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Nick Name: MidnightIris
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A little history on my MMORPG background... My Father got me hooked on video games from the tender age of 11 due to two reasons: 1) He didn't want me socializing too much outside of the house, and 2) He wanted a way to control my grades. (I know, fantastic idea! Get a kid hooked on a Subscription only game, and then take it away whenever they get bad grades!) Setting that aside, my Father started me off on WoW. In my 6 year addiction to WoW I developed a strong knowledge in many aspects (From End Game all the Way to RP) of MMO game play, although during the last few years of playing WoW I was mostly a Main Tank for my Guild. Now to fill in the last 4 year gap, once I headed off the College I started to play Lord of the Rings Online I was in it for the lore!!! (WOW, was I not disappointed.) Then Life happened, and I veered away from gaming for the last year or so, although on my free time I emerged myself into the world of Skyrim, and The Sims. Lol