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#13510901 Nov 03, 2017 at 08:45 AM · Edited 1 year ago
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No I'm not rolling an alt, its for a friend....settle down all of you!

Give me the foundation for a Sorc build (mag or stam) including gear that can pull 18k+ DPS with only one bar and no weaving/canceling.

#13929034 Dec 26, 2018 at 07:55 AM · Edited 16 days ago
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Single's Bar "Light Show" Sorcerer
All Attribute points in Magicka. Mundus Stone: The Apprentice
Armor/Weapon Sets: 5 Piece Julianos, 5 Piece Seducer, 2 Piece Magnus. (Later change to 5 Netch's Touch, 5 Overwhelming Surge and Valkyn Skoria Monster Set.)
Lightning Staff with Lightning Damage or Flame damage.
Attack bar: Crystal Fragments (Crystal Shard), Mages' Wrath (Mages' Fury), Lightning Flood (Lightning Splash), Haunting Curse (Daedric Curse), Unstable Wall of Elements (Wall of Elements). Ultimate: Summon Charged Atronach (Summon Storm Atronach).
Green: Warlord 23, Arcanist 100, Tenacity 43, Tumbling 23, Shadow Ward 23
Blue: Elfborn 81, Elemental Expert 75, Spell Erosion 77, Thaumaturge 37
Red: Ironclad 56, Thick Skinned 56, Elemental Defender 49, Hardy 49
Not all CP used so place them as you want.
Food: Witchmother's Potent Brew. Recharge drink: Essence of Spell Power / Essence of Spell Critical
#13929112 Dec 26, 2018 at 11:08 AM · Edited 16 days ago
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I'm guessing this is a non-issue since it was posted a year ago but here goes...

This would be relatively easy to do with a StamSorc now with the advent of Relequen.

AY or Briarheart or maybe Veiled frontbar, Relequen body, Monster Set (probably Stormfist or Veledrith)

Rending Slashes, Hurricane, Rearming Trap, Crit Surge, Bound Armaments, and either Dawnbreaker or Atro for Ultimate.

Food and pots don't really matter from a sustain standpoint, so I'd probably use blue. Crit pots might be nice, but I'm honestly not sure how much of a boost it would give. Could probably get away with not using them.

Keep all the dots/buffs up (basically the first four skills), spam light attacks. Should pull ~20k.
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