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Below you will find an updated listing of the leaders in Vanquish, their ESO account name will be listed first followed by their site name for purposes of contact

Guild Commander and Founder

@Oakos - Oakos

Primary Role

Guild direction, management and overall health of Vanquish.


@Tormennt - Mersy, @Colby73 - Colby

Primary Role

Officer management, adviser to the Guild Commander and partly responsible for the day to day operations of Vanquish at all levels including and up to taking leadership of the guild in the absence of the Guild Commander

Guild Captain

@SirDuckman - Duck

Primary Role

Officer management, member management, content direction and overall guild cohesion


General Role

Roster management, content management, web site administration and day to day activities within the guild

Note: Officer specialties will be listed following each name, it is by no means a complete and comprehensive list

@Danthemann5 - Rhal Oakley (PvP and Battlegrounds)

@Finn1978 - Nanilia (PvP and PvP introduction)

@Infidelux - Anarii Asharaan (Member management and content officer, end game)

@Ixtyr - Ixtyr Falavir (Trade guild management, ESO subreddit moderator and community relations outside of Vanquish)

@Lenore - Lenore (Member management and new player orientation)

@Megnin - Meg (Primary crafting officer of Vanquish)

@MydraThrax - Spritely Green (content officer, member management and recruitment)

@Qizax - Qizax (Member management, community advisor and content officer)

@Sabretusks - Sabretusks (Member management and content officer)

@Savina.09 - Savina (Member, roster and site management, content officer, adviser to Oakos and chief SAMMICH MAKER!) (Sav is going to kill you Oakos.....)
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@Tweedle-dee - Mrs. Tweedle (Member management, content officer, end game and whatever else is needed)

@Tweedle-dum - Mr. Tweedle (Member management, content officer, end game and Spider Wrangler)

@Victus75 - Throm The First (Veteran content officer, new member orientation)

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