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#13722420 Apr 05, 2018 at 11:54 AM · Edited 17 days ago
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A listing of useful 5 sets for healers in ESO, specifically Templars. The sets in gold are the sets I use most often.

  • Spell Power Cure (White Gold Tower): The most important set to us as healers/support, it buffs everything you and your group does via bolstering weapon and spell damage. You always want to have it active.
  • Worm Cult (Vaults of Madness): Made its way into the healer meta back when trials were dominated by magicka DPS. Comes and goes out of favor based on DPS playing as magicka or stamina.
  • Healing Mage (Aetherian Archive): Amazing set. It is a noticeable difference when mending is active and when its not. One healer should always have Mending in trials. It is also a great all around set when paired with SPC for all content.
  • Kagrenac's Hope (Crafted, Earth Forge): One of the best starter set for healers in my opinion. Newish groups will be dying a lot, so having someone with fast res speed is important. My personal pet peeve is that the set is based around players dieing...
  • Seducer (Crafted, 2nd Alliance Zone): If you feel like you are having resource issues, you can use Seducer until you learn how to manage your resources better.
  • Julianos (Crafted, Wrothgar): Gives raw power to healing and DPS. This is the go to crafted set IMO as it offers a foundation to pair with any other set.
  • Eyes of Mara (Crafted, Eyevea): Suffers the same blight as Light Speaker, looks like a good set on paper, but it only affects 2-3 skills. 12% reduced cost may seem like a lot, but really the cost of Restoration Staff skills is offset by the magicka return from Healing Springs.
  • Draugr's Rest (Falkreath Hold): This set lays down a heal on the ground after a heavy attack. If the sacred ground had a larger radius it would be a very strong set. Right now, it's just too small to be useful.
  • Jorvulds Guidance (Scalecaller Peak): A newer set that increases the duration of all major and minor buffs as well as damage shields. It’s a good set on paper but may only be truly useful for Wardens as Templars have very few skills that actually fall into this sets effect, Warhorn being one of them so there is that.
  • Master Architect (Halls of Fabrication): Your ultimates now carry Major Slayer for the 2 closest DPSes. Positioning is very important while wearing Master Architect. This is a solid DPS increasing set for the group, however, in order for it to be useful you need to utilize low cost ultimates which in turn causes the group to lose your Nova/Warhorn/Barrier/Destro Ult.
  • Inventor's Guard (Halls of Fabrication): Your ultimates now carry Major Aegis for the 2 closest DPSes. Positioning is still very important.
  • Infallible Mage (Aetherian Archive, Sanctum Ophida, Hel Ra Citadel): A great set for boosting your groups damage output via applying Minor Vulnerability to any mob hit with your heavy attack. This has been a go-to set for me for some time now. Combined with SPC and the Asylums Resto staff this set can bring some real DPS gains to a Trial or group.
  • Twilight Remedy (Maw of Lorkhaj): Orbs, Shards, Rituals, Novas, and any other synergies you throw out now carry Minor Force and a huge heal. Wearing this set can give magicka characters Minor Force, which is a huge buff. If you need a fine balance between healing and DPS, this is the set. With the synergy changes and the fact everyone is trying to pop Energy Orbs, Twilight has become a front runner again.
  • Light Speaker (Elden Hollow): It seems like its a strong set on paper, but once you realize that it only buffs Healing Springs, Combat Prayer, and Rapid Regeneration (if you even use rapid regen) it falls short. There are far better sets out there.
  • Combat Physician (Wayrest Sewers): Again, it seems like it would be good. I tried it, but the shield size and only affecting one person at a time really limits its usability. If the shield was across 2 people it may have a use.
  • Sanctuary (Banished Cells): It may seem like a good set, but its way overkill. In a good group, you won't need the extra healing so its just wasted spots.
  • Healers Habit (Dragonstar Arena): Bolsters healing via giving minor mending. Low use for Templars, of slight use for Wardens and healing sorcs or nightblades.
  • Prayer Shawl (Spindleclutch): This set suffers the same fate as most of the other healer sets. It's just simply outclassed by SPC/Mending or SPC/Worm. If the shield was stronger then maybe it could be useful, but right now it's just too weak.
  • Gossamer (Cradle of Shadows): Major Evasion is nice, but a 10% proc chance for 6 seconds makes this set not as viable as it could be. This set will add to survivability, just less so than say Mending or Twilight. I COULD maybe see this set being run on specific fights or even by a non-healer/backup support type player.
#13722461 Apr 05, 2018 at 12:39 PM
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This is great Oakos, thank you.

Should I just stick with my 20ish Julianos until I reach cp160 then go for Spell Power Cure or either Kagrenac's Hope...I fit into the starter healer mode.

Thanks for the help,

#13722468 Apr 05, 2018 at 12:44 PM
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Hiya Finn.

SPC and Worm is what I would go for. Kag's, at least to me, is for the pugs that die alot or in a difficult trial. I have a set that I'll grab for those times. Worm is by far, the easiest to obtain since Vauts of Madness is a fun dungeon, fast, and not entirely difficult. SPC, a little harder. I'd make those your first goals and then get you started in trials for the twilight and mending sets.
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#13730827 Apr 12, 2018 at 07:28 AM
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Oakos -

Are there any two-piece monster helm sets you use for your healer?

With the on-going EXP event, I leveled a healer from 0 to 50 and can finally gear them up. I was going to go with SPC for sure, but was debating if I wanted to do a 2-piece monster helm set and 4-pieces of another set... or just do a second 5-piece set and pick either a monster helm set or one of the special weapons.

Curious about your opinion on this. Thank you in advance!
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#13730959 Apr 12, 2018 at 10:33 AM · Edited 9 days ago
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At this time, for a main healer, two 5 piece sets work out the best for us, especially if running staffs with their own, stand alone bonus i.e. Master's. That all said. For my day to day running amok, in which I'm healing dailies, no n DLC Vets or any Normals, I run Zanns or Grothdaars (Skoria is ok also) monster sets along with Torugs or any other DPS set. SPC is still equiped.

So...5x SPC
2 x Monster
1 x Masters Resto
2 x Torugs swords OR Destro
3x Will power

I replace Will Power with Moon Dancer often if I feel like running 4x Moon Dancer as I then replace the swords with a lightning Moon Dancer staff.

If you find yourself in a group with another healer already, run the above and swap out SPC for Julianos

There are a lot of options....
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