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The Vanquish Naughty List

Colby / Nov 27, 2017
The Vanquish “Naughty List”

Vanquish members have always prioritized helping one another out. It does not usually take much more than a single /tell or /g holler to find someone willing to help you get things done or to find information. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find help on some of the more challenging endeavors, for a variety of reasons. That’s where the “Naughty List” comes into play.

Let us know that one thing you truly want for the holidays and the good (and dark) elves of Vanquish will make it happen.

The Vanquish “Naughty List” will be housed in the Requests forum on our message boards. HERE I, and a couple other officers, will manage the list and keep it both updated and consolidated. If you have something you are trying to accomplish or acquire, simply create a thread in the Request forum with your request and we will get to work on setting it up. I (Colby) will be making it my priority to help get people requests filled as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, this is also a great way for everyone to pitch in and help each other out or band together to accomplish similar goals.

Some logistics:

When posting a request for the Naughty List, please:

1. Create a new thread in the Requests Forum
2. Include your ESO @name. (They are not always the same as board identities)
3. Provide your round about playtimes/availabilities
4. Clearly list the one item/achieve/run you are after

What are some examples of things I might put on the Naughty List?

• Specific Monster Helm’s (Weight and Trait)
• Dungeon or Trial Clears (vDSA, Hard Mode DLC, etc.)
• Dungeon Achievements/Skins/Titles
• Gear Set Farm (Divines Worm Cult, etc.)
• Specific Trial Sets (Mending, TFS, Moondancer, etc.)
• Specific Trial Weapons (Asylum, Master)

We cannot guarantee we will get everything accomplished. I will guarantee that we will try our asses off to make it happen.

What happens after?

Once your item/achieve/etc. is acquired, we would kindly ask you to go back to your original post on the message boards and add single line that states:

1. When it was achieved
2. Who helped you achieve it

We want to celebrate the “Naughty List” and all the naughty little elves helping people out. Also, once your request has been filled, think about helping make another players dreams come true!


1. You would like something, that requires some help, accomplished in game
2. You post in the request forum and it gets added to the “Naughty List”
3. We band together to make that happen
4. We celebrate, hold hands and have a drink


Get those requests in folks! One more reasons to use the forums!
Folks, you need to be LOGGED IN
All I want for Christmas is to crush my enemies, see them driven before me and hear the lamentations of their women...
Sign up and you too can stand upon the Alter of hot manly-ness! Ling's first VDSA clear!

Dear Santa,

Please bring me that pretty color iv'e been wanting all year.
Iv'e been a sorta good girl this year, I only killed the priests that deserved it.
I vanquished some pretty rad looking monsters, and I made some cool friends along the way.
So pretty please with sugar on top, BRING ME THAT FLIPPING COLOR, YOU TIGHTWAD OLD WHITE DUDE THAT MAKES DEER FLY YOUR FAT BUTT AROUND THE WORLD EVERY YEAR!... Dude.. stop flying through the Wendy's drive through.. Rudolph and the gang would greatly appreciate it.

As always
Dear Chrispi, Would that be the gorgeous bright red that I have been wanting too?? :)
Not sure.. It's one of those That's changes to the armor.. it has a real nice Gold color I want for certain armor.
The gold you’re talking about you might already have it. It’s transluscent purple. I know you’ve done Molag bal in the sewers.

The “wine red” is what you’re looking for for vet completion of falk and blood
Transliminal Violet is from Molag Bal, my fav dye. The red from Bloodroot is almost a fiery orange
Didn't I just say that? LOL. The "red", you have to complete both of those DLC's on Vet. Not just 1.
Yes, The bloodroot red.. turns some armor an awesome gold color
This may be a tall request. I'm missing completion on only two Crafting Motifs currently in the game #54 Bloodforge and #55 Dreadhorn.

Crafting Motif 54: Bloodforge (Bloodforge Style) Chapters obtained by defeating Domihaus, the final boss of the Falkreath Hold dungeon.
Crafting Motif 55: Dreadhorn (Dreadhorn Style) Chapters can be obtained by defeating the Earthgore Amalgam of Bloodroot Forge.

The chance of obtaining Chapters and Style Items increases with the difficulty of the dungeon.

Since that leaves 26 chapters to obtain, I know this will be a long term project and I'll have to supplement any chapters I don't get as drops by purchasing them in the Guild Traders. I'm no stranger to doing that.

Grocery Thief (@LingRanLi) was awesome enough to give me the Dreadhorn Boots chapter and the Bloodforge Belts chapter. Thank you, GT!

I think completing both of those dungeons on vet also grants that Bloodroot Red die, an added bonus. Vet is not necessary for the Motifs, but it does increase the drop chance.
Check your mail Meg! In game
WOW! Thank you, Colby, for the three new Motifs chapters! I owe you, big time. Those things sell for around 50K each! I'd love to work on the dungeons, too.

Thanks Marteene and Throm for the additional Motifs chapters!

I'll be around from 5:00 PM Thursday eve, all weekend, for the dungeons.

Thanks to Colby, Marteene, Ling, Warsong and a few others, I've got the clear of both dungeons and the dye! Yay! Thank you guys! Colby, Ling, and Marteene continue to send me a steady stream of the Motifs. It's greatly appreciated. I'm very close to having all of the Motifs in the game again.