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[Pinned] "X UP" JUNE 2018 POST HERE & Pt Totals

GROUP PLAY PVE:Any 4-man dungeon with all Vanquish Members (screen of last boss) 15 pts ea member (3 max per day)Participation in MNM (Monday Night Madness) – 15 pts. (screenshot at start time. PLEASE screen of Party Window)Participation in SMS (S...
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[Pinned] Screenshot of the Week

Each week I will be rewarding (Gifting) 10 Crown repair kits to whom ever posts the best screenshot and caption to go along with it! Your screenshot's theme is entirely up to you, it may be comical or it may be serious, it may display an achievem...
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[Pinned] RECIPES of VANQUISH ---

In visiting on TeamSpeak while running Saturday Morning Smackdown, it was mentioned that we should have a recipe thread? So, let's see if this takes off or not.... share away!
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[Pinned] "X UP!" A new points system for Vanquish!

GOING LIVE for the Month of May “X UP!” is all about bring Vanquish member together no matter what level they are. All events where points are given can be done whether you are Level 10 or Champion Point Level.“X UP” is simple to do. There are ...
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[Pinned] Abbreviations and Glossary for ESO

Don't want to embarrass yourself by asking your jargon jabbering mate what the hell they just said? I think this list covers most everything.Abbreviations and Glossary for The Elder Scrolls Online, that introduces you to common terminology used in...
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[Pinned] ARMOR SET - Spreadsheet

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[Pinned] Sunshine Daydream's Guide to Starting Out in ESO

This has to be the best ESO reference page I've ever seen. Sunshine Daydream's Guide to ESOupdated for Clockwork CityThe sections include: Guide to Starting Out in ESO Guides for Character Development Essential Quests Guide to Cra...
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[Pinned] The Ska'vyn Exchange - Our Sister Trading Guild

Hey Folks!I'm editing this post quite a bit to reflect all of the changes that have happened over the past 18 months. Enjoy!---I often hear people muttering questions about what it is, exactly, that I do as an Officer in Vanquish - heck, I'm sure ...
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[Pinned] The Top 25 Best Addons For The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Heyya Vanquish!About a year ago, I wrote a pair of fairly in-depth guides to some of the best third-party addon programs available to us as PC/Mac players in The Elder Scrolls Online. Unfortunately, the old website I wrote those on has long since ...
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[Pinned] Latency Improvement !

Not sure where this should go in the forums so I'll just drop it right here.I've been looking at ways to improve my dps and realized my computer is probably holding me back. I'm going to order a 1060 vid card and was talking to Rylii about it when...
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[Pinned] Recruitment Links (Say a hello and bump on occasion!)

ESO main forums: HERE
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Mostly to get Throm motivated and out there in his new Jeep! (Few pics from Oakos's Rl adventures)

Sorry I have been out of game for a few days, just got back from a fun solo adventure, few shots below!Adventure awaits! A guy, his Jeep and his dog head down the "open" roadMy Hell Hound surveys the forest for small tasty and fuzzy snacks! (from...
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Twitter request for Recruitment info from Bethesda it's something that you'd like to do.
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Sorry for not being very active atm

My net provider has still not fixed my service,atm for a week its been 1mbps DL,similer upload,I am changing service providers but thats going to be the 23rd :/
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Out of game till Sunday evening

Packing up the Jeep and headed to the mountains after work tomorrow, solo trip, will try not to die! Back Sunday, don't burn the place down!
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Jewelry Crafting Table Winner is @SirJake990

At an impromptu Cloudrest Trial last evening we put everyone's name in a hat that wanted to participate in a drawing for ajewelry crafting table. The winner is @SirJake990! Congratulations Jake!!!!!!!!
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Quitting ESO

When Elder Scrolls VI drops!!! Lol made you look😆
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#BE3 Twitch Extension June 10, our fourth annual E3 Showcase (#BE3) promises an exciting first look at future titles from our studio...
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Gearing question

Now that I have this awesome set of level 16 gear (thank you Oakos!) ... at what point should I be looking to replace it, i.e. are there semi-established tiers along the way to 50? I see that at 50 there's a 160CP threshold apparently for that nex...
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Taking a step back

Partially due to being pretty busy this week and next weekend, i'm going to take a short break. Cya'll later in the month!
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