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A Roll Call for the Record Books!

Oakos / Jan 27, 2018
Thanks to the 50+ folks that showed out for RC! Below are some screens and a copy and paste of the transcript!

Bring us your huddled masses!

Better get in line, must be something good! (Forming a "flash mob" style line at the bank in Daggerfall, I legit saw a few folks NOT in Vanquish go to the back of the line and form up!)


Again, thank you all this was a great turn out, makes me proud to be part of this!


"...and so it is with a heavy heart that I step away from Vanquish and leave Squee in charge. It has been an incredible jour...

Oops, wrong prepared speech! One moment here...

Ah ha, here we go!
Thanks for coming out folks, I know its a Saturday and folks have loot to get, gold to make, horses to feed and houses to decorate... so todays Roll Call will be a short one!

Remember we have Colb's VMA event following Roll Call today, if you have been unable to complete VMA, have never stepped foot into VMA (or even into NMA), today is your day to get coached through, step by step, by some of our best runners!

First up, I want to welcome all of our new members on board! I am appreciative you have chosen Vanquish as your guild in ESO and look forward to many adventures together.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or complaints you will be removed from the guild. Er... I mean, my doors always open, please feel free!
On the topic of new members I want to remind EVERYONE that we use the Vanquish website for many things! From event coordination to build posts to overall communication about whats going on in YOUR guild.

The site is the glue that binds us as a family, it brings a level of cohesion and organization that is part of any long term guild. Use the site folks and DO NOT FORGET, you must be logged in.

Otherwise, you are only viewing the public level, which has very little content.

Speaking of the events calendar on the site, we have a number of events that run weekly and a number of special "one-off" events coming up!
If at anytime you have an idea, request for or want to run your own event please let myself or an Officer know.

As a reminder, EVERY registered member has rights to host and event via the calendar. All we ask is that your event not overlap another similar event or if it does that you have contacted the host of said event and worked it out.

Finally, in regards to reminders, many of our new members may not be aware that we have a Vanquish storefront! You can find the link and info on our site.
The store contains MANY items with our logo branding and Vanquish designs on them, this was brought to us by our own Mr. Duck with some early design work by Geex! Round of applause folks!

There is some AWESOME stuff on the store from shot glasses to coffee mugs, key fabs and T-shirts (NOW you can really say: "I joined Vanquish and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!")

Holy shit Duck, lets make that into a real thing...

Best part about the store? The TINY % of any profit Duck makes, he offered to myself right up front but in the end it was decided that any small profits would be used to buy crown codes for Vanquish give-aways. EVERYTHING comes back to you guys.

<shuffles some papers>

Now, I would like to take a moment to talk about Vanquish and what we are all about. While my core members know all of this it will be good to reinforce both for them and of course, our new members.

I created Vanquish with the single goal of growing, maintaining and evolving a stable home for folks to call their own.
We all know life can get crazy with many ups and downs. Vanquish will always be here regardless of whats happening around you.

Folks may come and go, move on and often time even move back! Games will change and the ebb and flow of this hobby will continue but we will remain, this is my promise to each of you as your GL.

How do we achieve this? We achieve this by being a guild that does not put pressure on folks, a guild that does not over focus on any one area of a game...
and above all else a guild that puts an emphasis on the player behind the keyboard vs. in game accomplishments.

We are a guild of moderation and while we do get A LOT done, we do so not through some level of elite players and egos but because we simply work well together and get the most out of our limited time in game.

This is where I coined the phrase: "Casually Hardcore" I feel it fits Vanquish quite well and I hope all of you here have found it suits you also... if it does not, well...Mersy's axe is a sharp one...

I remind every one to look around you, those other players? Enable them before yourself, they will be doing the same for you!

<Kicks the chair out from under Squee> Wake up!

I will wrap this up by reminding everyone that YOU are the face of Vanquish, please carry that guild tag proudly, respectfully and with honor as you find yourselves out and about across Tamriel!

Thank you ALL for being VANQUISH and thank you for coming out today. Lets wrap this up with a give away of 3000 crowns! I will be randomly selecting one person from those that have attended Roll Call today.

In the mean time, if any one would like to say anything, please do. Once we are finished here we will begin prep for Colb's VMA event and later this evening, Take the Pledge and Battlegrounds!"



Thank you to everyone that came out!

As always....

Thank you Oakos for leading this great group of folks!
Ahem. BGs moved to Sunday, but hey, i'm sure some will get ran anyhow :-P
Thank you Oakos for running such a great guild.
Last Tono
That was the most impressive group display I've ever seen and a hell of a lot of fun.😎
so sad I missed this but its great to see pics!
"Enable them before yourself, they will be doing the same for you"

Special T-Shirt Idea for those that earn it. Chief Enabler Maybe a hand holding a stein of beer for extra non-politically correct effect.

I missed the event, and wish I hadn't!
I am so thrilled to have this guild in my world..... can't thank you enough for the honor to be a part of YOUR world. Thank you all. Home Sweet Home!

~ Spritely
2 full 24 people raids. Never seen anything like it in game. So proud of all of you. Whenever I help someone I tell them to pay it forward and they do. This guild seems to instinctively foster this attitude but we all know there are so many people who work hard to make this a reality. Hat's off to you all!
Before I met you all i was considering giving up on got boring for me and i was not enjoying it....but since I met Savina one random day in Tamriel (dont even remember what the hell i asked her)...she invited me to join Vanquish...and you guys have kept me in game since. Thank you all for being my second family here in ESO.
Thank you Oakos for leading such an amazing guild.

And thank you everyone in Vanquish for making it such an amazing guild.