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Dan's Stam PvP Builds

A lot of people have asked me what setups I run in PvP, so I figured I'd post them here. This will cover DK and Warden, since that's what I play most.Gear (both DK and Warden):Head: Bloodspawn - Infused - Tri-stat glyphShoulders: Bloodspawn - Impe...
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As requested by Oakos - Bugbig's OP Bash Build for PVP, VMA, Vet Dung, Etc

Weapons:ShieldPrimary Skill:BashRotation:See enemy bash face with shield (see weapons section above),SmileRepeat
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Level 25 and a little confused about tanking armor

Hi All,I just reached level 25 and was wondering if I should just use whatever heavy armor the game drops in dungeons as I level up.I enjoy learning the tank role and want to be effective at tanking dungeons and while I'm learning how to do trials...
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DK Tank Build (Updated 8/2017)

I am writing this to provide anyone thinking of leveling a DK tank a bit of guidance at end game. I have made several changes to my tanking build since I started and continue to do so. This is the most current one, with HOTR changes.Tank Disclaime...
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Fear Turbos Clock Work City Stam DK - DPS

Was just reading through the build and some of the comments, seems pretty fun!
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Fun Magicka DK Tank Build - VMA Viable

This build is perfectly viable as a Pledge, Normal Trials tank. It will struggle in Vet Trials due to lower durability. It shines in all things Solo. Veteran Maelstrom and many of the Vet Pledges can easily be completed Solo. It also shines i...
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DragonKnight Dual Wield / Bow DPS build [PvE] [Homestead updated]

RaceImperial (my race), optimal: khajit (crit) and redguard (sustain)Attribute distributionAll staminaStar SignThe ThiefGear5x Two Fanged Snake, 3x Vicious Ophedian, 2x Velidreth, 2x Maelstrom (daggers, sharpened), 1x Maelstrom Bow (sharpened) [Al...
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Sword/Board & 2H StamKnight - Homestead CP & Non-CP capable

Skills:Sword/boardHeroic Slash (with BloodSpawn) / Ransack (with Tremorscale)Reverb BashIgneous ShieldShuffleResolving VigorShield Discipline (U)2HCritical RushRallyVolatile Armor / Re-arming TrapVenomous ClawReverse SliceTake Flight (U)Gear Sets:...
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2x Sword/Board mDK Homestead PvP build (CP ofc)

Skills:Sword/board #1 (deeps bar)Burning TalonsBurning EmbersFlame LashFossilizeFlames of OblivionFerocious Leap (U)Sword/Board #2 (defense bar)Structured EntropyVolatile ArmorIgneous ShieldElusive MistCoagolating BloodDevouring Swarm (U)Current I...
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Destro/Destro Magicka DK DPS - Hometead Updated

RaceImperial (my race), optimal: dark elf (ofc)Attribute distributionAll magickaStar SignThe ThiefGear2x Grothdarr, 5x burning spellweave, 3x Infallable Aether, 1x Maelstrom Inferno Staff (sharpened), 1x Master's Inferno Staff (sharpened)*Ideally,...
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2.4 Stam DK Tank - Dodge This (PvE)

RaceImperial (would also work really good with redguard)Attribute distributionAll Stamina (I pvp first, everything else is 2nd)Star SignThe Atronach (Stam regen is high already, like 1200, need magicka regen, with this, it's at like 800 / 900)Gear...
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"Heavy Hitter" Magicka Dragonknight PvE DPS Build

** Heavy Hitter **The Pve Magicka Dragonknight Heavy Attack Monster!This is an easy to pull off, yet effective build. It focuses on applying a few dots and using empowered heavy attacks while activating Molag Kena for insane single target heavy at...
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Stamina or Magika DK, post DB (2.4)?

OK... given that the dust is settling from the latest update, I'd like opinions on building a DK.I have one now that is sort of balanced, and probably improperly so - In cyro, with tri-stat food, I have 15K Magicka, 16K Stamina, and 42K(!!!) Healt...
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Magicka DK Tank

Here's my Magicka DK tank. Easily takes care of Trash pulls, and can provide a bit of dps for larger groups with some of the AoE skills. Boss fights are all about managing resources. Here are my stats, I'm running not the best Blood Spawn's set, s...
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Magicka DK PVE Tank Build (2.1) [outdated]

RaceImperial (is my race, I haven't tried it with others though)Attribute distributionAll Magicka (only because this is my third build that I use as well in conjunction with a magicka dps and a magicka healer build with gear/skill swapping)Star Si...
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Magicka DK (2.2) [outdated]

Updated for 2.2; TG.RaceImperial (not the best), Dark Elf is the best for a magicka dkMundus StoneThief (still playing with it as the huge crit bonus is great but may start using the Shadow for crit damage boost)GearHead: Magnus (L)Shoulder: Molag...
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Dragon Knight 2h/2h Stamina build [PvE] (outdated)

RaceImperial; Although Redguard would work well as wellAttribute distributionAll StaminaStar SignThe Thief (crit damage)GearMolag Kena- Helm (M) [Infused]Molag Kena- Shoulder (M) [Divines]Hunding's Rage- Chest (M) [Infused]Hunding's Rage- Legs (...
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Magicka DK PVE Healer (2.1)

Some were asking about dk healing and if it's possible so this is my build that I rock when needed. It was originally a pvp healing build but I liked the setup and found it is great in pve as well. The only thing is trial healing. And that only...
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2.1 DragonKnight PvP

Just a compilation of my dk in the 2.1 patch post IC. Only had like a weeks worth of recording's and not as much on my stam build yet. skills:2H: Crit Rush, Rally, Wrecking Blow, Unstable Flame, Exec...
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The Nordinator! (DK - Video) build, PvP and PvEEnjoy!
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