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[Pinned] Hex's "Band"
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[Pinned] Hex's "Band"

So a while back, I came up with the idea to create a band to make goofy songs about pretty much anything; I call us (it's just me, really) The Struggle Monkeys. Until now, the only songs I've completed involve video games. This one is about Dark...
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[Pinned] Colby's Guide to laying pipe - with pictures

Hey folks. The teacher in me wanted to share a quick demonstration on how to lay some 4 inch pipe. I am not a master by any means and I would imagine this guide could help anyone lay larger pipe, but alas, mine is only 4 inches. The good news i...
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[Pinned] MUST be signed in to see the Members Only Forum

This is a reminder to all Vanquish members that they MUST be signed in to the Forums to see the "Members Only" section of the forums. If you are only seeing the 4 forums that are under the "Public Forums" might want to sign in so ...
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[Pinned] Ik's Guide to Crusty Bread aka The Curious Caper of Justi's Crusty Bread

Hello there, frenemies,It's time for my second mini guide to useless useful things, and today we're talking Crusty Bread:(As an aside, I'll be sharing some pretty 1337 pro tips today, and as much as you all want to immediately run out and spread t...
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Southern Translations

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Living in AZ

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Please recommend a new t.v. series to watch

I'm all out of TV shows to watch.I'm all caught up on these and need something else to binge watch...Altered CarbonBlack MirrorChildhood's EndColonyContinuumDark MatterDefianceDollhouseExtantFireflyKilljoysLost in SpaceSalvationStar Trek: Discover...
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This guy...
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Fish pics (mainly for Oakos but also for anybody else that's into fishing)

Well we didn't kill 'em today but my neighbor and I caught a couple good ones.This was my good one. It was just over 6 lbs.This was the one my neighbor got. It was about 5lbs.
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Happy 4th of July!

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Extra Life - join up!

Greetings, Starfighters! You have been chosen to defend the universe from the Kodan Armada and hospital bills!!!I would like to formally invite one and all to join the Extra Life gaming fundraiser group I'm running this year called The Puzzle Guru...
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VNQ recruitment video in Fallout: New Vegas Vault 11.

I have been to this location before but I guess I've never fully explored it.This vault was designed so that every year a democratically elected overseer would be sacrificed so the other vault dwellers could survive.The entire campaign goal is to ...
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A question of morals

So let's say you have an Uncle Jack, and he has a horse farm. When you were younger he'd take you riding. Naturally he'd have to assist you up and down on the horses until you were of an age and size to be able to ride without his assistance.So ...
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Hello again!

Hey all!Kinda went missing for a bit due to college and life, but I finally have time for games again. I was just wondering if I could get an invite back to the guild in ESO. Thanks! :)
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Thank you

Hi Vanquish,As some of you know, I have been planning to move to China after graduating university to hopefully launch a successful business. I will be flying this Monday, which means that not only will my time-zone completely change, but I will a...
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Az, here's your tentacle duct tape mummy...

As you requested 7 (more than 7) colors. I realized halfway through I could've done it by hand quicker, but I totally forgot we had a scanner. Slow going with a mouse and all. :PEnjoy.Tentacle duct tape mummy (or Tee 'Em for short) is a happy litt...
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Post yer Plants!

Feel free to share you gardens, flower pots, lawn you name it! I'll start things off with sharing pics of my beauties over the years.
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Unity 3D software

Does anyone have any experience with this program?Just getting my toes wet, but would like to know about importing models and Player spawn points for multiplayer.Can meet up in TS if u want to keep your fingers!!!
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Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes

We went to see Marvel Universe Live: Age of Heroes today! Early birthday present for my son, and my friend's partner's daughter. My son will be 5 on 6/17, she turns 4 a couple weeks later. My son wanted to go as Iron Man, so I ordered him a costum...
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Lenore's Texas Bluebonnet Road Trip - Bellville Texas

An old friend from high school and I took a road trip up through the country side near were she lives. All kinds of wild flowers were in bloom. We enjoyed lunch a the Funky Art Cafe where the menu was fabulously sophisticated, very laid back, and...
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