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Magicka Nightblade DPS

This is my Magicka Nightblade DPS build. I've been extremely successful with it, it pulls crazy single taget DPS.First we're going to start off with gear then skills then rotation.Race: Dark Elf (Vampire)Mundus: Lover (solo and four man), Apprenti...
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Stamina Nightblade PvE Build and Guide(sorta)

Hello party people I will be trying to type out and share some Stamblade gear and info for yall so that you can play the best class in the game! Its scientifically proven!* I can always explain all the nitty gritty stuff to anyone who wants to kno...
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Strange off meta NB 2H / SB Build.

I was bored and fooling around with the skill calculator. Started getting crazy ideas. So I'll just throw it out there...Would something "like" this work. What are the major weaknesses to this build? I imagine this build being used from
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Looking for a Nightblade build for dualing.

What is better Magica or Stamina?Dual wield, 2 handed, bow or destro?Looking for any and all suggestions.Everything that I have found is way to old.
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HotR NB builds?

Haven't seen any that really tickle my fancy yet.Has anyone seen one floating around that look viable?Strictly PvE for right now.
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Magicka NB bomb build "Firebomb"

Check it!
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Stamina Nightblade PvP specs

What are some of the good ones you guys know?My current plan weapon wise is dual wield / bow ...but I guess I'm not totally married to this. I just think running around as a shadow with a two hander is a bit immersion breaking.
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Stam's Bane - Magicka Nightblade PVP

I wanted something to combat the current Stamina meta in PvP, and this build seems to be working out quite nicely.Sets:2x Grothgar - Head, Shoulders5x Thunderbug's Carpace - Necklance, Ring, Ring, Waist, Boots5x Kagrenac's Hope - Chest, Legs, Glov...
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New stamina nigthblade

I'm run with a stam nightblade.It just about a lv 50.Does anyone have any links about good end game build.
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NB - Bloodflow Build

I ran across a video on youtube for a build called the Bloodflow Build: character Lumienne (VR1) is a low-level version of the build. If anyone is interested, I copied his build out to a google spreadshe...
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PVP Help? Stam Recovery and Bow Build

Was reading about typical Stam NB DPS builds for PvP and saw where I should strive to get "3K buffed Stamina Recovery". How the hell can you get this? Currently I'm not even in the ballpark...On a related note - aside from the Maelstrom Bow (whi...
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Calling all night blades...

Best race for Magicka? Stamina?Why?Teach me please!
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Any good bow-Blade builds?

Thinking of starting a Night Blade focusing on Bows. Not sure how I should build him.Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Eel O'Brian8199Small Eel O'Brian 2y

Magblade leveling build

Anyone have ideas to build off of The "Umbra" It's a bit confusing, because some of the text doesn't match the pictures, and then neither end up matching the videos. I'm looking ...
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MAG NB Build

This my most recent NB and what I am doing with it. Most of ya know NB is my favorite class and this is my fourth that I am lvling. (Have 3 VR16 already tank/heals/stam DPS)After playing my healer I wanted a pure Mag DPS build. Here is what I am g...
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Nightblade DPS Builds

Anyone have any good Nightblade DPS builds both PVP and PVE. I'm V16, use bow and 2H and seem to be missing something because my avg DPS is about 3k.
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Scootorious270Small Kraz 2y

Request for Feedback

So My main Rayel - Redguard Stamina NB will be finally VR14 this week. I will grind one more night in the Rift to finish. I want to get this guy better for group content with good DPS and also look at more engaged PVP. I'm Bow and D/W for weapons ...
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This is for Shimmer

Sorry, was annoying trying to explain myself using 250 word limit shout box.With Imperial you get 12% increase to health and 10% increase to Stamina. If you had 25,000 stamina 10% is 2500 more stamina.If you were aiming for 20,000 health total you...
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My Take on a Nightblade Tank....

So just got my NB tank to VR Levels and only grouped it a couple times. Did well, but want to put it out here for critique and maybe help other NB tanks in the future.So the theory behind my NB tank is a tank that will hold aggro while being able ...
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Big Deeps Stamina NB - 10k-19k DPS

Gear:........................................................................^^ By Spell Pen i did mean Armor Pen ^^MUNDUS STONE: The WarriorWEREWOLF for 15% stam regen passive (mine is 1150ish with no + recovery items)Stamina glyphs on all armorW...
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