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[Pinned] Hex's "Band"
OOC Discussion

[Pinned] Hex's "Band"

So a while back, I came up with the idea to create a band to make goofy songs about pretty much anything; I call us (it's just me, really) The Struggle Monkeys. Until now, the only songs I've completed involve video games. This one is about Dark...
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[Pinned] Information
Vanquish Hosted Events

[Pinned] Information

Greetings all and welcome to Vanquish's home!Our primary forums are gated behind guild membership and site registration, therefore, this forum is in place so that our non Vanquish and allied members have a location to post questions, gather inform...
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[Pinned] Ik's Guide to Crusty Bread aka The Curious Caper of Justi's Crusty Bread

Hello there, frenemies,It's time for my second mini guide to useless useful things, and today we're talking Crusty Bread:(As an aside, I'll be sharing some pretty 1337 pro tips today, and as much as you all want to immediately run out and spread t...
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[Pinned] Vanquish Ranks
Commander's Corner

[Pinned] Vanquish Ranks

**further details coming soon**The ranking system in Vanquish is designed around both responsibility in the guild and content in terms of an "in-guild" achievement system. Each rank has its base requirements and perks but is also designed around ...
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[Pinned] Officer's Guide
Commander's Corner

[Pinned] Officer's Guide

To Delegate Tasks Large and Small... A Guild Servant First of All... I strongly encourage those interested in pursuing leadership within Vanquish to do so! Below you will find a guide of sorts, a window into what I look for in an Office...
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OOC Discussion

"That feeling of impending doom sucks"

He KNOWS hes in trouble...
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Love this guy
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Hey there people

Been away for a few months. I kind of stepped away from gaming a bit to focus on fishing and I just never really got the MMO desire back again. I am getting ready to embark on a new tournament trail this year in the hopes of becoming a semi-prof...
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Luciano Pavarotti

One of my favorite singers of all time, up there with Nina Simone, James Brown, and the like. Nessun Dorma is more famous and I love that song to death but I love this one too. one of my favorite song...
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Newegg Gaming Hardware Sale

In case anyone is in the market for a new system or component
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You will never be THIS hard core!
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How you doing?

Heard about the Vanquish guild through a guy named Martin. Nice dude. Thanks for the application and was hoping I could check this place out. Have not yet joined the guild. I been playing ESO off and on since beta. I do take breaks and I play...
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Questions Regarding Vanquish


I think I screwed up my application as I did not fully understand what was asked. I registered with my first character Guillume de Chartres, but my eso account is @sirjake990. When filling out the info I am also unsure what is meant by first spec...
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OOC Discussion

Good reads...

Was chatting with Lenore and a few others last night about books and things...looked through the first 5 pages to see if there was already a thread like this and didn't see one, so I am starting one.Basically just wanted to list a few of my faves,...
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OOC Discussion


Any craft beer fans here? If you use the untappd app, look me up, cjsweitzer is my username.
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OOC Discussion

Lots of keys

That Dance!!!
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OOC Discussion

New mouse

Shopping around for a new gaming mouse, recommendations?Looking at THIS ONE but I am honestly not sure if I would make use of most those buttons, especially if they are awkward to reach.Also...THIS ONE is on the list
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Questions Regarding Vanquish

Urgent Question For Oakos, Please Advise

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OOC Discussion


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