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[Pinned] The Naughty List: Information

The Vanquish “Naughty List”Vanquish members have always prioritized helping one another out. It does not usually take much more than a single /tell or /g holler to find someone willing to help you get things done or to find information. However, s...
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Vanquish Anniversary Motif Trade Megapost

Hey everyone so i know a lot of people have a lot of motifs from the anniversary boxes and hopefully you will still get more thru the end of the event. I have been farming the event like a madman trying to finish up all of my missing motif pages a...
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Dae's Naughty List

Dae's Naughty ListHi everyone! My request is very simple: I want people to visit my house! I kind of did something different with the Ebonheart Chateau, making it something less of a home and something more of a weird display piece. I'm calling it...
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Q's Naughty List/2018 Resolutions

I shall go for broke here, going all in for 2018! 1. vDSA (need more runs for practice) Goal: Leader Board results that stick for a reward-edit-I dreamed a dream too larger for normal Men and Mir. As suggested I have trimmed my wishes to one only ...
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@Oakos Naughty List 2018 Version

VDSA leader-board clearMy schedule returns to normal (family leaves) Jan 8thAvailability: Anytime after 6:30pm PST Mon-Fri, anytime Sat and Sun.
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@gingurce Naughty List

Looking to get my Masters Resto Staff from DSA. any help is greatly appreciated, I am still learningAvailable most days 3pm - 10pm *as a means of establishing a general guideline) EST
Small Grimsythe / Wibbil / @gingurce 112d
Grimsythe / Wibbil / @gingurce6153Small MilkRaven 20d

@Cyfrinair "Knotty Cyst"

I wish... for a "Let's Play" recording of Oakos performing "I'm Han Solo" from Kinect Star Wars. 😱No? Alright then... how about clearing each & every single one of the "Group Quest Hub" in Craglorn on a half dozen characters of mine. Better? 😘
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@Sabertooth1 Naughty List

@Sabertooth1 Generally on 10:30ish-3:00ish EST and afternoon till super late Saturday & Sunday.Looking for Moondancer Jewelry and Staves (either 2 lightning or 1 lightning & 1 fire)ORIA 3 Piece Jewerly and StavesFor those of you that know ...
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testing to see if people are actually reading these
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@biggree Naughty List

@biggree (But really it's Matt, Mateos or the like, not big --> looking at you Oakos.) :PM-F 7-10pm PST, Sat/Sun -- complicated but usually 7-10pm PST (often earlier in the day)For Christmas, I would really love a nice shiny Moondancer set.Than...
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@CredulousPine520 + @Brazen_Blade Naughtiest of Lists! (COMPLETE)

We are looking to get the Bloodhorn Shaman skin from completing the challenges of vFalkreath Hold and would love to have you along for the ride! HM, no death, speed run is what we are after. Only needing one DPS and a Healer. We'd love to teach me...
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@shadowninja138 Naughty List - CoA2 Vet (Complete)

Need monster helm from CoA2 VETNeed experienced players to run with me.@shadowninja138
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(ShadowNinja) Akar Zahid494Small Squeetard 84d

@PhiIlipJFry Naughty List [COMPLETED]

Hey guys, I'm on a determined hunt for The Master's Restoration Staff from Veteran Dragonstar Arena and could use some more help (Vanquish has already helped me run through it three times now I think, but I have had no luck with getting that drop)...
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@donnic naughty list (complete)

I'm in need of a Masters resto staff from vDSA. My play times are 4 to 9 EST weeknights and anything up to midnight on the Friday and Saturday.
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@shimples Naughty List 2018

I'm looking to snag me a Master's Greatsword and Master's Resto Staff with he sword being what i would like the most.Soooooo... Need to do me some vDSA! I can deeps or tank so let me know if anyone wants to destroy that place with me.Got me some d...
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@huntgod NAUGHTY List...(complete)

Veteran Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge runs to unlock red dye. Thanks to Ling and the guys for a smooth and patient run to get this done!Craftable hookerGluten Free Beer that doesn't taste like ass...or to no longer be allergic to Gluten.
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HuntGod4103Small Colby 120d

@i_hex Naughty List

Ok, I'll bite. I hit CP160 yesterday (woo!), and after looking through countless builds, skills, videos, and nudes of Squee (don't ask), I realized I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT OR NEED. I'd started thinking about going all Stamblade for PvP, but a...
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@MilkRaven+@Amaeo Naughty List (Complete)

@MilkRavenMon - Fri 10:00 AM - 3-5:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM ESTSat 11:00 AM - whenever ESTSun 12:00 AM - whenever ESTLooking for 2 One-handed Master Axes.I will say that I haven't run nDSA. I've only gone once in vDSA and that group only made...
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MilkRaven13286Small Oakos 125d

Please Sir, may I have another... (Complete)

If one of the senior craftsmans could whip out some Nirnhoned research samples (Lv1) of those listed I would appreciate it. I have the needed Forified & Potent Nirncrux on hand.BLACKSMITHWeapons : Axe (1 Handed)MaceSwordDaggerArmor :SabatonsG...
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Marteene NAUGHTY List (continued)

Vet Aetherian Archive (maybe hardmode?) for gold/purple mending pieces.
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