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Templar advice

Hey everyone,Have a Nord Templar started. About to hit level 15. Currently stamina focused and using a two handed weapon. I did read the two hand build guide in this forum as well. Debating on if I should switch to duel wield and what the pros ...
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Simple rotation, no swap DPS (Templar)

As requested = )Not everyone has lightning fast reflexes or finger dexterity. I wanted to come up with a simple DPS build for Templars, in particular our members who may be getting a bit long in the tooth or simply struggle with complex rotations...
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Hasty Prayer Discussion

Hey Fellow healers. I have been using Hasty Prayer and which is now an instant cast not channeled.My two points below,- Very Expensive Alteration Mastery 6% cost reduction + Worms 4% Reduction makes it usable in Pvp groups - Awesome burst healsI...
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Templar Healer (Trials, Group, VDSA, VMA)

***UNDER CONSTRUCTION***Welcome back yet again, folks! The below guide is the latest iteration of my guide to the healing Templar, it will be divided into four parts:The Trials HealerThe Group HealerThe VDSA HealerMy personal VMA build designed a...
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Healer's 5 sets (a simplified list with the Templar in mind)

A listing of useful 5 sets for healers in ESO, specifically Templars. The sets in gold are the sets I use most often. Spell Power Cure (White Gold Tower): The most important set to us as healers/support, it buffs everything you and your group doe...
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The Paladin - A Hybrid Tank/DPS Build

I enjoy creating builds that are "theme" in nature. I like the challenge. The next one I want to create is a “Paladin” and the Templar is a great class to accomplish this. This build is an ongoing process where I’m always changing or tweaking some...
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New Stam Templar build

I was thinking of equiping her with Hundings and Strength of the Automoton. The blade bar has Bitting Jabs and Rending Slashes for primary dmg, with Rearming Trap, Power of Light and Deadly Clock.With Automoton I would only need to farm the Jewel...
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Creating a Healer with the new patch

Hey folks - When the new patch drops next week, it was my intention to create a Healer.I was leaning toward a Breton Templar Healer. In the long term, I would want this character to be a true healer and pure support character, although I know in...
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Healing, Hybriding and DPS'ing

Had a few questions today about Magicka Templars. I'm not the most experienced Templar player in the guild but here's what a know.ADD YOUR THOUGHTS,THIS IS HARDLY A FINISHED PRODUCT!!! WE DON'T WANT HEALING TO BECOME A STALE UNDISCUSSED TOPICBEFOR...
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Magplar PVP build

I am leveling a Magplar with the intent of PVP but I would like to use a destroy staff with dw or sword and board but most builds I see are either destroy/resto or dw/s&b. Anyone know if what I want is viable?
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Switching between Healing and DPS Roles

Ok, I'm back with another stupid question. I've noticed our trial runs tend to have more healers come along than are needed, and so I was curious if it is possible, or something that any of you guys do, to have a set of skills/gear/etc. that woul...
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Heavy Armor Templar Healer

Ok..this may be a really stupid question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Can a heavy armor templar healer be viable for late-game PvE content? I've looked around for any decent-looking builds geared toward the concept, but not had a lot of succ...
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2h Stamplar PVE DPS build

FOR MORROWINDRace My preference here is either Redguard of Bosmer for sustain (this is a light attack weave build), but any stam based race will work really.Attribute distribution Currently I run 0 Magicka/ 20 Health/ 44 Stamina, but the goal is ...
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Magicka Templar - PVP Build (Morrowind)

This is the core build I've been using on my Templar since Morrowind launch. The sustain is great, the sprint cost reduction and extra Stamina from Prisoner's is fantastic, and your Dark Flares hit like a truck despite 1 of your sets not even bein...
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Requesting help for a Templar DPS build using BSW

I've been running CoA looking for a BSW necklace and every time I join a group someone mentions they are looking for a BSW inferno staff. I just so happen to have one with sharpened but it sits in my bags because I don't know how to make a build ...
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Gaurdplar Batttle grounds build idea

Tell me if I am being stupid with this build but I have been theory crafting what I want to do with my existing classes and I got the idea that my Templar could maybe just become my premade grup build. It would not work with PUGs very well as it ...
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DW/Destro Magplar PvE DPS Homestead Updated

RaceImperial (my race), optimal: any of the magic actual racesAttribute distributionAll magickaStar SignThe ThiefGear5x Julianos (3x Body pieces, 2x Swords), 5x Infallable Aether (3x Jewllery, 2x Body Pieces), 2x Grothgar, 1x Maelstrom Inferno Sta...
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Concept for a pvp healer build

I'm looking forward to battlegrounds and want to have a strong build ready when it launches. Originally I wanted to stick with my Blazing shield health regen monster but realized it would only be good at harassing and DKs do that better. Got me th...
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Stamplar - Open PvE Build Discussion

I've been playing around with my Stamplar again, trying to get it to a place where it does well against the target dummy test, and isn't totally useless in general.What I was running last night in a nMoL pug:5x Sunderflame3x Vicious Ophidian2x Agi...
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Getting caught up with Templar changes

I'm downloading the game to jump back in and check out the updates (stopped playing around Dark brotherhood). I'm fairly certain I was using 5 x Julianos + 4 x seducer + 3 x willpower jewelry and magicka regen was around 1300-1500. I have access t...
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