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Vanquish Store Update

Duck / Dec 18, 2018
Since November, we have been busy, busy! Just wish it was quick, quick! You get the Murkmire reference.

One big announcement I would like to make is the brining “Pearly Gates” to the store team! After several emails shooting off ideas, she went off designing. And now on the Vanquish Store is the “Call to Arms” Collection designed by Pearly.

The "Call to Arms" is the original Vanquish Recruitment message and signed by Oakos himself. We put up a few things like posters, canvas boards, snow globes and mouse pads. Head on over to the collection HERE. If there is something else you would love to see this on, just shoot us a tell in the Request Form located here:

Over the past month we have tried to get as much content out as possible for the holidays. Peeps love VNQ gear! And we love that you do!

In the beginning, it was a tiresome effort getting the categories set to make sure things appeared correctly due to some indexing issues. With that being corrected we moved on to a new category for those Friday Night Fights folks. Over 30 items listed, and some took advantage of it while it lasted. Lasted you say? After several order have already been bought and received, they removed ALL the items because they weren’t too excited about the image. Currently in the works of redoing the entire section. So, if you want that PEEP gear, just hold out a little longer.

Another line that is now complete is the VANQUISH ORGINAL. These are product that were done with the basic Vanquish text and range anywhere from Hats, Embroidered hats, keychain, magnets, shirts, luggage tags, license plates, etc… 54 items currently in that category alone and you can find that line here: (hold shift+click to open in new window)

While things are going slower than hoped, we are focused on getting this done for all of you!

As a reminder, we have to set a profit margin and with that, we have it as the lowest possible on all products at 5%. ALL PROFITS go back to Vanquish! So far, we have given away over $90 in crowns during events.


YES YES YES !! No … I am not shampooing my hair with Herbal Essence Shampoo …… I LOVE the Married and Given up on life bit..... Is how Oakos recruited me to Vanquish.... I was reading it in zone chat and couldn't stop laughing so I whispered to him! ….. the rest is history! Purchased items HAPPILY! Thank you, Ducky!
The People want PEEPS!

Give the People what they want.
So last night, after everything has already been approved, they now have a problem with the image. This is the chit I have to deal with. Giving them a call tonight and will keep you posted. Sorry Sprite, I think they cancelled your mug. I’ll let you know
Banner artwork is amazing!
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