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[Pinned] Colby's Guide to laying pipe - with pictures

Hey folks. The teacher in me wanted to share a quick demonstration on how to lay some 4 inch pipe. I am not a master by any means and I would imagine this guide could help anyone lay larger pipe, but alas, mine is only 4 inches. The good news i...
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OOC Discussion

[Pinned] MUST be signed in to see the Members Only Forum

This is a reminder to all Vanquish members that they MUST be signed in to the Forums to see the "Members Only" section of the forums. If you are only seeing the 4 forums that are under the "Public Forums" might want to sign in so ...
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PetSorc Critique/Suggestions

Hello all,So looking for some honest opinions on where to go on my sorcerer. I keep reading that I should pull 25k on a 3mil dummy rather easily and I just cannot get there. I have spent hours on testing and who knows how much money on different g...
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Insights to Warden Healing (reddit post)

Reading through this, this morning and impressed by this fellows write up, discussions and answers. Some REALLY good stuff in here from the perspective of a vTrials main healing Warden. The philosophy behind the Earthgore set for a Warden is a g...
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Will Dark Elf mag DKs still be viable after the racial balancing?

Hopefully the final balancing is still a work in progress but the forums seem to believe that the new meta for mag DK will become High Elf. Bummer for me because my DK (and Sorc) magic users are all Dark Elf.
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Class & Build Disscussions

Build Editor

I did a quick search and couldn’t find it on here. Figured I’d show this to anyone who hasn’t tried it out. I use it a lot when theorycrafting possible builds.
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OOC Discussion

Fish pics (mainly for Oakos but also for anybody else that's into fishing)

Well we didn't kill 'em today but my neighbor and I caught a couple good ones.This was my good one. It was just over 6 lbs.This was the one my neighbor got. It was about 5lbs.
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Sharp things porn (Busse Combat, hand made hunter, and Tomahawk edition.)

Busse: Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Steel Heart (8mm thick Infi Steel!, 24cm blade length) and Satin Jack TAC (6.35mm thick Infi Steel), and something in Elmax Steel (all scalpel sharp) :Busse Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Steel Heart:Busse Satin Jack TAC:TM...
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Trials and Tribulations to 50k DPS

To start off, I have to come clean and say the title is clickbait, my dps is still 244 away from the 50K goal soloing on a 3M target :)The following is a rough journaling of my experience progressing this stamblade character to meet endgame requir...
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LA +2 Super Simple Templar DPS w/bonus!

Light attacks + Sweeps + JB@ 24% w/ 2x Destro Ults. is all I used here. If you are struggling as a Magplar, start simple, go up from there. Shout out to Colb for pointing out LA Helper, great add on.Gear is pretty straight forward (Notice, I lo...
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OOC Discussion

Anyone in the Decatur, Ga area?

So it's official, I am moving to Decatur, Ga, have a nice little house waiting, just need to finish the logistics of getting all the utilities on and moving two mini warehouses full of junk over there.Just wandering if I'm gonna have any Vanquish ...
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What happened to Overload??

Is it just me or did Overload get a major nerf since I was playing last?
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Happy holidays to Everyone!

Hi Everyone!Been off the grid for 5 days. Spending time with the family. I uninstalled ESO 2 months ago when my sub expired. I have no desire to play it. But I still remember all of you. Some of the best people I've ever met. Best guild ever for s...
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Class & Build Disscussions

Help/Insight Appreciated

SO, my MagDk is outparsing my MagBlade and I hate it, would love some insight into what I'm doing wrong with the Magblade. I tried putting Zann on the said Nightblade, and it didnt really change anything(Which as I say sounds funky). Pics!MagDkMag...
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Sorc build challange

No I'm not rolling an alt, its for a friend....settle down all of you!Give me the foundation for a Sorc build (mag or stam) including gear that can pull 18k+ DPS with only one bar and no weaving/canceling.ANNNNNNND GO!
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Vanquish Hosted Events

All For One, One For All. A Vanquish Farming Event.

This Friday the 14th, ( I really should pick a better day....)I will be hosting the very first....All for one, One for all event.This event is sort of like Take the pledge event except we are all running one dungeon. City Of Ash 1.Why you ask? To...
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Templar Healer+

DRAFT (Will be cleaned up and added to over the next few days!)Hello, Vanquish, below you will find my most recent guide to healing in ESO as a Templar, though much of the guide, advice, experience and ramblings will pertain to all healing classes...
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Questions Regarding Vanquish


Hi there!. Let me first state I am not a computer person so any response please first don't laugh too loud and second try to remember who you're speaking with. To load a picture it asks for "a image URL"? Ok I'm lost and if a kind soul could help ...
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Dual Wield / Bow | Stamden | PVE DPS | Mirkmire

RaceImperial (my race, health bonus), optimal: khajit (crit) and redguard (sustain)Attribute distribution64 StaminaStar SignThe LoverGear5x Ravager's (3x Jewellery [1x bloodthirsty, 2x infused, weapon damage enchants], 1x Bow [infused, weapon dama...
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