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Sanctum Ophidia Vanquished -- Naked!

obscure7 / Dec 16, 2017
Once again Sanctum Ophidia was shamed by a group of naked adventurers. Who were these daring no-pants-wearing warriors? Vanquish of course.

I imagine this is what Vanquish is all about -- getting together, having some drinks, and tackling some challenging group content. Without clothes on. Thanks everyone for the run and thanks for sticking with it! And sticking to it! And sticking the bosses! With ..... stickiness....

Sanctum Ophidia just the beginning. More naked trial runs to come ... soon (tm).

Here are my screens (feel free to share yours):



Way to go ! Really sorry I missed it, I love naked trials with Dae.
Thanks for the hangover...

But in all seriousness, that was so much fun!
Congrats, you crazy nude otters of destruction! ;D
This was a great event and my first of hopefully many! Thanks for that run was a lot of fun!
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