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Grats to our newest X-UP Winners; More_Tono and Doorstop!

Duck / Jun 03, 2018
The month of May has closed and the numbers are in. Our next 2 X-UP Champions are @More_Tono and @Doorstop!

What is X-UP? Follow the link here:

The month of May was our first fully live event with much more participation going on, not only events but in the crafting section alone, over 30 jewelry tables were donated to the guild. @More_Tono put up the highest numbers with a total of 1285 points which falls into the 5th Tier Awards bracket. @Doorstop was the random drawing that wins 2nd place. Tono will walk way with 90K in gold while Doorstop gets 45K in gold just for being a participant. We were just 669 points away from achieving the 4th Tier of prizes!

Our June thread has been opened and you can go directly to the link here and start posting those screenshots!

Some interesting input from the X-UP points system:

90 Vanquish Members were listed as participating.

304 members in dungeon runs
63 members joined in "impromptu events"
56 members participated in "MNM - Monday Night Madness" (based on screenshots provided)
31 members participated in "FNF - Friday Night Fights"
61 members participated in "SMS - Saturday Morning Smackdown"
36 members participated in "TTP - Take the Pledge"
50 members in "UT - Undaunted Tuesdays

There were 18 Schedule Events ran
There were 4 Impromptu Events ran

7100 refined materials were donated
2100 UN-refined materials donated
897 Master Writ Vouchers donated
64 tempers donated
6 perfect roe donated

Oakos was REZ'd 4 times.
Colby was REZ'd 3 times.

We hope that in the month of June, we double the amount of participation! Vanquish members Helping/Hunting/Playing/Teaching with Vanquish!


Congrats Tono and Door !
Last Tono
Thanks. Now I'm off to buy lottery tickets. 😎
Congrats Tono and Doorstop!!!!
The one thing people are starting to realize is that their participation effects the entire guild. We are having some donate things to people rather than Meg. Those things add points to the overall pool which in turn, raises the prizes. Making them, and others aware, will play a huge part. Remember, X Points are based on “GUILD WIDE” involvement and not on a particular person. I’m starting to notice more people posting things which is great! Only to get that 97% more to do it.. =)
Yay! Congrats!
Thank you all!
Yaye, gratz!
awesome sauce!
*raises glass*