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Vanquish Moves to Discord

Oakos / Jun 30, 2018
Vanquish has moved its primary voice coms to Discord. We moved from Ventrillo to Team-speak because it served us better and was a stronger option for the guild. Now, we move from Team-speak to Discord as it also, serves the guild better in terms of options, tools and ease of use that all relates to bringing the guild closer together. I understand change can be HARD (it took me years to make this move!) but my job is to ensure we are doing everything we can to encourage, strengthen and continue to flourish as a guild. Info to connect can be found in our members sections, a guide will be coming shortly designed to get you set up quickly and easily. In the interim, click here!

Team-speak will be shut down at midnight tonight 6/30


Oh, now you listen about Discord XD lol. It's definitely exploded in the last while, especially with the Fortnite craze these days.
Who are you again and what is F O R T N I T E?
Thanks for the help with the setup! Works like a charm!
Ixtyr Falavir
Took you long enough.

I have Discord, but I also know it can break-up during load screens and stuff. Still, a good program :)
About time we move to Discord :D
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