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Hello party people I will be trying to type out and share some Stamblade gear and info for yall so that you can play the best class in the game! Its scientifically proven!* I can always explain all the nitty gritty stuff to anyone who wants to know although preferably that would go a lot smoother over voice chat.
*further research needed

Da Basics
64 points into stamina
Weapon Power Pots
Damage Health Poisons (double dot)
Dubious Camoran Throne
Redguard/Khajiit/Imperial for Race
Lover for Mundus - must run lover due to changes in penetration in Summerset

Da Skills
Killers Blade/Rending Slashes/Surprise Attack/Deadly Cloak/Relentless Focus/U:Flawless Dawnbreaker
Leeching Strikes/Razor Caltrops/Rearming Trap/Endless Hail/Poison Injection/U:Incapacitating Strike
IF you are scared of death and/or solo replace Rending Slashes with Resolving Vigor. Apply when necessary

Da Gear
Gear choices for stamina classes USED TO BE be dependent on PENETRATION PRE-SUMMERSET. due to some major gear changes and some new options added along with trait changes for jewelry we have been thrust into a whole new meta. I will still lay out every option available so lets say, if you already have a sweet set of Hundings already crafted, you can hopefully save some gold and make it work. There are TWO sections to the Gear. You can pick have one set from each section but it is really really not a good idea to use 2 from the same section.

SET 1 OPTIONS – these sets are strong BUT they are only going to be on the front DW bar. These are the sets that you will want to get weapons for. i recommend either 2 daggers or 1axe/1dagger. any other mixture of weapons will be a significant loss of dps. THAT BEING SAID. completing a 5pc is more important than getting daggers so if you have to run mace/sword just do it. Mainhand trait should be NIRNHONED with a POISON enchant. Offhand should be INFUSED with a WEAPONDAMAGE enchant. The debate for DW traits has been raging for months now and you will see a lot of vehement supports of nirn/precise or infused/precise. Don’t be led astray. Nirn/infused if the all around best. You wont be let down by this.
Night Mothers Gaze – crafted. this set is literally the most useless set in the game now for stamblades. they changed it from an essential must have armor shred to worthless in one patch. if you are running this you are just wasting a 5pc bonus. it is in your best interest to switch out of this set asap.
Sunderflame – City of Ash dropped set. This set also used to be great but is now almost terrible. it applies the minor penetration debuffs on heavy attack. this set is not worth running on a stamblade. let a stamdk run it and even then it is not essential at all anymore.
Mechanical Acuity – Crafted. used to be highest damage set you could use. the change to the 5pc from all damage to direct damage hit this set pretty hard. it is not nearly as strong as it used to be. if you are running this set and had invested into golding it out, feel free to continue to use it until you get a stronger replacement.
Hundings – crafted. Not the best option but if you already have it crafted then use it and save some gold.
Advancing Yokeda - welcome to the new meta. drops from Hel Ra citadel. this set stacks crit and gives us an incredible amount of crit where in optimal gear you are operating at ~75% crit chance which is huge and is going to scale really well in raids with warhorn. now for the bad news. this is a heavy armor set so you will need to run this set on jewelry and your dual wield bar. if you are curious about why so many people are running hel ra citadel, now you know. this grind sucks.
Leviathan - drops in Crypt of Hearts. this is another crit set that just gives us flat crit on our DW bar. this set is a significant step down from Advancing Yokeda for a few reasons. 1 it gives ~300 less crit and 2) leviathan is only active on our front bar whereas Advancing is a 5 second stack buff that can follow on to our bow bar. i only recommend running this set if you already have a set ready to go, or are super poor and can not afford to craft hundings. this is set is much weaker than it appears on the surface.

SET 2 OPTIONS – these sets are sets that you CAN NOT lose by bar swapping so these sets will require you to find a way to make sure they persist on both bars.
Bone Pirate – Blackheart Haven dropped set. This is a strong set for getting started as it gives a ton of resources and sustain. This set needs to be used with Dubious so make sure that is the food/drink that you are using. Blue food will make this set useless. I Highly recommend this set for beginners as well as this set is very useful in PVP.
Vicious Ophidian – Sanctum Ophidia. This set is a monster of a set. Gives incredible amount of stats. Really not much else to be said. Also difficult to acquire as it is from SO but a lot of people do have VO already so they are willing to share.
War Machine – Halls of Fabrication. 100% the best BiS option for Stamblades. We have the cheapest ultimate in the game which means that the uptime on this is high as hell and it doesn't only buff you but 2 other party members. Now for the downsides. HELLA hard to get. Furthermore this set gives ZERO sustain. You will find that using this set will cause a ton of sustain problems that you have never experienced before. This set requires a ton of experience and adaptability but will give you and your group a large dps increase if you can learn to use it properly.
Relequen - Cloudrest. this is your new meta set that all the stambois be running. it is incredibly strong and rewards players who are good at weaving their attacks. this set will give you the best dps you could hope for in single target situations. however this set is incredibly volatile. you must consistently attack the same target to keep your stacks up otherwise you are losing tremendous amounts of damage. there are a number of fights where this set is terrible and you need to be aware of that.
Twice Fanged Snake - this is a very unique set for a few reasons. This is the best set for solo play and dps practice on the dummies. This set will provide the max penetration a solo player could ever hope for so thats great. There are a number of downsides however, the first being that it is hella hard to farm. It drops in Sanctum Ophidia and since most people are hoping to get a set of it they will not be sharing most likely. Second, this set can become useless very quickly. this set may look juicy with the other penetration sets being nerfed and its very strong but is overkill most of the time which means damage lost. I do not recommend this set except for solo applications like VMA where it shines.

Back Bar - The weapon on the back bar will be a MAELSTROM BOW. This bow is mandatory for stam DPS to be competitive. I am fully aware of how hard VMA can be for a lot of players but this is a must. the arena is a great way to get better at the game and there are a number of people in guild besides me who can offer tips and advice when ever you need it. If you can handle the challenge and the stress/rage/RNG you will be rewarded by a MASSIVE dps increase, roughly ~7k. IF you are not using a VMA bow then any random NIRNHONED bow will do. The enchant is irrelevant because we are using poisons(see Da Basics).

Jewelry Traits welcome to summerset party people. jewelry traits and crafting has opened up a lot of options for gear. As of writing this crafting jewelry is still incredibly expensive and cost inefficient. maybe in the future someone could slap together a set of hundings jewels to help out a beginner but not yet so dont count on it. as far as traits are concerned the debate is raging between bloodthirsty/infused/robust. there are a number of things to consider when traiting your jewels you have to be aware of. ill go into each of the traits and their pros and cons.
Bloodthirsty - this was nerfed halfway thru the PTS and is still crazy strong. triple bloodthirsty is still parsing the highest out of anything. thats all well and good but that damage is only there after the target is under 25%. there are very few instances in this game where you will need extra damage ONLY in execute. as for when you are not in execute, you literally have no trait on your jewelry.
Infused - makes your weapon damage glyphs look REAL nice. this trait makes your weapon damage really high and you would think that it will boost your damage through the roof but in reality infused only provides a very small dps increase over robust.
Robust - what you are all used to having. robust is only a small step down from infused in terms of dps. robust also gives us more stamina to play with so if we are missing weaves or mechanics are causing us to move around or block we will not immediately be struggling for stamina.

Kraghs - fungal grotto 1. great for solo cuz 1pc penetration. very solid.
Velidreth - Cradle of Shadows. Best for AoE. great for single target and groups as well as solo. what i recommend for everyone
Stormfist - Tempest Island. use if you are really struggling with sustaining or in mechanic intensive fights.
Selene - Selenes Web. currently over performing due to some bugs. ZOS did not address this on PTS so it is now on Live. still a very strong set for single target and very strong in good raid groups.

PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION - this is what i run and what feels the most comfortable to me. there are 2 options here, 1 that gives more dps in static fights while the other will always perform well in every situation.

Setup 1 : 5 relequen 5 advancing yokeda 2 velidreth - best dps in the game with a static fight. if you dont have to switch targets ever then run this.
Setup 2: 5 War Machine 5 Advancing Yokeda 2 Velidreth - running WM buff you will find that the damage is still tremendous and it buffs other dps. this is the best set up for fights where you have to switch targets or mechanic intensive fights.

1 bloodthirsty and 2 robust. this will give you bonus damage in execute which is nice and max stats to help us navigate all the mechanics without a problem and you are only losing a small amount of dps. you can also replace robust with infused if you so wish for more dps just know that you have to be very solid with your weaving. i only suggest one bloodthirsty because most of the fight you are not in execute and you dont want to sacrifice all the damage through most of the fight just for the big increase at the end. 90% of the time you are just giving away stats

this is a light framework. Don't take this as gospel. I fuck with it all the time depending on content.
Master at Arms 51
Thaumaturge 48
Precise 66
Piercing 19
Mighty 56
Ironclad 72
Thick Skinned 40
Ele Defender 64
Hardy 56
Quick Recovery 7
Warlord 34
Sprinter 9
Mooncalf 75
Tenacity 75
Tumbling 34
Shadow Ward 13

Da Rotation(sorta)
Welcome to the bad news. Stamblade is the most fragile class in terms of DPS. You can put out the most damage in the game if you can master your rotation. The problem is that ROTATION isn't a good word to use because the stamblade does not have a set rotation, you must be constantly adapting and making sure all of your skills are up and being used. Ill give you the most straight forward bit but please understand that this is not set in stone. Your rotation changes on the fight and the gear you are wearing.

Make sure the first skill you cast on your bow bar is Endless Hail and Poison Injection should be the last skill you cast before barswap IF you don't have ultimate up.

Be aware of Deadly Cloak being down. It is the only thing that allows you to be in raids and stay alive. If this skill goes down you must be extra careful cuz anything will kill you. pre-summerset this skill did a considerable amount of damage but they nerfed it. this skill is only for survivability now, do not let that make you lazy on keeping it up. it will save your life a lot.

You should be able to get 2 spectral bow procs per cast of relentless focus. If you miss a bow proc you are losing a ton of damage. This is the most important skill to be tracking. You must light attack between every skill. This comes with practice. Do your best and spend a ton of time with the dummies. i can not stress this enough. if you are looking to get better or clear hard content, you need to be able to do your rotation without thinking about it so that when mechanics start happening, you dont stop doing damage. watching videos and copying builds will only get you so far.

Practice practice practice

ill upload summerset parses when i return from traveling as they are on my other harddrive

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Awesome work on these, Law! Thank you.
#13694716 Mar 14, 2018 at 02:29 PM
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Good info, thanks for sharing.
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A few questions:
What are the thoughts on the change to Night Mother's Gaze (applying Major Fracture instead of unique penetration buff) and how it affects your suggested sets?

Currently, I am running with a 5-piece Viscious Ophidian set and been rotating various secondary sets in and out (Toothrow, Hundings Rage, Leviathan, etc.). I was thinking of making a few tweaks to Hunding's Rage (need new weapons) and settling on that set as my primary second 5-piece, but before using any resources (i.e., Potent Nirn) I wanted to see if people still thought Night Mother's Gaze was the better option here.

Another question: I am a little unclear on the debate between two daggers or one dagger one axe and how this truly affects my gameplay, damage output, etc. Can anyone shed a little light on that for me?

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hey merlin

so ill be trying to update this post when the summerset changes are set in stone. PTS is still subject to change before it goes live so i cant really say what will work best.

they have shown that they are not planning on changing NMG again so that set is now literally useless for all group content, as well as solo for any class that can fracture which includes NB.

at the time of writing this (star wars day) next patch all stam dps will be running the new medium armor set Arms of Relequen from the new trial Cloudrest. this set does an incredible amount of damage. so the next patch set up will be Relequen/War machine and that is with 2 war machine weapons on the DW bar.

5pc VO 5pc Hundings is a quality set up. that would be Hundings on the weapons like you said. at the high end most NBs are running Acuity/War Machine this patch and getting good results. if you were looking for an upgrade path, upgrading hundings is not a terrible option. if you are looking to be playing the NB a lot and/or trying to pull more dps then i suggest that you try to farm up War machine gear because it is a lot better than VO. i recommend that for 2 reasons, 1) WM will give you a large boost to dps and will boost the dps of others in your group. hundings/WM is still run by some min/max people. 2) getting WM gives you some future upgradability in that you can switch into the Relequen set when its released.

as for the 2 dagger vs dagger/axe debate, it all lies in the DW passives. two daggers gives you more crit which is always nice. axes have a chance to cause a bleed DoT which is also nice. this is a big min/max debate. the differences there about 1-2k dps at the top of the min/max food chain. dagger/axe is the stronger option but it is not worth recrafting another weapon and wasting materials on just for another 1k.

hope this helps ya out. if you have any more questions or want to chat can either post here or hmu in game/TS anytime id be happy to discuss it further
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Updated this build for Summerset. feel free to message me if you have any questions here on the website or in game
#13792160 Jun 11, 2018 at 04:21 PM
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Thanks Law.

Question, I used to have tons of Advancing but not anymore. What would be a good substitute for it? I have things like VO, TFS, War Machine, Reliquin (non perfected) with some other things to go along with it. Any suggestions? I read that you mentioned the Leviathan but as a "so so" kinda thing.
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hey duck so im in the same boat as you still trying to get my advancing weapons. my personal recommendation is to run with 5 relequen on the body with War Machine jewels and weapons. this requires you to have incap in the front bar and dawnbreaker on the back which isnt optimal but you gotta get the WM procs. this is the setup i am running for myself right now and was what i was wearing in my parse that i posted above. its a very solid alternative but advancing is a huge dps increase (roughly 5k in my testing). if you dont have WM weapons, VO is the next best, followed by Hundings. i dont recommend taking off relequen at this time and i dont recommend leviathan. so quick recap it goes Advancing > WM > VO > Hundings
#13792655 Jun 12, 2018 at 06:54 AM
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Thanks Law. I do have the WM daggers as well as VO. With the Rel not perfect is it still a player? And thanks. Been looking for that answe for quite some time.
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#13792910 Jun 12, 2018 at 02:31 PM
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i assume youre asking if its still a strong option? if so then yes imperfect relequen is still very very strong. perfect relequen gives you another 1096 stam which is helpful and a dps increase but the grind for perfect body pieces is a nightmare. dont be afraid to gold out the imperfect relequen. i did and i have no remorse, its still OP as hell. and congrats on having those WM/VO daggers lucky :P still looking for those as well as AY daggers >.>
#13792954 Jun 12, 2018 at 03:46 PM
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Thanks Law. Though my traits are not the best, got it set up with Rel being the standard 5 piece and swapping out WM with VO when needed. I have a WM bow so I kept the Dawnbreaker on the front bar (don't have the vMA bow on this toon yet). I need to do a lot of geode huntning =(. Thanks for this update and responding to my questions.
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that sounds like a good plan until you get the VMA bow. you should still be able to barswap cancel the incap and get the WM buff but test it out just to be sure. i know you cant barswap cancel it onto the WM bar but it might be different. and anytime mate!
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Thanks for this Law!
#13799312 Jun 21, 2018 at 12:39 PM
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Perhaps I should have asked the question here instead of making a new thread ( , but I will build on it here.

I wanted to get a better opinion about what Monster Set you're using and why.

At the moment, I am using Molag Kena on Shoulders for the 1-piece bonus of 129 Weapon and Spell Damage and Kra’ghs as Helm for the 1487 Physical Penetration bonus. I seem to see a lot of people talking about using Veildreth on various builds, but I wanted to get some second opinions from people to see how well they thought it was working.

That aside – what monster helm set up would you suggest for a Bow/DW Stamblade that runs VO, Hundings? Do any of them proc more often than others? Are any buggy from time to time and to be avoided? Is Selene's really that OP right now? Why not Slimecraw - on paper it sounds good?

I was hoping to start golding these out and transmuting some, but wanted to get some more data before I started expending resources.


Thank you in advance!
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