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Rank: Officer
Online: 4 days ago
Joined: Apr 30, 2015
Nick Name: Meg
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America
State/Province: Florida
City: Fort Lauderdale
I'm married to Diane, have three Miniature Pinschers and live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I retired from the U.S. Navy in 1999 and enjoy scuba diving, collecting firearms, knives, Fisher Space Pens, mechanical keyboards, programming, and learning about anything (favorite topics: Astronomy, Cosmology, Ancient History, Anthropology, and Cynology).

I'm online most evenings after 6:00 PM Eastern Time and nearly all day Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. I can help you with any crafting questions, make gear for you for leveling, end game or research items, including all 9 Jewelry Traits. I currently know all but the newest Motif Styles in the game.
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-{{ Life is not a question. There does not need to be an answer... }}-