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State of the Guild Address

Oakos / Dec 27, 2017
“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” ~ Hal Borland

As we prepare to move into 2018 I wanted to take a moment and address the guild as a whole, to lay out my plans for the year and of course to thank each of you for making Vanquish what it is today.

I want to start by saying 2017 has been an incredible year for Vanquish, honestly, the best year the guild has ever seen to date, across any game. With a strong and selfless leadership core, incredible and active members approaching the 200 players mark, we have pushed into territory Vanquish has never stepped foot in and it has been an incredible adventure… one I strongly wish to pursue and push even further in 2018!
Below you will find a brief outline of my plans for Vanquish in 2018, both globally and specific to The Elder Scrolls Online.

Vanquish as a whole

Vanquish has always been a cross gaming guild and this is actually one of the first times in our history that we have been dedicated almost exclusively to one game (ESO) and 2018 looks to be more of the same! With a few MMOs (betas) on the horizon we may be taking a closer look at (Pantheon, Crow Fall etc.), we will always endeavor to step foot into new worlds and new lands to Vanquish! Of course there will always be interest in other gaming ventures as well, from shooters to strategy games, MOBAS to single player games and others, we are a community of gamers and will continue to foster such as a community! GAME ON FOLKS!
The Vanquish store, created by our own Sir Duck, has also brought a level of community to the guild I have never had before and I am deeply appreciative of his talents. Utilizing and building upon Giznat’s (Geex) foundation and artistic talent that he has brought to Vanquish (and prior!). Duck has given us a way to display, drink from, sleep on, wear and other wise proudly show your support of the guild! The store is a very cool aspect of Vanquish and solidifies our presence as more than “just a guild”, we are a family and have the T-shirts to prove it!

Vanquish in The Elder Scrolls Online

Short Term: Over the next 2-3 months my plan is to maintain our roster of active members, possibly growing it even further. This is done by keeping our eyes and ears open for those seeking out a guild such as Vanquish. Each of you are the FACE of the guild, carry that proudly and continue building our reputation on the server! We will continue to push new content as it comes including Trials under the leadership of Colby and others, expect some fun content coming from our end game department! I also have a number of plans to further bolster our infrastructure including community focused events and getting back to our roots as a guild, stick around to find out what that entails!

Medium Term: As the year pushes on, roster health is always at the front of my mind, new players will be my focus as fresh blood is what drives a guild forward above all else. PvP is another area I wish to push further into and with an idea of how to do so that works for Vanquish, expect to see this area of ESO grow within the guild.

Long Term: This year, overall, I have one primary goal: To solidify the Vanquish name across the server. This will be done and driven by a number of SERVER WIDE events hosted by Vanquish. If you have an interest in this area, I will be needing a panel of 8-10 people to help me out with this rather large endeavor. See me for details at any time!


Most of you know that I, like many of you, started online gaming before it was even a thing, back when it was just text, a few pixels and your imagination! Since then I have played just about every AAA title (and then some!) to come out since this hobby began. Starting with Merdian 59, Ultima Online and Ever Quest, I pursued many titles thereafter and built many relationships and the foundation for which Vanquish is built upon to this day (/SALUTE – Shadow Company and Commander Bugbig). While I have MANY fond memories of these games the people and the adventures, my fondest of all has now become that of ESO and in turn, each of you. For that, I thank you and make you this promise:

Life can be difficult with many changes happening for all of us, some are good and some are bad. Friends and family may come and go, relationships build and sometimes crumble, careers start and end, children grow and even our own health can betray us at times, the flow of change is never ending and it can be EXHAUSTING! As long as I am able… Vanquish will be here, unwavering, unchanged, stable…an island for all who wish to seek it out, be that for a few weeks respite from the challenges of life or for years as a pillar within the guild. This is what drives me to lead an online community, a family and where I find true value, responsibility and reward. This is the true value in Vanquish and it is there for you, for myself and for anyone. So again, I thank you all for being part of this, for being Vanquish.

Cheers and onward to yet another year of community, fun, “killing things and taking their stuff” and of course… booze!




Applauds. Wipes tear. Grabs a drink.
The best year easily for Vanquish and ESO. So many new, active quality members.
I live 45 minutes away from where I grew up and where my life long friends are, this town is boring as shit, so having this guild to have fun and socialize with has been a golden treat for me.
This totally brought me to tears Oakos! I know for me, I am FOREVER thankful my husband and I ran into Squee and Meg in game, and they mentioned joining Vanquish! I see me and my husband being a part of this Guild till we are too old, or feeble to see the keyboard!

You are a class act Oakos, the Guild Vanquish, and your Officer's!

Here's to 2018 and BEYOND!

BMW :)
Last Tono
I've always been impressed with the leadership and love the character's here (some of them are crazy maybe) and plan to hang around till my final exit
Oakos ..... thank you for sharing a collective vision of what it means to be Vanquish. That vision has become "home" to so many. And thank you to my guildie/friends for a fabulous year of laughter and memories.
2017 has been a tough year for Lexxy and I. The one constant we could always count on was the leadership and support of Vanquish!

Thank you.

Gimme a "V", Gimme an "A", Give me an "N", Gimme a "Q", Give me a "U', Give me an "I", give me an "S", Gimme an "H", ..... What's that spell?.... I said What's that spell?..... VANQUISH!!!!! Say it again... VANQUISH!

Shout it out!.... VNQ, VNQ, VNQ!

Ill be yer Cheerleader any day....

And you know you can hit me up anytime to help with Events.... I'm all about that!
I've only been a member for a few weeks, and this post makes my pants a little tight. Looking forward to 2018!
Joining Vanquish has infused my ESO experience with new possibilities, new fun, and lots of great new friends. Very happy to have been found by Sprite and invited to join.
Cheers to all!
Woot, Pantheon! lol