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#13769263 May 13, 2018 at 07:18 AM
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I have my DK tank up to level 40 now, still learning and improving. Though my chest opening ability still sucks...but improving.

I read Colby's post and learned yesterday during SMS that magicka is really important. I've been focusing on raising stamina. All my armor is Ebon now. Squee recommended having some Plague Doctor pieces too.

Here's what I have on my main skill bar:

1. Pierce Armor
2. Inner Rage
3. Obsidian Shield
4. Green Dragon Blood
5. Hardened Armor

6. Warhorn for the ultimate

I have Unrelenting Grip on the other skill bar. But I never really use it.

Any feedback is always welcome.

All the best,

#13769324 May 13, 2018 at 09:12 AM
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Main bar with your taunt (pierce) you should have Absorb Magicka on it (Defensive Posture). Colb is right, DK's skill rest mostly on Magic so it's important to have a decent size pool and mag regen. But you want your stam pool higher so when you get shards, you replenish your stam for the blocking and taunting. You can regen magicka with glyphs, using Balance (from mages guild line), and Deep Breath. Ebon is good because it helps the party. Besides plague, either look for Akaviri Dragon for your Ultimate's (regens all your stats for a dk) or craft some Torugs.

On my main bar I have Pierce, Heroic Slash (ULT regen), Obsidian Shield, Hardened, Defensive Posture
Back bar: chains, Inner Rage, Eruption, Talons, and then a flex (Green dragon, Balance, or Deep Breath)

Use tri-stat food. Use whatever enchants work for you right now. When you get the 160 mark, you might want to focus on the Tri-stat glyphs.
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#13770140 May 14, 2018 at 08:41 AM
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Hi Fin –

My first suggestion for you is to keep doing random normal dungeons and other content to get your level above 50 so that you can start using Champion Level gear. Any gear before you reach CP160 will eventually have to be tossed.

My tank currently uses Green Pact and Torugs Pact gear. Green Pact gives a lot of health, including additional health regeneration. Torugs Pact is craftable and will make your weapon enchantments proc nearly 100% of the time. The Plague Doctors Set and Ebon Armory sets are also very good heavy gear sets that will give you lots of health and resistance. Almost all of these sets are easy to obtain or cheap to buy. If you are in need of more health for survivability and are still learning the build, the Green Pact set and Plague Doctor set will give you lots of health. You can always obtain Ebon and Torug’s later.

On my main bar, I have Absorb Magicka, Chains, Low Slash, Pierce Armor and Talons.

On my back bar, I have Igneous Shield, Green Dragon Blood, Inner Rage, Circle of Protection and Vigor.

If you haven’t reached high enough levels year to get Circle of Protection or Vigor from the Fighters Guild and Assault Skill Lines, you can use those as flex spots. Hardened Armor and Immovable are good defensive skills. Eruption, Venomous Claw, Noxious Breath are all okay as offensive skills, although you probably wouldn’t use them much in the long term. If you have the skill points to spare, try some of those out to see what works best for your playstyle.

Don’t worry about traits on your armor until your CP 160, but make sure to get enchants to boost whatever resource you’re having the most trouble maintaining.
As far as attribute points go, I split mine pretty evenly (34 Stamina, 30 Magicka). I originally was putting points into health when I created the character, but I later did a respec to remove them after I got comfortable with the build and developed a better feel for my playstyle.

I’m willing to discuss in TS with you any time you would like. Good luck ! 
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#13770151 May 14, 2018 at 08:55 AM
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Duck and Merlin, thank you for the great advice. I'm definitely absorbing and taking it all in. Merlin, I'm going to redistribute by attribute points. I've been mistakenly putting them in stamina then health.

I'll look into the Green Pact set.

Every day I keep switching my skills around trying to find the sweet spot...a work in progress.

Big thanks!!!

#13770164 May 14, 2018 at 09:16 AM
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You are going to want some in the Stamina pool so when you take on shards or balls, it will replenish your stam. I would not recommend putting all into health just yet. Being a tank, you rely heavily on resources. A tank without resources is a dead tank. You have to learn how to manage them. Health is nice, but when you fall due to NO stamina or can’t hold that taunt, you’re a dead tank.

If you’re looking at the green pact and plague, keep it all in stam. When you start tanking Vet dungeons and you can hold all the mobs with taunts while grabbing the boss, and you’re fine on resrouces, THEN think about changing attributes a little.

Merlin has Sheild on his back bar. I would not recommend that. When you’re piercing and holding taunt in a perma-block situation, swapping bars drops your block putting you at risk. Keep the sheild on your main bar with your taunts. The shield only lasts a few seconds as well forcing you to continually dropping block to reapply it. And you want it up all the time because it helps regen that stamina.
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#13793040 Jun 12, 2018 at 06:34 PM
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When do you use your front bar and when do you use your back bar? Helping my wife to learn how to tank and wanting to figure out what we can start with that is simple. We are both level 15 at this point and she is a DK.

Not worried about gear choices at this point for her, but i want her to start getting used to the skills used.

Any advice on that is welcome. Hope i am not hogging the thread but it seems related. Just 25 levels lower. Lol.
#13793390 Jun 13, 2018 at 07:02 AM
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Front bar is your taunt, block and shields. Back bar I use for aoe damage, talons and chaining the buggers in.
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