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KIDZ DAYZ here at Vanquish Nov. 3rd!

Duck / Oct 16, 2018
Vanquish proudly presents “Kidz Day” here at Vanquish on November 3rd, 2018.

Is this a common face while you play and have a great time at Vanquish while they are stuck doing chores and homework?

Do you hear “Mom/Dad, what are you doing?”, “What level are you now?”, “Can we do a dungeon?”, “Can you take me there?” FEAR NOT of all those pesky questions! Vanquish is here to help!

On November 3rd, we are dedicating the day for our kids, bringing them into the Vanquish family, doing events, dungeons, trials and even a contest! So turn those sad faces into a HAPPY FACE!

On this day we are scheduling a series of events for your kids, and you, to enjoy.

• 1:00 PM EST (10 AM PST) – Dolmen run through Covenant lands (1hr – 1.25 hrs)
• 3:00 PM EST (12 AM PST) – Vanquish Lawn Dart Tradition! (45 min)
• 4:30 PM EST (1:30 PM PST) – Non-DLC Dungeon Runs (1hr – 1.5 hrs)
• 6:30 PM EST (3:30 PM PST) – Announce Contest Winner(s)
• 7:00 PM EST (4 PM PST) – TRIALS at Sanctum Ophidian (1.5-2 hrs max)

If you have a child that plays ESO that is between the ages of 5-16, come join the fun! For more information, signup, questions, concerns and comments, PLEASE see this THREAD HERE.

For Adults

• Children will remain separate from the Vanquish Guild so chat does not be a concern.
• No real names are to be used or given. Only character names.
• Parents are responsible for setting them up on discord or use parents account. There will be a dedicated channel for kids (role assigned) that limits the viewing of topics within discord or jumping to other voice coms.
• Parents can be grouped with their child for all events if they so wish. If your child has trouble navigating with ESO, we encourage the alternate method of being by their side and helping them through.

We are hoping for 16 of our own kids to take part. Pending on the success of this new event, this could be a quarterly thing. And please, any questions or concerns, please direct them to the thread link listed above.


Fantastic event, I cant wait to meet my future cannon fodder!
Already begun teaching them to say “Oakos, make me a sammich.”
Since I don't have kids, I'll let the cats play. I doubt anyone notices the difference...
This is SO awesome Duck! Unfortunately, our granddaughter won't be able to come. She only plays when she's on our computer here in New England. The good news is we'll be visiting her in Kansas for the winter and I can get her in game sometimes over the holiday's if you do any more kid events! I can't wait to play with all the kids on the 3rd!
My son might sit on my lap if we can make it and push the 1-5 keys. I signed up "maybe" on the event page as it all depends on what the rest of the family plans are tomorrow. Have fun!
I'd say Kidz Dayz was a success. Thanks to all the Vanquish members that helped us fill out groups during the events. The children are excited to have made some new friends and to have gotten to participate in dungeon and trial groups! It was indeed a very successful day and I think it brought as much joy to the adults involved as it did the children.

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