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Cy and Tono take October X-UP!

Duck / Nov 02, 2018
A huge shout out to Cyfrinair and Tono for winning the October ’18 X-UP Program!

At #15 on the participation list, Tono was the random winner while Cyfrinair holds the top spot with 2125 total points. The guild reached a very nice 26,753 points total to hit the Tier 3 prizes. This means Cy will walk away with either 4 crown crates (or 2 music boxes) and Tono grabs 2 crown crates (or 1 music box). Congrats you two!

The month of October had 129 active members participation in screenshots or being involved in group activities getting those screenies. One of the most notable donations given to the guild was made by ToeJamJuice who donated 4 crafting tables! Josien (Tuatha’an) also donated a crafting table to help Vanquish acquire all the tables around Tamriel. And in helping that cause, Throm donated 628 vouchers of master writs!

Though crafting is part of the X-Up system, just joining in guild activities plays a huge role. From Monday Night Madness to Friday Night Fights, Take the Pledge, Undaunted, Warzone, Sat Morn Smackdown, Impromptu events, etc… there are so many things you can do to acquire points. Just make sure the screenies are posted. And by the way, the crafting section is topped out at 800 points per month.

With the Witches Festival now over, we are starting to roll into another full series of events in ESO; Clockwork, the Undaunted, and New Life Festival. And now with 253 members in the guild (at the time of this writing) more VNQ Peeps to group with. Keep up the great work everyone and once again, Congrats to Cy and Tono.

As we head into November, remember ANYONE can take screenshots. If you need help in posting those, please see any officer in game or head to the X-UP description on the forums. (see link below) For any guild related event, grab those screenshots and post them in the media section/X-UP forums! The more that enter, the higher the prizes! This is a group effort. If you are unfamiliar on how to post your pics and link them in the appropriate thread, contact any officer and they will help. Points are given for group activities (except trials) and crafting donations. And remember, if screens are not posted, we cannot award points. And remember ANYONE can post screenshots. Ask someone in your group if they have it covered. Never expect.

What is X-UP? Follow the link here:


Way to go Cyp and Tono! Congrats to both of you.
Last Tono
Cool, I'm gonna go buy a lottery ticket. 😎
YAY, congrats to Cy and Tono!!!! You two are AWESOME! 😊
Congrats Cy and Tono!!!!!!!!!!!
Great job guys!
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