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Questions Regarding Vanquish

For names sake!

So When I join Vanquish I had one toon, Mutha Lover. Thanks to a severe identity crisis I now play up to 4 toons. My @ name is TheGreat_one and since we've moved to discord I go by The Great One, and even in TS that was the handle I used.So shoul...
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Questions Regarding Vanquish


Any room for a long lost semi-bad Tank? It's been a couple years, but I think I still know a couple things....I found my stapler that Ixt lost in the Imperial sewers when he didn't rez me.I'll look for you guys tonight !!
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Questions Regarding Vanquish


I think I screwed up my application as I did not fully understand what was asked. I registered with my first character Guillume de Chartres, but my eso account is @sirjake990. When filling out the info I am also unsure what is meant by first spec...
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Questions Regarding Vanquish

Urgent Question For Oakos, Please Advise

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