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ToeJam and Zhu take the November X-UP!

Duck / Dec 01, 2018
For our 8th month running the X-UP points system, ToeJam and Zhu become our two recent winners. The month of November was filled with activities with Friday Night Fights filled with 187 VNQ members. Though we do have to point out there were 5 Friday’s this month. Still, they own Shor on Friday nights. There were also a few screens missed with MNM and SMS dropping their numbers a little bit. The biggest decline was the amount of donations made this month. None the less, these Vanquish members still made Tier 4 prizes giving ToeJam 200K in gold and Zhu getting 100K in game gold. Congrats to both of you!

In the history of the X-UP points system that awards players for just grouping with other Vanquish members, we have given out loads of prizes and awards. Since April of 2018, the following have won or have been the random winner; Lenore x3, Tono x2, Kally, Duck, Cyph, ToeJam, Blackmagicwoman, Doorstop, Shimple, Desyreni, Artificial Son, Dawnwarrior and now Zhu. We have given out for prizes; 3 Music Boxes, 1 additional character slot, 1 appearance change token, and 1,005,000 in gold! That’s a lot of bloody gold! If you are unsure what the X-UP Points system is, please see the link below.

Posting Screenshots has been made easier thanks to Mr. Tweedle. In discord, you will see a channel named “X-up”. All you do is go into that channel, type !xup in the chat and BEFORE hitting enter, drag your screenshot onto your message. Then hit ENTER. You will be given a IMAGE LINK as well as a LINK right to the Xup posting thread. The bot will respond to you via private message in Discord so make sure you check those messages. NOTE: If you have “cannot receive messages other than friends” you may want to change that.

Once again, Congrats to ToeJam and Zhu for winning the month of November!

What is X-UP? Follow the link here:

November stats:

115 Vanquish Members were listed as participating.
370 members in dungeon runs
14 members joined in "impromptu events"
52 members participated in "MNM - Monday Night Madness" (based on screenshots provided
187 members participated in "FNF - Friday Night Fights" (based on screenshots provided) (5 Fridays for Nov)
46 members participated in "SMS - Saturday Morning Smackdown" (based on screenshots provided)
65 members participated in "TTP - Take the Pledge" (based on screenshots provided)
50 members participated in “Warzone Wed” (based on screenshots provided)
40 members in "UT - Undaunted Tuesdays” (based on screenshots provided)
There were 17 Schedule Events ran
There were 1 Impromptu Events ran
0 refined materials were donated
800 UN-refined materials donated
203 Master Writ Vouchers donated
0 tempers donated
4 attunable tables donated

Oakos was REZ'd 1 times.
Colby was REZ'd 0 time.

We hope that in the month of December, we double the amount of participation! Vanquish members Helping/Hunting/Playing/Teaching with Vanquish!


Prayin Mantis
Thanks, everyone!
Congrats Toe Jam and Zhu!!!!!!!!!
Thanks all!
Last Tono
Grats! 😎
Congrats fellers!
Grats to both of you!
Congrats Mantis and Zhu! Well deserved I two are awesome!:)
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