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Best Role for the Warden Class

Hey folks –I have been debating on creating a Warden for my next character, but before I did that, I wanted to pose the question: What role do you believe best fits the Warden class? In example, what I see as the general consensus as “best role fi...
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Merlin Pendragon456Small Merlin Pendragon 2d

Double 2Hander Stamina Warden

Without giving thought to endgame gear etc since I'm nowhere near there, I was pondering the feasibility of straight up, in your face double 2handers ... think two greatswords, but maybe one gs, one axe for the bleed opportunity.Bar 1 - Bulk of th...
Small Naefr 4d
Naefr253Small Rylii 4d

Warden Power Changes on PTS

How do you guys feel about the new Warden power changes on PTS right now. A lot of these changes were not mentioned on the initial notes so I was a little shocked to log in and see them as I was testing out a new build for my warden healer.
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Vetericus1139Small Vetericus 31d

Dan's Stam PvP Builds

A lot of people have asked me what setups I run in PvP, so I figured I'd post them here. This will cover DK and Warden, since that's what I play most.Gear (both DK and Warden):Head: Bloodspawn - Infused - Tri-stat glyphShoulders: Bloodspawn - Impe...
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Clair's Mediocre Warden Tank

Clair’s Mediocre Warden Tank• Race: Argonian.• Attributes: 35 health/29 stamina. • Consumables: Tri-stat food and potions. Though as an Argonian trash pots work well.• Mundus: The Lord- flat bonus to health. • Gear: Your standard tank setups. For ...
Small clair 115d
clair5207Small clair 113d

Warden Tanking 101 (Az)

The goal of this setup is to be a trials tank foremost and a secondary healer as needed.Which Race? Argonian (9% max health / 3% max magicka / 5% to healing done and received / 4620 to H+M+S quaffing a potion!) Not a wasted stat to be had. Imperia...
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Azazel 6218Member avatar small Brazen 124d

Az's Warden Tank Build

This is like watching static on the old TV when the show goes off the air.Just watching..Waiting...Watching...Waiting...Watching.. watching. Watching...
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Azazel 8236Small Duck 129d

Double Dual Wield PvP Magicka Warden - Extinction 2.0!

Hey guys, check it out. A lot of you helped farm the gear, this is the result!Click Me!
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Static3115Small Static 158d

Dual Wield / Bow | Stamden | PVE DPS | Morrowind

RaceImperial (my race), optimal: khajit (crit) and redguard (sustain, not as great, but still good)Attribute distribution54 Stamina, 10 Health (I don't have undaunted bonuses yet)Star SignThe ThiefGear5x Two Fanged Snake, 3x Vicious Ophedian, 2x V...
Small Rylii 1y
Rylii2175Small Lenore 231d

Insights to Warden Healing (reddit post)

Reading through this, this morning and impressed by this fellows write up, discussions and answers. Some REALLY good stuff in here from the perspective of a vTrials main healing Warden. The philosophy behind the Earthgore set for a Warden is a g...
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Oakos 2134Small Throm the First 254d

Crazy Damage Mag Warden PVP Build!

Check it out.
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Enter Warden Info Here
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Spritely Green16432Small Sallington 1y

Magic Warden or Stamina (pve)

What the best for the first warden class I level in pve. (So I dont get to 50 and its bad)I heard magic warden have some problem. (not sure if the problem are fixed)So should I start with stamin or magci
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Pomkiller2109Small Randal Thor 1y

Leaked Warden DPS gameplay OP to me
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