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WBM in VNQ History Books

Duck / Sep 06, 2018
Last Saturday, the 1st of Sept, Vanquish held the World Boss Marathon with the objective of destroying all 135 world bosses throughout the world of Tamriel.

Starting off in Glenumbra at 11am EST, we completed that objective 14 hours and 15 minutes later with the final boss going down in Vvrandenfell. We were quite excited that so many VNQ’ers participated in this event. Consistently running 2 groups at all times, we had 58 Vanquish members participating with no less than 22 at one time. The most at one time was 44. With the 135 world bosses, all dailies were completed as well (Gold Coast, Vvrandenfell, Clockwork, Summerset and Wrothgar)

What made this event run so well was the Vanquish members themselves. As Savina stated in her post, “The truth is we really didn’t do that much…. started auto invite and followed a laid-out plan on where to go next. ALL of you that participated in this event are the ones that made it a success. Everyone involved did their part to ensure everyone got credit for each boss. All involved stayed with the group and exercised patience and understanding throughout the day for both Duck and I, as well as their fellow guildmates. It really was ALL OF YOU that made this Event so much fun!

Of everyone that attended, a very special shout out to a few individuals that had attended the entire length of the events; @Maia_Ilmare, @Megnin, @Darkmeer, and a special guest (who still hasn’t put in an application [hint hint] @NaiClanWarlord. Also, we believe that @Sovrad, @Tavistock were also in that group but at the time of screenshots (start of each zone), they weren’t listed at the very start.

A special "Thank you" to Oakos for dropping in and giving out some wonderful prizes during the event!

Thank you ALL for such a wonderful, memorable time!

Below are some comments that were made before this news thread was posted:

One for the history books! It took us over 14 hours.” – Creakinator

Let's see...the event started before I went to work this morning, I put in a full day, attended a neighborhood BBQ after that and still was able to spend 3.5 hours tonight with this awesome group and had a super time😀 Wonderful job Duck and Savina!” -Lapuaboy

An EPIC EVENT! Thank you Savina and Duck! Amazing!” -Lenore

Duck and Savina .... the VANQUISH MARATHON winners! That was just outrageously fun! THANK YOU!” -Spritey

I had a blast and would do it over again, all 14 hours! Thank you, fearless leaders!” -Maia_Ilmare

Due to the crazy summer, I hadn't been able to do any group events in awhile. I didn't get on until fairly late, but that was an absolute blast. Thanks again Duck and Sav” -Tech Wreck

My husband (@Christobol), son (@NaiClanWarlord) and I had a lot of fun participating in the World Boss Event yesterday; Duck and Savina are marvelous leaders and coordinators. No one in my family had ever set aside an entire day for an MMO guild event before, and I believe it was time well spent - and highly entertaining - thanks in no small part to your skillful leadership.

Many thanks also to Oakos for letting our son take part in a guild event when he hasn't joined Vanquish (yet). It meant a lot to Chris and me to have him there with us, and I really appreciate it. Vanquish is a wonderful group!
” -Maia_Ilmare

Thanks, Duck and Savina! That was a lot of fun. Long day!” -Meg

Yes, thank you very much! This was surely the most memorable "first group" in ESO I could have expected. Pure awesome!” -Dhon

thanks so much Duck and Sav for a fantastic event! had a blast running this with everyone!” -Sovrad

I felt honored to join in, what an effort that must have been to organize. Well done it was super clear what we needed to do all of the way.” -Unnameable

Bravo Zulu to Duck and Sav for getting this set up and going all the way! A second Bravo Zulu and much respect to them and all the others who maxed it out by going all the way! I popped in and out all day and night and still managed to level up 5 times! Awesome!!!” -Pawpie


Way to go all of you!
This was honestly one of the better events I have ever seen run as a GL. It catered to all, it brought the guild together face to face, it allowed folks to come and go as they pleased and it accomplished a lot! Incredible run Duck and Sav, I am still amazed at how well organized and run the hunt was. One for the record books!
What a GREAT event Duck and Savina! Thank you so much for your efforts!
An incredible event and in my opinion, nothing short of a heroic effort by Duck and Savina. The 14+ hours conducting the event does not take into account the hours spent planning so that it would only take 9 to 11 12 13 14 hours. That is an incredible effort to put in for the fun and benefit of the guild. I am humbled and honored to be in a guild that does this kind of stuff, and I wish I could have participated more than the couple of hours that I did.

Thank you Duck and Savina, and to all who participated to make this an unforgettable event!
It was truly an amazing event - and this is an outstanding recap! At risk of causing a certain someone to say "ew" (as he often does when confronted with in-game displays of affection) ... 😘😍 Vanquish!
While I came and went several times, this event was a blast. When someone missed out on getting credit for a boss (and say so), everyone was more than happy to do it a second time.

Great guild event and experience.
Sounds like it was a grand success! Wish I could've been there, but Ireland was pretty dope lol
Oh you lucky thing Kally! I bet it was beautiful!
So awesome
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