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Welcome back folks! This is version 6 of my healing build and while not A LOT has changed I wanted to rewrite my guide and simplify it for those interested. In my previous guides I list out A LOT of different gear, stats and CP options for A LOT of different situations, this time I stick to what I run 90% of the time when main healing. As most know however, I tend to run a hybrid healing/DPS/screenshotting build for my day to day adventures and most 4 person content. That build is posted below and is in a state of evolution.

This builds soul focus is healing upper tier group content and Trials

Mundus: Atronoch (Magicka regeneration)

Food: Health and Magicka or Witchmothers (Clockwork Citrus Filet if you are a BALLER!)

Potions: Essence of Spell Power

Attributes: 60 Magicka, 4 Health

Champion Points (720)

The Tower: Warlord 33
The Lover: Arcanist 95, Tenacity 75
The Shadow: Shadow Ward 37
The Apprentice: Blessed 100, Elfborn 48, Elemental Expert 56
The Ritual: Thaumaturge 37
The Steed: Ironclad 61, Spell Shield 23
The Lady:Hardy 56, Thick skinned 44, Elemental Defender 56


Our armor serves one purpose above all else and that is to support the group. Always chat with your group/raid and discuss what the best possible combination is and adjust accordingly. For most all Trials content you want one healer running SPC/Mending and one healer running SPC/Twilight/Sanctuary/IA or Worm if the group is very Magicka heavy. This means having access to multiple sets should be an overall goal.

  • Body: Spell Power Cure – Infused – Tri-Stat
  • Shoulders: Spell Power Cure – Divines – Max Magicka
  • Belt: Spell Power Cure – Divines – Max Magicka
  • Gloves: Spell Power Cure – Divines – Max Magicka
  • Legs: Mending/Worm/Twilight– Infused - Tri-Stat
  • Feet: Mending/Worm/Twilight– Divines – Max Magicka
  • Rings: Mending/Worm/Twilight – Reduce Magicka Cost/Spell Damage

  • Necklace: Mending/Worm/Twilight – 2 x Magicka Cost Reduction, 1x Magicka Regen


  • Desto: Masters/VMA Lightning - Decisive/Infused/Nirnhoned - Shock Damage/Magicka Drain
  • Resto: Masters – Powered/Infused/Nirnhoned - Magicka Drain

  • Destruction Staff Bar: Blockade of Storms, Elemental Drain, Channeled Focus, Blazing Spear/Luminous Shards, Vampires Bane/Puncturing Sweeps/Crushing Shock – Ult: Desto/Nova/War Horn
  • Restoration Staff Bar: Breath of Life, Combat Prayer, Energy Orbs, Ritual of Retribution/Purifying Light/Purge, Healing Springs – Ult: Warhorn/Barrier

Notes and tips

For the first time in...forever, I find myself taking Inner Light off the bar about 50% of the time based on the instance and encounter

Energy Orbs used in conjunction and timed with Healing Springs is a powerful combination. When running Energy Orbs its nice to call them out before casting, let folks know they are coming so they dont have to CHASE orbs, it goes a LONG ways, trust me. Also, and this is VERY important, I see FAR to many healers tossing one maybe two orbs to a group (OR EVEN A RAID!) Always remember, it's one Orb PER PERSON in terms of sustaining resources for folks.

If running Twilight I like to have at lest 3 means to procc the set via Synergies. That is usually: Shards, Orbs and Ritual. However, with the synergy changes Orbs are your best bet then shards. The visual of these skills enforces the drive synergize their effects.

Rapid Regen still has a home on by Resto bar but mainly for situations that dictate high group spread and movement (Inhibitor in VWGT for example or the final boss in AS during the storm phases)

You don’t have to spam Elemental Drain on trash, like I see so many healers doing. Pretty much every class and build has plenty of AOE, that AOE will undoubtedly hit the one or two mobs you have applied Elemental Drain to. You WILL want to upkeep it on bosses and more difficult targets, not just for the regen but for the debuff as well

Purifying Light is the most under used skill for a new healing Templar, even some vets. It is a fantastic ability, learn it and love it! The hardest part is up-keeping it, as it only really pays off if maintained throughout the fight.

Overall, Mending is a very powerful set and should be in every self respecting Templars armory along with Twilight Remedy and Worm. A number of other sets have high value as well!

Infallible Aether is also a strong contender and should be part of any Healers repertoire, as should Sanctuary, Combat Physician and Healers Habit.

While SPC jewelry is easier to obtain in PURPLE, gold jewelry from Trials (Mending etc.) ends up being the more powerful and readily available option due to SPC at gold tier only being available form the weekly vendor and over long periods of time

Combat Prayer, with a little practice, can ALMOST take the place of Breath of Life in many situations, just be wary of Magicka use and getting “tunnel” vision as you spend too much time trying to land the “red carpet”. The benefit is obviously the buff applied, the down side is it requires a lot of movement and awareness.
Do not neglect your PvP gained abilities, Efficient Purge and Barrier are invaluable

While you work towards the BIS and dropped sets the following crafted set will work just fine for almost all content:

  • Shoulders: Torugs Pact

Desto Staff: Torugs Pact (Paired the above shoulders for the 2 piece spell damage bonus)
Resto Staff: Torugs pact '' ''


Templar Leveling Build for pre 50

This build (really more of a guide or bad advice even!) will get you started and enable you to main heal dungeons as early as level 10 while still being able to solo efficiently during the leveling up process.

Attributes: All Magicka (Dont worry, you'll be allright! .... maybe)

Mundus: Atronoch (Magicka Regen) Note: Ask a guild mate to port you to the nearest wayshrine with this stone. Rivenspire has one just outside town.

Food: Health or Magicka or both when level 10+


5 Light, 1 Heavy, 1 Medium (Use what you can find but if you have access to crafting/a crafter then: 5x Seducers or Julianos and 2x Torugs will suit you well) You will want the training trait across the board to increase XP gain.

Jewelry: Utilize what you can find but your stat focus is on Magicka Pool, Spell Damage, Spell Critical, Magicka Regen and even Health.


Restoration Staff - Torugs or any - Infused or Powered
Destruction Staff (Flame or Shock but not FROST due to the innate taunt) - Torugs or any - Infused

Note: Heavy attacks with your staffs regen Magicka, use them, ESPECIALLY in those first dungeon runs in which YOU WILL feel like you are out of Magicka all the damn time!

Below is a list of skills that will carry you through most content on the way to 50, you may not have access to all of them so utilize what you can, the below skills are morphs of the starting skills. The first skill you will want when JUST starting out will be Puncturing Sweeps as it will remain your bread and butter, day-to-day DPS skill and in all honesty can carry you to 50 on it's own.

Resto Bar: Breath of life, Healing Springs, Channeled Focus or Harness Magicka from the Light Armor tree, Ritual of Retribution, Inner Light (of note is Mutagen and Combat prayer. Two strong skills for healing groups, utilize them as you can.

Destro Bar: Blazing Spear, Reflective Light, Elemental Blockade, Puncturing Sweeps, Radiant Destruction

Note: Unlock Energy Orbs from the Undaunted line ASAP, it is one of our stronger heals as well as a stam/magicka regen for the group. This skill is gated behind the Undaunted faction and in order to open and level the ability you must clear dungeon content.


We will eventually unlock all passives in the Templar line as well as other passives in various areas as well. For now, focus on Passive that directly up the effectiveness of your abilities, specifically in: Aedric Spear, Restoring Light, Racial and Light Armor. You will also want to focus on the passives found in Alchemy and Cooking that increase buff duration/cool downs of each.

Simple starter rotation for solo combat in the early levels (We don't REALLY have healing rotations, use what the situation dictates): Pull with reflective light x2, pop Ritual of Retribution if you have it melt everything's face with Puncturing Sweeps while YELLING: "JAB! JAB! JAB! JAB! JAB!" (It's a little know fact but this boosts DPS by 12%!) Swap for Mutagen or Breath of Life as needed but so long as you maintain Sweeps you will not need any healing for the most part.

Remember, one day YOU TOO can be THIS good!:

But NEVER....THIS good...:

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My personal VMA build:

First and foremost, I am by no means proficient at VMA, with no alts to give weapons to I generally only run it to help keep myself sharp in regards to movement, awareness and rotations. The below build is designed around a HEAL focused Templar trying to make the transition to the all out DPS and survivability needed for VMA. My gear is a mix of purple and gold, make sure your weapons are golded out at leste. Finally, what works for myself may not work for others but this is the set up I have had the most success on. A bonus is the below can actually be used for A LOT of content from VDSA to Vet Dungeons as a Hybrid (just move points out of some of the DPS CP and into Blessed, switch to healing or hybrid gear and good to go!)

Mundus: Atronoch

Potions: Tri-Pots

Attributes: 54 Magicka 10 Health

Food: Clock Work Citrus Filet (EXPENSIVE as it requires a roe but hey, its VMA) If you find you are suffering due to the low Stamina in this set up, Tri-Food works as well.

Champion Points (720)

The Lover: 64 Tenacity, 86 Arcanist
The Tower: 50 Warlord
The Shadow: 38 Tumbling, 12 Shadow Ward
The Apprentice: 20 Blessed, 56 Elfborn, 64 Elemental Expert, 34 Spell Erosion
The Ritual: 56 Thaumaturge
The Steed: 66 Ironclad
The Lady: 36 Hardy, 16 Thick Skinned, 36 Elemental Defender
The Lord: 55 Bastion, 31 Quick Recovery


  • Head: Grothdaar - Infused - Heavy
  • Body: Julianos - Infused - Light
  • Shoulders: Grothdaar - Divines - Medium
  • Belt: Julianos - Divines - Light
  • Gloves: Julianos - Divines - Light
  • Legs: Julianos - Infused - Light
  • Feet: Julianos - Divines - Light
  • Rings: Infalliable Aether - Arcane - Spell Damage
  • Neck: Infalliable Aether - Arcane - Spell Damage


Destruction Staff - Masters Inferno - Shapened - Shock Damage
Dual Wield - Torugs - Nirn/Infused - Crusher

Bar 1 - Dual Wield: Puncturing Sweep, Harness Magicka, Blazing Spear, Radiant Destruction, Inner Light, Nova or Meateor
Bar 2 - Destro: Channeled Focus, Elemental Blockade, Vampires Bane/Reflective, Elemental Drain, Inner Light, Destro Ult

Simple rotation: Elemenal Blockade, Vampires Bane/Reflective, Ele Drain- SWAP- Harness and sweep away while working in Blazing Spear. As long as you have Harness up during the swap and DoT application phase, you are good to go!


  • LOVE YOUR HARNESS MAGICKA... L O V E I T! That bad boy needs to be telepathically bound to your BRAIN.
  • I don't change out ANY skills from round 1 to the final boss, muscle memory is key and I dont want to mess anything up
  • CP in Bastion is what really pulled this build together for me as it buffs Harness Magicka.
  • There is really no amount of healing that will keep you alive in VMA from our perspecitive, while as healers ourselves this can be tough to get past (was for me) I came to realize that spamming away at Breath of Life, Rapids etc. was just burning Magicka and prolonging my death. If you keep Harness Magicka up religiously then the return heal from sweeps WILL keep you alive through every encounter in VMA

Good luck!

#13544671 Nov 27, 2017 at 12:54 PM
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NOTE: Messed around with Quick Siphon as a means to procc Spell Power Cure, it works well when you have a target everyone is on, yet spread around outside the range of other heals, i.e. Mantikora. Good to see SPC proccing on folks you are not directly healing.
#13546158 Nov 28, 2017 at 09:49 AM
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Thanks for this Oaks. I might try it with my templar/magic user sometime in the future. After I am a bit more familiar how to get 6 and 7 done a little easier.
"Think not of the problem... But of a Solution!"
#13655340 Feb 14, 2018 at 10:43 AM · Edited 3 months ago
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Need to complete Jorvulds and test a non (GASP!) SPC build utilizing Master Arch. along with Jorvulds This could allow for some pretty serious 4 person group damage increases. Though, definitely needs testing. I am wondering about being able to maintain the damage buff from MA with the duration buff from Jor and if this would outstrip the overall damage buff gained from 5x SPC for the group.

Overall, I'm not seeing A LOT of use from Jorvulds for us (Heal Templars) but time will tell.
#13655440 Feb 14, 2018 at 12:22 PM
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#13655340 Oakos wrote:

Need to complete Jorvulds and test a non (GASP!) SPC build utilizing Master Arch. along with Jorvulds This could allow for some pretty serious 4 person group damage increases. Though, definitely needs testing. I am wondering about being able to maintain the damage buff from MA with the duration buff from Jor and if this would outstrip the overall damage buff gained from 5x SPC for the group.

Overall, I'm not seeing A LOT of use from Jorvulds for us (Heal Templars) but time will tell.

Jorvulds + Warhorn would be a big time damage boost, would it not?
#13667096 Feb 23, 2018 at 06:04 AM
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#13667146 Feb 23, 2018 at 07:05 AM
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Select should say "sweeps" though.
#13667267 Feb 23, 2018 at 09:21 AM
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Hahah! That is amazing Az! Just need to change Start to Screenshot.
#13694568 Mar 14, 2018 at 11:48 AM · Edited 1 month ago
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Orb Weaver (Dragon Bones Templar Healer)

Hey again folks, this build is focused around the specific combination of Infallible Aether, Spell Power Cure, The Asylums Restoration Staff and utilizing Combat Prayer to procc the staffs set effect resulting in the ability to throw a metric “shit ton” (it’s a real unit of measurement, look it up!) of Energy Orbs while maintaining Magicka. Energy Orbs from the Undaunted skill line, are an incredibly powerfull “all-in-one” skill for healers, this build capitalizes on that and enables their use without being a major drain on your resources. This builds primary group focus is increasing the DPS of a group or Trial while sustaining all resources for the party members. We go with IA for the minor vulnerability application over Mending this time (Mending is still considered a BIS set). Worm has become mostly an afterthought these days (for now) Of note, this set up can EASILY work with Twilight Remedy as well or Jorvlds Guidance if you would rather lean towards more healing then group DPS augmentation, or minor vuln is being applied already. With the synergy changes, Twilight Remedy has become a power house set for us and folks NATRUALLY look for Energy Orbs resulting in FAR, FAR more Twilight proccs these days.

Stats, Mundus (Atronoch), Food, Potions and CP are fairly standard, I make only a few minor tweaks via shuffling some points into Staff Expert and Spell Penetration in regards to CP and have recently switched to the amazing but PRICEY Clockwork Citrus Filet for Trials


  • 3X Tri-Stat Enchants on big pieces, Divines on the rest
  • 5X IA (3X Jewelry – Enchants based on your need, in this build I prefer 2X Spell Damage and 1x Magicka Regen)
  • 5X SPC


  • 1X Asylums Restoration – Powered – Magicka Steal Enchant
  • 1X VMA/Masters/Asylum/Any Lightning Staff – Infused or Crusher Enchant


Restoration Bar: Breath of Life, Healing Springs, Combat Prayer, Energy Orbs, FLEX SPOT (Inner Light, Efficient Purge, Purifying Light, Harness Magicka all work) Ulti: War Horn or Barrier

Destruction Bar: Elemental Drain, Ritual of Retribution, Channeled Focus, Blazing Spears, FLEX SPOT (Inner light, Elemental Blockade, Harness Magicka, Jesus Beam, Crushing Shock all work) Ulti: War Horn, Destro Ult or Meteor

We are trying to capitalize on the Asylum Resto Staffs procc, this means liberal use of Combat Prayer (always good!) followed by 3-4 Orbs. In-between this simple rotation you upkeep the rest of your healing and resource management for the group. Again though, if you are not utilizing the Combat Prayer/Orb rotation OFTEN, then entire philosophy behind this set is moot!

Last but not least, always remember to yell: “TOUCH MY BALLS!” when throwing Orbs.
#13695155 Mar 14, 2018 at 10:16 PM
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Solid test of the Orb Weaver build in a HM ICP clear (thanks Sabre, Tib and Bug!), really liking this set up.
#13712475 Mar 28, 2018 at 09:31 AM · Edited 2 months ago
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Orb Weaver proved very strong in VDSA, VROM, VSkyreach, VFang, VCoS as well as VAS.

Ele Drain>Heavy Attack for IA procc>Combat Prayer>Orb>Orb>Orb>Blockade>Heavy Attack for IA procc>Purifying Light>Ritual of Ret>Channeled Focus - Repeat while mixing in other skills as needed/DPSing/Healing/Screenshots!

Don't forget Twilight Remedy in place of IA if needed, works incredibly well also!
#13753003 Apr 25, 2018 at 10:59 AM · Edited 1 month ago
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Quick and dirty crafted set for the road to BIS and end game gear (healing and DPS):

Chest: Julianos (Infused - Tri-Stat)
Belt: Julianos (Divines - Magicka)
Shoes: Julianos (Divines - Magicka)
Pants: Julianos (Infused - Tri-Stat)
Gloves: Julianos (Divines- Magicka)

Head: Magnus's Gift (Divines - Magicka)
Shoulders: Magnus's Gift (Divines- Magicka)

Destruction Staff 1: Magnus's Gift Shock, Infused, Fire Enchant (Gold)
Destruction Staff 2: Magnus's Gift Shock, Nirnhoned or Infused, Crusher or Shock Enchant (Gold)

If healing replace Destro 2 with:

Resto Staff: Magnus's Gift, Powered or Infused, Crusher or Magicka Drain

3x Willpower Jewerly (Spell Damage) or (2x Recovery, 1x Cost reduction for healing)

I do not pick Kags over Julianos as Kags is designed around LEARNING the game, running with PUGs and the otherwise bad habit of the healer rezzing. At this point we should be moving beyond such, this puts Julianos in a better position and is also far more flexible.
#13753032 Apr 25, 2018 at 11:28 AM · Edited 1 month ago
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Hybrid DPS Capable of Main healing all Vet Dungeons and Normal Trials (Puncturing Sweeps focused as to why we are using Grothdaar, if ranged focus then Zaans or Skoria)

Chest: Spell Power Cure (Infused - Tri-Stat)
Belt: Spell Power Cure (Divines - Magicka)
Shoes: Spell Power Cure (Divines - Magicka)
Pants: Spell Power Cure (Infused - Tri-Stat)
Gloves: Spell Power Cure (Divines- Magicka)

Head: Grothdaar (Divines - Magicka)
Shoulders: Grothdaar (Divines- Magicka)

Destruction Staff: VMA/Masters/Asylum - Shock, Infused, Fire Enchant (Gold)
Restoration Staff: Masters or Asylum - Powered or Infused, Crusher or Magicka Drain (Gold)

Jewelry: 3x IA or Moon Dancer or Willpower (2x Spell Damage, 1x Recovery)

Mundus: The Apprentice or Atronoch depending on your ability to manage resources

**No real need to mess with CP though you may wish to pull points out of blessed entirely placing them into DPS lines such as spell penetration**

Bar 1 - Destro: Ele Drain, Sweeps, Blockade, Harness Magicka, Jesus Beam - War-horn or flex
Bar 2 - Resto: BoL, Combat Prayer, Orbs, Ritual of Retribution, Healing Springs - War-horn or Barrier

#13753161 Apr 25, 2018 at 02:46 PM · Edited 1 month ago
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Fixed it for you.

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