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"Create a Scene!"

Oakos / Dec 05, 2017
So my wife walked by the other day while I was at my PC, usually I’m killing shit, organizing something, head shotting NOOBS, yelling at someone, blowing things up… you know…BAD ASS MANLY STUFF!

This time however, I was organizing a number of small, colorful flowers in my hall…

She simply stopped and said: ‘Playing House huh?” and kept on walking… I think I lost man points that day.

ANYWAY, this leads me to Vanquish'S next event! Find Oakos’s Manliness! No, no…wait…what I meant to say was:

“Create a Scene!”

Instead of judging an entire HOUSE as we did in the housing competition not long ago, this time you will be creating a specific, small but focused and detailed “scene” within your home. Judges will travel to each participant’s scene and give a score of 1-10 for a max possible tally of 30, based upon the following criteria:

  • Creativeness
  • Use of items and space
  • Complexity and detail

BEST part of this event is that it will run from TODAY through the 17th of Dec at which point we will tally scores and award 3000 crowns to the winner!

"Scene" Definition for the sake of this event: A small, focused area that tells a story or sets a mood. An example of a "scene" would be the creation of a D&D table top replica within your house complete with dice, books, lighting, drinks, snacks etc. If we have to walk throughout your entire home this defeats the philosophy behind the event. Try to keep your scene to an area that is entirely view-able without having to move beyond the immediate area.

In order to enter just leave your @name here in this news post. We will contact you in game and coordinate a visit! I will track and maintain all entries and visits.

**One entry per account please, make it count!**


Don't worry, Chrisp is not entering, we want folks to have a chance so instead she will be judging with myself!
I have no house or housing items; I do, however, enjoy bopping around and checking other Vanquishers’ houses out while they’re not home. Sorry if I forgot to flush a couple times, folks, but I KNOW I put the toilet seat down afterward.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’ll be happy to help judge if you need/want me!
I made a scene! I always make a scene. It's in the big barn to the right of my house as you port in.
Hi! I made a scene..when you enter my primary residence there is a roof garden on the top right pavilion. The ramp follows up the left side of the house and then you have to walk over to the right side of the out door space. You can't miss it. It's the only outdoor garden. The theme is a Clock Work enchanted roof garden with refreshments and a view. I'll be having surgery on December 7th and probably won't be able to follow you up there. Chrispi knows the way and is aware of my surgery. Merry Christmas to all and I'll check back in as soon as I'm able!
Love Ya!
My scene is the "vanquish" hangout area of the entrance to my home... the party table with the gambling dice .... the irreverent treatment of the boss trophies .... I can imagine the gang partying and eating and laughing in that dining area.
@OmaticRail ("Rail")....scene & location to be determined.

Not sure that this is really a formal “scene” so much as something to help Oakos earn back some man points. If you go to my primary residence, go into the house, and go right, there’s a silly little man area with a bar and a stage with a pole...
Actually, you know what? F*ck it... I'll enter this! Go to my primary residence, take a right and go through the main hall. There's a ramp that takes you to my rooftop "man area." Complete with undaunted trophies, 3 stripper poles, and a bar area. The view isn't half bad either. The theme is "Finding Oakos's Man-Points." Probably no chance of competing with some of our master decorators, but fun nonetheless.


Christmas party at Autumn's-Gate. That house is small enough to count as a full scene right?
Actually, I've been wondering about the scope/boundaries of this "scene". After much thought I think it could be very hard to pin down. You could imagine variations on these themes:
1. What a single screenshot could capture; effectively a single vantage point and viewing direction.
2. Everything that is visible from a single vantage point, pivoting in all directions.
3. Everything that is visible, all directions, while walking a 10x20 meter area.
Even then, things change dramatically depending on camera zoom levels, the field-of-view setting (game options), graphics settings, brightness, etc. I suppose some of those things are up to the individual judge to decide for him/herself (favorite and customary settings).

Some of us are too tightly wound to function with such loose boundaries. 😮 *twitch* *twitch*
I visited your Autumn's-Gate, and you have actual rooms and stuff and I can see you've spent a lot of time and effort on it, while mine is just kind of one open area. I can see where you're coming from in wanting to define specific parameters, and I agree that "scene" is a very open definition and very much up to the person who judges.

If it makes it any better, I'm not in this event to win it, I just want people to visit my house and hopefully like it, that's all I want.

So for everyone who reads this, please visit my place, and hopefully it instills just a little bit more of the Holiday spirit.

@Rail: one thing I like about visiting other peoples' houses is seeing their creativity in what they came up with in their houses and using what they did as inspiration for future decorating projects. I really like what you did with your place, and it gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas on what is possible and what can be achieved using the pieces at hand.

Edit: bonus points for the copy of "Cheeses of Tamriel" on the kitchen table. well done.
Edited to add a lose definition of a "scene"