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"X UP!"

Duck / Mar 26, 2018
Introducing “X UP!”

What is “X UP”? It’s a new system geared around inner Vanquish events that rewards and encourages group play. By simply doing what you already do with MNM, FNF, SMS, dungeon runs and everything else involving group play; you earn points that are tallied all month long to win great prizes including Crowns, Gold Jewelry, Motif’s, luxury furniture recipes and even gold.

To grab “X Points” you simply, or someone in your party, posts a screenshot. That’s it! And everyone in your party will earn points. Prizes are based on the amount of participation. The higher the point total, the better rewards. Click here to read more about it!

If the LINK isn't working for you, make sure you are signed in OR visit the forums and under "general discussion"


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