated
0 tempers donated
12 attunable tables donated

Oakos was REZ'd 0 times.
Colby was REZ'd 1 time.


Congrats you 2! And thanks to everyone for continuing to contribute to this AWESOME guild activity.
Congrats Duck and great job as always Lenore! I feel like a winner just belonging to Vanquish....oh wait, I did win😀 Thank you VNQ crew!
Awesome!!!!!! Congrats Duck and Lapuaboy!!!!!!
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