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#13921056 Dec 12, 2018 at 11:25 PM
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SO, my MagDk is outparsing my MagBlade and I hate it, would love some insight into what I'm doing wrong with the Magblade. I tried putting Zann on the said Nightblade, and it didnt really change anything(Which as I say sounds funky). Pics!



For some clarification my Nightblade normally uses Swallow Soul and Twisting on the front bar, with Crippling on the back, but I was trying to more deeps since healing is negligible for dummies and Im trying to get up there. So, thoughts? Comments?
#13921078 Dec 13, 2018 at 03:34 AM
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What other set is your NB wearing besides Siroria? Maybe you need a set that works with the Nightblade's play style like Spell Strategist or Queen's Elegance?
#13921102 Dec 13, 2018 at 01:25 AM
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All I know is that I need to ping you for help with my light attack count and Siroriah up-time stackage! DAMN, WOMAN!
#13921249 Dec 13, 2018 at 06:02 AM · Edited 1 month ago
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Wow, Awesome numbers! I dont know NB too well so all I could think about was the Impale/Ele weapon spammable damage could be tweaked. My first place to look on any NB would be those Assassins Will shots, but you seem to have that down! I always miss it. When do you start using impale? It shows 11 impales fired off. On a 6 million dummy, from 25% to 0% I would think you could fit in more of those (3-4 per rotation) and they do a TON of damage.

I noticed you are using Ele Weapon on the NB and most likely swapping that for impale once you reach execute. Are those Ele weapons firing off properly? If your hitting 3-4 of those per rotation until 75% I think you should be seeing more damage output and a higher number of Ele weapons.

Have you tried Thief stone on NB? Give it a go and see if things change much + or -

Finally, and this could just be how CMX is registering your buffs, were you using Spell Power Pots? I did not see mention of those buffs at all, even above some of your Siroria Stacks.

that's all I could think of.
#13921349 Dec 13, 2018 at 09:44 AM
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Thanks a bunch guys, Colby I have trouble remembering pots:/ So my Major uptime is lowish. Ill have to try again and see if I can improve on the execute phase I believe impales are low because I'm not used to the sustain changes and I had to heavy attack. I tried Thief stone and it didnt really change my numbers so I just switched back.

Vet, the other set is Mother's Sorrow. Siroria, Mother's Sorrow, and in this I'm using Zann.
#13921613 Dec 13, 2018 at 09:46 PM · Edited 1 minute ago
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I never liked Mother's Sorrow but it must yield decent results since it has been a popular pick for some time. I guess when it's all said done one should shoot for Max Crit, Max Pen and as much spell damage as they can poop out of their ears :P. Can't wait to see your improved parse De. You and Uni are Gods.
#13921625 Dec 13, 2018 at 07:06 PM
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Most certainly are not:p Or at least not me, who knows what Uni thinks of himselfXD. I generally find gear is less important than everybody makes it out to be. If I had an extra BSW staff I might've switched to that instead of MS as my crit doesn't seem to be as high as it should. *Shrug* I'll be sure to update if I ever make something of myself:)
#13921691 Dec 13, 2018 at 10:18 PM
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#13921349 DeSyreni wrote:

I have trouble remembering pots:/ So my Major uptime is lowish.

Being mostly a stam player I can't speak to the rest of your magicka mumbo jumbo, but pots are something I've struggled with as well. I set up a combat text alert (I think I used LUI Extended) that pops up a big POTION READY in the middle of my screen, right over my character, that's really hard to miss. It's definitely helped my potion up time. I've also found that a potion every 45 sec really helps with resources as well.

FWIW, I run Sioria/MS on my Magblade as well, and have been happy with the results. I think it runs at most within 5% of other options, depending on the specific fight.
#13921699 Dec 13, 2018 at 10:25 PM
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@Artificial That is super helpful! I just didn't want to download a big add-on to do a small ones job. But if it's the best I can get I'll take it. I was secretly hoping somebody would suggest something for the potion uptime. *Shrug* I'll try it out for sure! Thanks again!
#13921987 Dec 14, 2018 at 10:37 AM · Edited 29 days ago
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So after some digging, it looks like I used AUI, not LUI Extended. There's probably other ways to do this, but I messed with several addons and this was the only thing I found that did what I was wanting.

For anyone wondering, it's under Settings > Addons > AUI (Combat) (the Combat module has to be enabled)

About 2/3 of the way down is Potions:

And in AUI (Combat), Combat Messages > General > Middle is set to:

And here's how it looks in practice:

#13929632 Dec 27, 2018 at 09:19 AM
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A bit late, but if you still need some parse boost, I don't see minor force.

So have race against time on the back bar in place of inner light.

I had to look at a video, but my bars were:

Front: ele weapon, crippling grasp, merciless resolve, inner light, impale and Ele Rage as my ulti

Back: ele drain, blockade of fire, twisting path, race against time, siphoning strikes and soul harvest as my ulti

I actually don't cast soul harvest. It's purely there for the benefit of gaining ulti and use ele rage.

I had the thief as well for my stone, but I had spell strategist so my crit wasn't over 50% until I equipped the thief but all the same other sets. Siroria's staff front bar and vMA back bar cause getting a spell strat staff was to asinine. Double infused, but Siroria's I had a flame enchant, and vMA I had a shock enchant. Others do it different, this is what I did.

I think for you, apprentice is fine as my base was around 54% with thief.

My regen was close to yours as well, probably less, and I did get low on magicka even on a CD pop for my potion.

I didn't impale until about 18-19% and was running 2x bloodthirsty, 1x infused, and that's when my did my la-> impale spam

Not sure of the percents on your constellations, but I had:

Elfborn: 66
Elemental expert: 56
Spell erosion: 24
Master at arms: 66
Staff expert: 14
Thaumaturge: 44

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#13929806 Dec 27, 2018 at 02:11 PM
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Basically what Rylii said, I'd run Spell Strategist over Mothers Sorrow and run Thief, be better with your potion uptimes, keep Minor Force up, and I actually do like to use Soul Harvest during Execute, but only if I know I won't be able to get another Destro off. So if you're at 200 Ulti at 25%, just build to get the Destro and use it, then just nab the Harvest 1-2x while executing. It's a huge buff to damage after you cast it and you should use it if you're not going to fit another Ulti in anyway.

I also still use Swallow Soul instead of Ele Weapon because fuck Wrobel and his stupid light attack meta bullshit. But they're so close in damage that it's not really gonna effect anything.
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#13930008 Dec 27, 2018 at 11:19 PM
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I have Trap but the uptime is only like in the 40% because it's difficult for me to keep up with Srendarr(suggestions to work out this kink?). I really don't want to use Spell Strategist, since I wouldn't be bothered to use it on any actual fight. And I realize how ridiculous that sounds with me using Zann in that parse but I normally hit 37k with Skoria and I was upset I wasn't doing as well. *Shrug* The potion advice was spot on, but when i tried that add-on I couldn't get it to turn off all the other things it did. So if I can disable those other things lemme know.

I need to work on potions, minor force uptime, and execute phase. At least that's what I'm gathering from y'alls suggestions.

@Ixtyr I normally use Ss but thought I should be seeing higher dps with Ew so I switched everything and it probably didn't help. If they're comparable I won't mess with Ew, I really hate that skill.

I've got to ask, with my Siroria, Ms, and Skoria and normal everyday bars how much should I be hitting? I was aiming for 40k but if it should be higher Id like to know. I don't want to switch Ms with Spell Strategist but I'd be willing to switch for Bsw if that would help...
#13930254 Dec 28, 2018 at 08:21 AM
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Realistically, I didn't use ele weapon either. I use it on a parse strictly because the animation is shorter and I can inflate numbers due to it being melee so you can block break the animation in the end without blocking the skill easier.

For like everyday gearsets, I actually used:

BSW, Julianos (MS is better here, but I never got the staff out of principle lol), and Illambris (or Skoria for health) [this is also in part why I had my 2nd weapon with shock]. With this, I use the apprentice as my crit is over 50% or it was very close to it (assuming the crit buff)

With that setup, You can break low 40 on a dummy, but you need 100% potion uptime (due to no critical on the backbar), easily over 80% on minor force (optimal is like 92-95%) and of course not drop on ele drain cause you will be stupidly low on magicka when you get to execute phase, but the pot should line up pretty close

I rarely used Siroria because the uptime was garbage due to not standing in place. There are few places where you can just stand in place and not die to mechanics while keeping a 15+ stack count on the buff.

I personally didn't use trap because I needed that stamina in a real world situation. Nothing worse than casting trap and not having enough stamina to block, dodge, or break free, also, need to be in true melee to use it. Other than that, my bar setup was the same aside from the Ele weapon vs. Swallow Soul. Real world though, no ele drain (unless nobody is running it, and I ran either Mirage, Dark Cloak, or Sap Essence depending)

But if you use trap on a parse, you have to cast it like every time you cast blockade I think. It's a crazy amount of bar-swapping (more than it already is) because you also have to account for the trap delay hit, it's why I went with race against time, when I cast it, I get the boost immediately, so I can wait until it's down to the last second, swap, cast and swap back or cast on my back bar if needed.

And yeah, the execute phase is important because with BSW, the only way you are proccing it during execute is with the light attack, and if you run 2x bloodthirsty, it's a crap ton of damage. If you line it properly on a dummy, you will execute it in the 12s from the race against time buff with the la->impale spam. And if you are really lucky, like Ixy said, the soul harvest hit with this spam is even more with the 20% incoming damage for 6s.

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#13930270 Dec 28, 2018 at 08:47 AM · Edited 15 days ago
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#13930008 DeSyreni wrote:

The potion advice was spot on, but when i tried that add-on I couldn't get it to turn off all the other things it did. So if I can disable those other things lemme know.

Yeah, you should be able to turn off all the other stuff. AUI does a crazy amount of junk, and it actually has its own mini-addon to manage all of it. If you look in your addons, there should be an AUI (Module Management). Go through and turn everything but Combat to Off. I'm obviously using other modules here, but you just need Combat for the potion alert.

After that, you may need to go through the Combat Messages in AUI (Combat) and turn off the stuff you don't want (ie everything except Potions). Just make sure the Show option is set to Off.

Let me know if you have any trouble with it.
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