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Commander's Corner

Current Leadership Core

***DRAFT***Below you will find an updated listing of the leaders in Vanquish, their ESO account name will be listed first followed by their site name for purposes of contactGuild Commander and Founder@Oakos - OakosPrimary Role Guild direction, man...
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Commander's Corner

Cross Guilding and Vanquish

I just wanted to touch on a subject that has come up several times in the past, and a couple times recently. The subject of cross guilding.As you know, for better or for worse, ESO provides players with the option of joining up to 5 different guil...
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Commander's Corner

Vanquish Ranks

**further details coming soon**The ranking system in Vanquish is designed around both responsibility in the guild and content in terms of an "in-guild" achievement system. Each rank has its base requirements and perks but is also designed around ...
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Commander's Corner

Officer's Guide

To Delegate Tasks Large and Small... A Guild Servant First of All... I strongly encourage those interested in pursuing leadership within Vanquish to do so! Below you will find a guide of sorts, a window into what I look for in an Office...
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Commander's Corner


>Exactly what type of guild is Vanquish?Vanquish is a guild of moderation first and foremost. Does this mean we will not push hard? Strive to be our best? Make a name for ourselves or see all that a game has to offer? Not at all! On the contra...
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Commander's Corner

Vanquish Code of Conduct

Welcome to Vanquish We have a simple focus here at Vanquish and that is to do more with less. We are a guild focused on bringing the utmost level of support to its members and in turn expectations are high for those wishing to call us home. Joinin...
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