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[Pinned] The Naughty List: Information

The Vanquish “Naughty List”Vanquish members have always prioritized helping one another out. It does not usually take much more than a single /tell or /g holler to find someone willing to help you get things done or to find information. However, s...
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@brotanda 's Naughty List

Currently looking for help running vet Direfrost and Spindleclutch 2 for jewelry/gear drops and the spindleclutch 2 monster piece drop. This is for the DK PVP set.Ended up respecing to Magicka and am working on my basic PVE set. Looking for people...
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@AgentZenish Naughty List

I would like to run vDSA and Bloodroot Forge for the Earthgore helm! I haven't run vDSA (on normal, either!) and haven't been able to complete vBRF. I would run on my healer.My schedule is pretty open except for Monday and Wednesday evenings.
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Crafted weapon request

I would like to request a level 30 Greatsword and Bow "of the Night Mother". If I can help with materials, please let me know =)
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Assylum Trial Weapon

@Pipwhist is seeking help with obtaining a Fire staff from the Asylum trial (two for best in slot gaar setup on Alcast site). Play times are 4pm EST till 11pm EST on weekdays.Anytime SAT or SUN
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Armor crafting request

Hi guildies!As I approach CP 160 (CP 134 now), I'm anxiously anticipating getting some new armor, as I've been rocking L40 armor since, well, L40. I have my eye on the Law of Julianos set as a good all-around set as I run harder content and get b...
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TS channel

Respectfully request a new teamspeak channel with a label of your choice that indicates no Sumerset talk/spoilers.
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Tank-in-training armor

I saw a post by Woeler that a good beginner friendly tank armor set is Hist Bark. I liked it because the armor set is forgiving of beginner, "not very good" tanks--and I need forgiveness. Right now I'm using a mashup of random drop armor.Beginner ...
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@shimples Naughty List 2018

Hi All!I'm looking to try some two-handed setups. I'd like to give vDSA a couple go's to see if I can get me the Master Greatsword.Any sexy Vanquishers/Vanquishonians/Vanquishites who would like to give this a go with me would be awesome!
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Vanquish Anniversary Motif Trade Megapost

Hey everyone so i know a lot of people have a lot of motifs from the anniversary boxes and hopefully you will still get more thru the end of the event. I have been farming the event like a madman trying to finish up all of my missing motif pages a...
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Meg's Naughty List

I'd like to finish off these last two Group Dungeon Quests.
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@Vetericus's Naughty List

No posts yet
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Dae's Naughty List

Dae's Naughty ListHi everyone! My request is very simple: I want people to visit my house! I kind of did something different with the Ebonheart Chateau, making it something less of a home and something more of a weird display piece. I'm calling it...
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Q's Naughty List/2018 Resolutions

I shall go for broke here, going all in for 2018! 1. vDSA (need more runs for practice) Goal: Leader Board results that stick for a reward-edit-I dreamed a dream too larger for normal Men and Mir. As suggested I have trimmed my wishes to one only ...
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@Oakos Naughty List 2018 Version

VDSA leader-board clearMy schedule returns to normal (family leaves) Jan 8thAvailability: Anytime after 6:30pm PST Mon-Fri, anytime Sat and Sun.
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@gingurce Naughty List

Looking to get my Masters Resto Staff from DSA. any help is greatly appreciated, I am still learningAvailable most days 3pm - 10pm *as a means of establishing a general guideline) EST
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@Cyfrinair "Knotty Cyst"

I wish... for a "Let's Play" recording of Oakos performing "I'm Han Solo" from Kinect Star Wars. 😱No? Alright then... how about clearing each & every single one of the "Group Quest Hub" in Craglorn on a half dozen characters of mine. Better? 😘
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@Sabretusks Naughty List [Complete]

@SabretusksGenerally on 10:30ish-3:00ish EST and afternoon till super late Saturday & Sunday.Looking for Moondancer Jewelry and Staves (either 2 lightning or 1 lightning & 1 fire)ORIA 3 Piece Jewerly and StavesFor those of you that know me...
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testing to see if people are actually reading these
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@biggree Naughty List

@biggree (But really it's Matt, Mateos or the like, not big --> looking at you Oakos.) :PM-F 7-10pm PST, Sat/Sun -- complicated but usually 7-10pm PST (often earlier in the day)For Christmas, I would really love a nice shiny Moondancer set.Than...
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