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Sept X-UP goes to Dawnwarrior & Duck

Duck / Oct 01, 2018
CONGRATS to Dawnwarrior (Bella) and Duck for winning the September '18 X-UP Program! HUZZAH

The random participation winner was Dawnwarrior at #30 on the participation charts while Duck takes the lead with 2735 total points. With the total points combining at 36,755, the Vanquish Guild put the prize Tier at LEVEL 2! The highest thus far! Dawnwarrior will walk away with an Appearance Change Token and Duck will get the Additional Character Slot.

The month of September has been full of activity and Vanquish has put forth a lot of participants. 131 to be exact. All of whom have taken part in 4 man dungeons, guild group events such as Monday Night Madness, Friday Night Fights, Take the Pledge, Undaunted Tuesdays, etc... What really started off the month was the World Boss Marathon where members could have earned up to a max of 500 points each. And then, later, we had a Vanquish Roll Call. One of the biggest increase of participation goes out to the Friday Night Fights Crowd! Though previous months didn't have all the screenshots, the month of August registered just 23 while the month of September had 117!

Another huge increase was the amount of master writs donated to the guild for it's attempt to acquire ALL the Crafting Tables. Just over 1000 was donated in the month of August while over 2100 was donated in the month of September. Way to go guys!

As we head into October, remember ANYONE can take screenshots. If you need help in posting those, please see any officer in game or head to the X-UP description on the forums. (see link below) For any guild related event, grab those screenshots and post them in the media section/X-UP forums! The more that enter, the higher the prizes! This is a group effort. If you are unfamiliar on how to post your pics and link them in the appropriate thread, contact any officer and they will help. Points are given for group activities (except trials) and crafting donations. And remember, if screens are not posted, we cannot award points. And remember ANYONE can post screenshots. Ask someone in your group if they have it covered. Never expect.

Congrats again to Duck and DawnWarrior for winning the month of September!

What is X-UP? Follow the link here:

September stats:

131 Vanquish Members were listed as participating.

433 members in dungeon runs
30 members joined in "impromptu events"
20 members participated in "MNM - Monday Night Madness" (based on screenshots provided)
117 members participated in "FNF - Friday Night Fights" (based on screenshots provided)
47 members participated in "SMS - Saturday Morning Smackdown" (based on screenshots provided)
79 members participated in "TTP - Take the Pledge" (based on screenshots provided)
42 members in "UT - Undaunted Tuesdays (based on screenshots provided)

There were 12 Schedule Events ran
There was 1 Impromptu Events ran

2600 refined materials were donated
200 UN-refined materials donated
2103 Master Writ Vouchers donated
0 tempers donated
0 perfect roe donated

Oakos was REZ'd 2 times.
Colby was REZ'd 3 times.

We hope that in the month of October, we double the amount of participation! Vanquish members Helping/Hunting/Playing/Teaching with Vanquish!


Thank you so much. I ❤️ this guild!!!!
Congrats to Duck and good luck to everyone this month!
Grats! See what happens when Duck is on vacation?
"Oakos was REZ'd 2 times.
Colby was REZ'd 3 times."

BEST... X-UP...EVER...
I gave up on trying to document these during the prog trials.. that's about the only time you can get credit for a Colby rez.
Congrats you two! Well deserved to two major contributors to our ESO community.
Grats you guys!
Mutha lover
117 For FNF. GJ!
Congrats Duck and Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great job Duck and Bella, and it's wonderful to see all the participation in the various events😀
Thanks everyone. And really, thanks to everyone! This past month we had so much interaction with the guild and so many took part in things, it’s nice to see. Just WISH more would take that moment to make sure they got screen shots. I know you guys can blow this out of the water.

X-UP has been running for 6 months now.
Awesome!!! Congrats to two of the most wonderful people!!!
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