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#13793393 Jun 13, 2018 at 07:06 AM
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Without giving thought to endgame gear etc since I'm nowhere near there, I was pondering the feasibility of straight up, in your face double 2handers ... think two greatswords, but maybe one gs, one axe for the bleed opportunity.

Bar 1 - Bulk of the fight

Cutting Dive
Subterranean Assault
Green Lotus
Wrecking Blow
Wild Guardian

Bar 2 - Gap closer, Buffs and Execution

Critical Rush
Bull Neetch
Bird of Prey
Wild Guardian

I realize it's not the meta, but it seems like it'd work. Am I missing something?
Naefr Haaken - Nord Stamden [2H/Bow]

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#13793472 Jun 13, 2018 at 09:07 AM
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TBH, the only issue is having a range attack that doesn't consume stamina. I recently dusted off my Stamden in nCR + 3 no less and was using 2h.

This is how I learned they nerfed the hell out of the master's 2h as it doesn't boost the bleed anymore from cleave (sad face) and only the direct damage hit. This is how I made a competitive dot that could rival twin slashes at least with enough weapon power. Don't get me wrong, twin slashes still hit for more, but at least it wasn't a total rofl stomp in damage like it is now again.

I like cutting dive. The speed of the animation is much faster than it used to be it seems for my filler, but the cost is quite high if you are going to use it as a range spammable when you can't melee for mechanics.

And in dungeons, don't use the bear. That fuck messes with taunts and can really screw up a bosses aggro lol.

I had:

Cutting Dive
Subterranean Assault
Re-Arming Trap
Reverse Slice

U: Dawnbreaker (mine was smiting as I didnt respec for pve but use flawless for pve)

Poison Injection
Endless Hail
Razor Caltrops
Bull Netch
Resolving Vigor

U: Permafrost (utility Ulti for me for the major protection, will also use Ballista [bow ulti] or healing thicket if needed)

I wasn't breaking any records for dps, but I could also comfortably get like 27 - 30k on the training dummy with a master 2h, maelstrom bow, 5x TFS, 3x VO, 2x Veli which isn't super optimal gear but I'm honestly too lazy to give a rats ass to move to optimal gear at this moment with my playtime.

Just my two cents on someone who has tried a 2h Stamden build for vet dungeons / raids.

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