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These skillful masters-at-arms use the ancient Akaviri martial tradition of battle-spirit, and wield fearsome magic that pounds, shatters and physically alters the world around them.
Sorcerers summon and control weather phenomenon: hurling lightning bolts and creating electrified fields, summoning tornadoes and impenetrable fog, and calling upon Daedric forces to summon Storm Atronachs and magical armor.
Nightblades are adventurers and opportunists with a gift for getting in and out of trouble. Relying variously on stealth, blades, and speed, Nightblades thrive on conflict and misfortune, trusting to their luck and cunning to survive.
These traveling knights call upon the powers of light and the burning sun to deal massive damage to their enemies while restoring health, magicka, and stamina to their allies.
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Harness the nature-based magic of the Warden with a War Bear battle companion at your side.
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Class & Build Disscussions

Lightning back-bar tanking

I’ve seen a few videos of tanks running a lightning staff back-bar. I’m assuming this would allow for mag DPS to run a flame staff back-bar and allow the the tank to apply off-balance for the group. Also a quick heavy attack will gain some Magicka...
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Class & Build Disscussions

Where are the different builds

Is there a specific area where the 'masters' such as Colby and Tono have posted builds? Maybe I overlooked them but was hoping they were in one place.Thanks,Jake
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Class & Build Disscussions

Off Balance

To see Off Balance in S'rendarr (Thanks for helping ID the debuff Torin!)The following works for meS'rendarr(1) Filters (2) Prominent Debuff Assignments (3) Debuff Whitelist 1 (Add Whitelist Debuff) ENTER Off Balance or 63003 if the words are no...
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Class & Build Disscussions

Looking for Blade Dancer and Knight-Errant

Hey everyone, I e been out of the game for a while, but now that I’ve upgraded my PC to run ESO on Ultra at 70+FPS... I’m excited again. I have a crazy idea for a build on my Stam Sorc. I’m am looking for Blade Dancer Jewelry, an Axe, and a dagger...
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Class & Build Disscussions

Build Sweep

I would like everyone to go through and update/delete outdated build posts if you would. I have already deleted my own and will be posting something new shortly. A number of our members do indeed use Vanquish build posts, lets keep them updated ...
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Class & Build Disscussions

Morrowind PvP builds - Discussion

New Sets: the sustain and CP changes coming in Morrowind, I've been looking into different set combos to get the most fun out of some Cyrodil PvP. Idea 1:One new set caught my eye:Coward’s Gear ...
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Class & Build Disscussions

Moondancer set

I have the moondancer set.I not quite sure how to make it work best?
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Class & Build Disscussions

Burning spellweve dps cost by 50percet

Hi ,I copied my magic sorc and magic Templar, exatly from alcast.From using mother sorrow last patch, my dps is gone to 10k from 20k plus.Alcast does have super bis slot super trial groups, I'm missing something to make bsw work.Have all sharpend ...
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Class & Build Disscussions

Possible Warden skill lines leak

edit : it appears its from a gameinformer article in the UK, the magazine was invited to ZOS offices in Jan. find, Morrowin...
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Class & Build Disscussions

Vicious Ophidian usage

Ive been getting some Vicious Ophidian rings and body items.What the best usage for themJust 3 pieces on the jewelleryOr should I go for 5 piece with shoulder, head, and rings ( 5 set )or 3 rings and the weapons (5 set)
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Class & Build Disscussions

NON VMA Weapons builds

Hi http://alcasthq.comAlcast the best build for eash class if you don't have vma weapons.Which most people don't.
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Class & Build Disscussions

Good med-big group healer pvp/trials search

Searching for a good build for my healer. Has some gossamer items which can be very good on a healer. But if there are any suggestions for a better build,.. Lets hear it!
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Class & Build Disscussions

What should I shoot for?

As a magicka build, how much spell damage should I try to get before buffs? (in other words, from gear and passives only) Right now I have 1911 and that seems very low. I have an all cp160 purple Healer's Habit set and purple Willpower jewelry t...
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Class & Build Disscussions

New magic dps character

I just rolled a magic sorc to vr 16. had a lot of fun with it.Want to run another magic dps.not quite sure, to choose nightblade or dragonite or templar
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Class & Build Disscussions

Heads up for stam DPS

Might want to look into the Red Mountain set, its looking pretty good and can still find pieces cheap. The proc on it does around 2-3k damage per second, for me it crits for about 11.5k and is on a 2 sec cd. will proc off DoTs as well. picked up a...
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Class & Build Disscussions

Magic Sorc gear (latest patch )

With shadows of hist.Is there any best in slot gear that now availableCurrent set up is Juianos
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Class & Build Disscussions

Neat double bow build on Tamriel foundry
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Class & Build Disscussions

Question please....

Waaay back when I first played ESO I did a bow Nightblade and I was having fun. Honestly, that was the most fun I had in ESO with a class. But then, numerous people told me that bow is the suck. That is is terrible and I would not be able to ...
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Class & Build Disscussions

Class Suggestions....

Hey guys is there a class that can do ok at PvP without having to switch weapons much. That is when I run into problems with my hands, If I have to constantly switch between my two weapons in a real fight. I would be willing to play again if ...
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Class & Build Disscussions

Q1 Class Balance Notes

[–]ZOS_eWrobel 17 points 3 days ago Overall we're looking at buffing some of the less used ability morphs.DK - We're looking at making their dots stick to targets longer. Templar - Increasing effectiveness of some of their damage abilities. Sorcer...
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