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the Vanquish Store

Duck / Dec 04, 2017
We are please to introduce to all of Vanquish "the Vanquish Store"!

T-Shirts, mugs, coasters and so many more items to come! Display your Vanquish pride at home or at work.

The Vanquish Store was created for the pride that we have in this guild. And what a better way to demonstrate that pride by wearing Vanquish swag!

We are using a "Zazzle" as our means for producing the items. Over the years I have personally had many experiences with many different companies like this and have stuck with Zazzle since. The most important thing about Zazzle is their 100% guarantee that you will like your product. This is in reference to the printing, production, and quality of the item. They can't guarantee the artwork. If someone puts up a really bad image to reproduce, you're going to get a pretty bad image. It's all about resolution and knowing how to create products for light and dark apparel. So when you shop and purchase, know that your item is guaranteed.

With "Zazzle", there is a minimum up-charge that we have to put on the items. They recommend anywhere from 12-15%. We have all our items set at the bare minimum of 5%. We are not trying to make money from this. This store is for ALL OF YOU.

So what happens with the 5%? The way it works, when the profits reach at least $50, they will forward the funds to my paypal account. Once that is done, we will do either 1 of 2 things:
1) Immediately withdraw and purchase ESO Crowns and then hold events.
2) HOLD the profits until a Crown Sale takes place and then purchase the ESO Crowns for events.

Either way, when you purchase items through the Vanquish Store, know that you are putting back into the community.

All the artwork is created from scratch using a 300dpi resolution for each and every image. A typical 8.5x11 image that is default at 72 dpi, you're looking at 612 x 792 pixels. That same size, at 300 dpi, the image is 2550 x 3300 pixels. So yes, these files are quite large.

We do hope that all of you enjoy the products. If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns about the artwork, or comments, please feel free to make a post. I will answer as quick as I can.

We will continue to add things to the store as time goes on. If you have suggestions, I'm always open to ideas.


Right now, we are placing the items within these forums. The actual storefront is still in disarray and will be worked on. Right now, we just wanted to get something started for all of you!



Outrageously PHUN! Oh Ducky and Savina ...... THANK YOU! What a great Treat!
I believe when Duck uses the word "we" he is referring to Vanquish or Vanquish Leadership.

What I do know is that he is not referring to "we" as in Duck and Savina. Duck did the artwork this is his baby I can not in any way take credit for any of it. Duck did the logo's, artwork, set up the store. I did nothing more than look over his shoulder from time to time and give my opinion when he asked for it. I was happily in game minding my own business running dungeons while he gave up his game time to work on and complete this for all of Vanquish.

I have an incredible husband and while he would sit back and let you all believe I helped with this......I want you to know it was all him.
Last Tono
Somewhere to buy pink pajama pants. pink jamies ...
So awesome! I already ordered some stuff! Thank you so much for doing this!
Check out “how to customize”. That one mug can be done in various color arrangements for a set. :)
Everyone I know is getting Squee stuff for christmas!
BTW in case it's not clear. Those crowns bought with profit are to be given away as prizes during events.
Thank you for setting this up Duck and the amount of work you put into it.
Oh my gosh so wonderful!!! I'd love to have some Vanquish around the house! Thanks so much Duck for doing this, sounds awesome!!!
This is awesome! Thanks Duck!