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#13759104 Apr 30, 2018 at 09:48 PM
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Mag DK DPS Tank Build

Does this seem viable for Dungeons and world questing/solo play?

I'm thinking about trying this or something like it.
#13759324 May 01, 2018 at 05:40 AM · Edited 2 months ago
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Definitely, a lot of fiery potential damage going out. Seems like a good loadout.

Which armor/monster sets were you planning on wearing with it?

Going 1h/s on either bar? If so I would use the 1h/s Pierce armor taunt. The Fracture/Breech is a huge debuff and it will be the only Stam skill on your bar. You can just use chains to either pull in things at range or as a quick 1-second taunt on things you cannot pull.

I would change Sturdy Horn to Aggressive Horn Morph

#13760756 May 03, 2018 at 01:12 AM
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I like your Horn change suggestion, but if this is a Dungeon stomping set, I would really like to have the synergy aoe from inner fire.

As far as gear goes, I would like to run Elf Bane, but Shackle Breaker will probably be what I start with. Magic enchants on everything, spell damage jewelry, etc.

For the monster set, I like Ilambris and Infernal Guardian.

I think my dream setup for this would be Elf Bane armor, Ilambris head/shoulder, and Burning Spell Weave jewelry/weapons.

I would use CP and attribute points to put my stats and resistances where they need to be to survive vet dungeons.

What do you think?
#13761025 May 03, 2018 at 08:46 AM
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I haven't played a magDK in a while, but having flames of oblivion and inner light on the same bar is a no-no. Both give spell crit as a passive so might as well separate them. Put inner light on the main bar for more damage when your magicka pool is higher on that bar.

-Always outmanned, never outgunned-
#13761267 May 03, 2018 at 02:52 PM
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Just remember, if you are tanking, one of your main jobs is to debuff mobs, especially Boss mobs. With 1 application of pierce armor you have removed roughly 1/3 of a boss mobs total damage mitigation for your entire group, 2/3 for trash mobs. The amount of damage output this equates to is many times greater than the Inner Fire Synergy, that many times will go unused.

#13761359 May 03, 2018 at 05:02 PM · Edited 2 months ago
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I use this on my mag dk tank. This was originally designed for vet maelstrom arena.

Bar Setup :

1. Shielded Assault (charge with a stun and shield) (possible Pierce Armor if tanking for others)
2. Burning Embers (flame dot with a heal)
3. Engulfing Flames (aoe flame dot that increases all flame damage 10%)
4. Harness Magicka (Shield needed for gear set below)
5. Flex spot (Absorb Magic for defensive fights)(Flames of Oblivion maybe for dps)(Balance for major resolve and major ward)

U - Magma Shell (10 secs of limiting incoming damage and flame dot)

1. Unrelenting Grip (chain yank, free fire damage if the target cant be yanked, speed buff)
2. Flame Clench (flame dot and punt)
3. Blockade of Fire (aoe flame dot and other goodies explained below)
4. Elemental Drain (minor magickasteal and major breach)(Burning Talons for trash)
5. Molten Armaments (40% to heavy attack and major sorcery)

U - Fiery Rage (flame dps ult)

#1 slot is charge or chain yank (all in how you wish to setup the fight) (positioning!)
#2 and #3 are dps skills
#4 and #5 are buffs / debuffs
Keep in mind that elemental blockade still procs whichever weapon you are on constantly (on CD.) That means that with my setup I laydown blockade then flip to the front bar and it is trying to place the sword's flame dot on everything it hits. Can also be used to proc crusher on multiple mobs if you enchant your sword with it.

Gear :

Helm: Grothdarr (for most pve stuff) (Zaan if going for single target dps) (infused prismatic)
Shoulders : Grothdarr (divine magicka)
Chest : Armor Master (infused prismatic)
Gloves : Armor Master (divine magicka)
Belt : Burning Spellweave (can be Silk of the Suns) (divine magicka)
Legs : Armor Master (infused prismatic)
Feet : Burning Spellweave (divine magicka)
Jewelry : Burning Spellweave * 3 (spell damage)
Sword and Shield : Armor Master (infused flame) (infused or nirnhoned prismatic)
Staff : Inferno Maelstrom (lesser option is Inferno Master or even Inferno Armor Master) (infused spellpower)

Sword and Shield on front bar to be tankier while the backbar is ranged dps.
While on front bar we have the 5 piece Armor Master available to hit Harness Magicka and buff ourselves. Then we can switch bars at will while keeping the buff.
Burning Spellweave or Silks of the Sun for our dps set (I just happen to have BSW)
Chest should be heavy while Legs, Helm , Shoulders, or Feet need to be medium. Rest is light to give us 5 light, 1 heavy, 1 medium.

Attribute wise I have 10 in health and the rest in Magicka. Orzorga's Red Frothgar gives me 24K health.

Armor Master 5 piece buff gives me 25.9K Spell resist and 21.4 Physical resist.
Balance added to that boosts it to 31.2K Spell resist and 26.6K Physical resist.
Keep in mind Harness Magicka inherits our resists so try to use it when both buffs are up.

Vampire is a must...

Keep in mind this is a dps that can pull 20-25K easily without a maelstrom staff (I have an armor master inferno) yet is extremely tanky. Vet trials would be out of his range as far as tanking and his lower health would make some of the DLC vet dungeons difficult. The rest is wide open...
#13761636 May 04, 2018 at 05:21 AM
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az, would foritfied brass be better then armor master these days?
#13765657 May 08, 2018 at 07:56 PM
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I'm not Az, but armor master still has that sweet 5% health bonus and if you are deep into magicka (like 64 points) that 5% is super useful. Plus you are always casting your damage shield so your buff is always up.

-Always outmanned, never outgunned-
#13766173 May 09, 2018 at 12:51 PM
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fortified brass is very useful if you craft it in light armor. that way you get all the resist you could hope for and get all the light armor passives like magicka regen and spell penetration. armor master is alright but it does require you to be slotting a skill that might not necessarily be in your set up and/or could be replaced with something more useful.
#13770602 May 14, 2018 at 08:06 PM
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Sorry I didn't see this till now... IMO no to fortified brass.

With the setup I have a 2 piece helm set and burning spellweave constant and can proc armor master while on my sword and board bar (and keep the buff when I barswap unlike fortified brass.) This means switch to sword and board... pop a shield and you have a buff for 10 secs. Keep in mind this armor ability is harness magicka which not only shields you but will give you magicka back on direct magicka attacks. Also, Rylli is 100% correct with the health bonus thingy.
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