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Kidz Dayz - a Wonderful Experience

Duck / Nov 04, 2018
“Kidz Dayz” was simply awesome and a great experience for kids and parents alike. Just listening in on discord, you could hear and feel the excitement as these Vanquish Kids experienced things they have never done before.

KPMartin, Moto Ploto, Colloseala, Turtle Girl, Brooke Flowers started off in Craglorn doing 10 of the world bosses and finding out what the ‘portals’ were all about. They laughed, kicked barrels, leveled up, talked about their loot and even went back there when the first break was announced.

Later, these same kids headed to Vaults of Madness and then City of Ash! Learning some of the mechanics, killing mobs and even flapped like a fish on the portal at City of Ash. It was hilarious when Calloseala told her grandmother, “Grandma, don’t fall off and die again” at Vaults.

After another schedule break, they took part in the Vanquish Tradition of Lawn Darts. This is where one soul jumps off a very high cliff, dies and everyone has to try to repeat the jump and land the closest to that corpse. We took to the high mountains in Stonefalls with our final destination near the Dreugh invaders. Leave it to Josien to land within inches of Duck (we hear she is good at falling off cliffs), but all the kids found their way to land in the vicinity even after 1, 2, 5 attempts. They just kept doing it, and loving it. And for their efforts, each found a love with a new non-combat pet.

After the final break, we headed back to Craglorn for Santum Ophidian. That’s right! A trial! With kids aging from 9-12 years old, not only was there ZERO deaths at the Mantikora, but they also rocked the Trolls for the Feeding Pit Achievement! At first, they though, “He said a few trolls”. Then they realized the reality of it all. Ms. Brooke Flowers even said, and I quote, “People there is too much talk. Focus. Focus. Focus.” She’s 9. I think some of us died literally just from laughing. Colloseala and Brooke were dishing out the DPS, Moto Ploto was the main tank, and Turtle Girl did both dps and heals. This is your future VET crew!

After everyone grabbed those pink orbs and the Serpent hit the dirt, the event was over. Enter Sad Face here. The kids had a great time as they stated over and over again. Each made new friends and afterwards spent some time friending each other and hitting some delves in other lands.

A special thanks to Qizax, Sabre, Vet, Codas, and BlackMagicWoman for helping fill the spots as needed. You guys are awesome!



I'd say Kidz Dayz was a success. Thanks to all the Vanquish members that helped us fill out groups during the events. The children are excited to have made some new friends and to have gotten to participate in dungeon and trial groups! It was indeed a very successful day and I think it brought as much joy to the adults involved as it did the children.
I agree. I know my daughter had a blast. Sorry I had to bail out of the trial right before the last boss. I had to attend a surprise birthday party for my wife's boss' husband and it would have been... bad.. for her at work if we were late and spoiled the surprise because we were walking in at the same time he was.
Mutha lover
Brooke Flowers for RL next vSO please!!!
Serious Fun. One of them even fulfilled Rylii's (or Dea's) normal duties seamlessly. Would do again a thousand times over.
According to Collo, Kidz day was 100% success... BEST DAY EVER is actually the comment I got from her. She's ready to go again anytime. So is Grandma!! The kids did really well. I was impressed with how well they followed instructions and stayed together and stayed focused on the task. Thank You Duck and Sav for putting this together and to everyone that joined in. It was just a really fun day (-:
And TurtleGirl was on today with some of the other kids.. I think at one point they were playing tag and hide and seek in game..
Oh my gosh that's great Infi!!! The BIG kidz of Vanquish would love that too lol!
Thank you SO much for asking me to help with a couple of dungeons Savina! It was the best time ever with your grand! I'll help and play with the kidz it!
I agree that this was a total success! KPMartin had a blast! Her only complaint was that I had scheduled family to come over that afternoon and she had to stop playing to join the rest of us in RL :)

The three of us were playing the other night and Moto Ploto saw us in Discord and ended up joining us for a dungeon run.

Thanks to all that organized it and ran the groups around.
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