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Hi there!. Let me first state I am not a computer person so any response please first don't laugh too loud and second try to remember who you're speaking with. To load a picture it asks for "a image URL"? Ok I'm lost and if a kind soul could help me out that'll be spectacular! Thank you for reading and double if you can teach me how to accomplish this...

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I'll try. The Vanquish web site doesn't allow pictures to be uploaded directly from your computer to your post. Some sites do. It makes it much easier. Sadly, this one doesn't.

Instead, your picture has to be "hosted" on a web service for this purpose. Then it will be viewable, or addressable, in a web browser, like Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome, or FireFox.

That is, if you paste this "address", another name for "URL" into the address bar of your web browser, it will display the picture.

Here is an example of an image URL:

If I put that into the image link where it asks you for the image URL, the picture will display.


There are a few ways to get that "image URL." If you want to use a picture from the Internet, you can right-click on the image and select the option: "Copy Image Address" in Google Chrome, or "Copy Shortcut" if you're using Internet Explorer for your web browser. The "shortcut", "address", or "URL", all terms for the same thing, will start with "http://" or "https://", then the web site address of wherever the picture is being hosted from, then the file name of the actual picture, usually ending in either .jpg, .png, or .gif. In this case the filename is the cryptic, "Ovuw7wM.jpg."

If you want to post a picture from your computer, you'll have to upload it to a picture hosting service, like Once you upload it to, say, Imgur, then in this case you'd click on your picture to open it up into the large view and click the button for "Direct Link." That will copy that image URL so that you can paste it into the image link thing here that's asking your for the image URL.

I hope that helps. Feel free to ask for any further clarification or explanation of anything I've stated here.

- shut-up Meg

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You can also check out the xup bot that Mr. Tweedle wrote in Discord. You go to that channel, type !xup and before hitting enter, drag and drop your image. It will upload it to a hosting site and provide a tweedle filled link to the image that you can copy and paste into Discord or use in an img tag here on the forums.

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