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Stam Sorc Build

Realized we don't have any recent stam sorc builds on here, so I thought I'd type mine out. I'm few thousand dps away from top of the line, but I can hit 33k 6 Million dummy solo parses regularly.*I'm currently doing this from memory at work, I'll...
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Torin10230Small Torin 11d

OK with the 2hd changes a WHOLE lot of new gearing options opened up...

So with the pending changes where 2hd will count as 2 set items for bonus, this opens up a lot more gearing options.For my pet build sorc I am torn. Which do you think works better 2x Ilambris, 5x Necro and 5x Acuity OR using Julianos instead of ...
Small HuntGod 19d
HuntGod5167Small Throm the First 17d

Hit lvl 36,gear question

I have the bits/mats and Torin has been helping me by making the gear so 36 is covered,but do I need to change at lvl 46 to ebon thread gear,and should I get the mats. for legendery ?Also Staves,what should I trait them,I have googled this but eve...
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Pet Summoner Build

This build is no longer up to date and will not be updated to the current patches! I can answer questions but I have been working on my MAGBLADE and thats what will have updated info. So I get on the forums daily and I never see any new or even up...
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Checking viability of build I found,also advice,tips needed

Build: Think its pretty solid but best to checkIm a first time player of ESO,I do read up a lot,but some stuff may be out of date,love my little mage though ,high elf,atm lvl 7 my only c...
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Hepzebah6135Small Hepzebah 80d

Is there any point on equipping a Sorcerer...

in heavy armor to add protection??? Just restarting the game after a long while back although I started in beta.Thanks!!
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@Fhaol7161Small Oakos 85d

Magicka Sorcerer Pet DPS

Build Details:Here is the what I believe is the ideal setup, which is different from the setup that I'm currently using. THIS SETUP IS THEORETICAL. FOR A PERSONALLY TESTED PRACTICAL SETUP SEE THE NEXT POST.Head - Iceheart's Guise/Slimecraw's Gui...
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Looking for a Sorc Magicka Levelling build...

Just coming back to the game and new to guild...I looked through the threads here and only saw a Stam Sorc Levelling build.Can anyone direct me to, suggest or outline a good levelling build for Magicka Sorc, would prefer to build around destro sta...
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HuntGod6152Small Dantos Vanroe 144d

Sorc build challange

No I'm not rolling an alt, its for a friend....settle down all of you!Give me the foundation for a Sorc build (mag or stam) including gear that can pull 18k+ DPS with only one bar and no weaving/canceling.ANNNNNNND GO!
Small Oakos 170d
Oakos 152Small Oakos 170d

Non-Meta Stam Sorc Build

Its very... different. But tons of fun!
Small Static 225d
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Sorc Tank

Been working on this tank for a while now. I started out using Thunderbugs and Stormknight sets and that was fun for a bit. However I then wanted to use my sorcerer for more than just being a tank and the way I had to set up my skills and all to b...
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Cancer Stam Sorc PvP - Metastatic 2.0
Small Static 326d
Static170Small Static 326d

Stam Sorc PVP build for Morrowind
Small Static 1y
Static266Small Sallington 1y

Stam Sorc "Triple Threat" everything PVE!

Long awaited, much procrastinated, here is my Stam Sorc pve build!
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Static5151Small Qizax 1y

Destro/Resto Light Armor Magicka Sorc PvP [Homestead]

Skills:DestroEndless FuryCrystal FragsCrushing ShockHardened WardHaunting CurseDawnbreaker of Smiting(U)RestoStreakDaedric TombDark ConversionHarness MagickaHealing WardLight's Champion (U) [morph of Pancea, the resto ultimate]Current Item set:5x ...
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Rylii295Small Rylii 1y

Stam Sorc PvP build

Does anyone have a good build for this? I'm using this for PvE is a PvP page but it's light on details and I'm still new to Sorcing.
Small Rith Varro 1y
Rith Varro145Small Rith Varro 1y

Heavy Armor Magicka Sorc (pvp) [One Tamriel]

There are so many stam classes especially sorcs these days that it is time to make a different build that generates hate since it's not the 'meta'. Screw all the veli-viper-black rose cancer builds was my intention with this build.Skills:DestroEn...
Small Rylii 1y
Rylii8153Small Rylii 1y

Comments, ideas on build.

Anyone comment on my build so far, what to be working towards. RIght now I am strict Magicka build.
Small Eel O'Brian 2y
Eel O'Brian20359Small Oakos 1y

Sorc Like No One is Watchin'

Hi nablets!Scotchy asked me to post my build the other night and I said I would. Mistakes were made yo. 😋I have taken some of the elements from Yolo's previous builds and kinda run with it for the most part. Like you will hear from most everyone...
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Stam Sorc PVP Build Discussion

Hello Vanquish!My idea for this build is to be a speedy dodge-roller that makes people want to pull their hair out. Please excuse the lack of organization, as I'm still in the early phase of trying this build out.5x Skirmisher's Bite5x Eternal Hun...
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Sallington12199Small Rylii 1y