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[Pinned] Hex's "Band"
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[Pinned] Hex's "Band"

So a while back, I came up with the idea to create a band to make goofy songs about pretty much anything; I call us (it's just me, really) The Struggle Monkeys. Until now, the only songs I've completed involve video games. This one is about Dark...
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[Pinned] Colby's Guide to laying pipe - with pictures

Hey folks. The teacher in me wanted to share a quick demonstration on how to lay some 4 inch pipe. I am not a master by any means and I would imagine this guide could help anyone lay larger pipe, but alas, mine is only 4 inches. The good news i...
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[Pinned] MUST be signed in to see the Members Only Forum

This is a reminder to all Vanquish members that they MUST be signed in to the Forums to see the "Members Only" section of the forums. If you are only seeing the 4 forums that are under the "Public Forums" might want to sign in so ...
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[Pinned] Ik's Guide to Crusty Bread aka The Curious Caper of Justi's Crusty Bread

Hello there, frenemies,It's time for my second mini guide to useless useful things, and today we're talking Crusty Bread:(As an aside, I'll be sharing some pretty 1337 pro tips today, and as much as you all want to immediately run out and spread t...
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Got a pleasant surprise at work today.

I'm a web and database application developer in the IT Department of a non-profit career development agency.At our quarterly staff meeting today, I got this. :-)Yeah, it feels good to get recognition in a department where no one sees you work but ...
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CoA2 Late night snacks.

Thanks Duck, Sav and Sabre for the late night VCoA 2 run for the BSW inferno staff that we still are looking for,Duck: Does anyone want Icecream BEFORE we go in this gate?
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Orc Stuff

So, Oakos posted a link to Hero Forge a little while back, and I couldn't help but make a tiny little orc. So now I have a desk orc to help out with dungeons, raids, and whatnot. He is adorable and I love him.
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My ping test.

So im getting really mad at the disconnects in cyrodiil.I know my internet is old. But I can't tell if thats the issue. Did 2 pings to google.Does this mean anything to anyone here!?!!
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Sharp things porn (Busse Combat, hand made hunter, and Tomahawk edition.)

Busse: Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Steel Heart (8mm thick Infi Steel!, 24cm blade length) and Satin Jack TAC (6.35mm thick Infi Steel), and something in Elmax Steel (all scalpel sharp) :Busse Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Steel Heart:Busse Satin Jack TAC:TM...
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Sharp things porn. (Skip this post if "Sebenza" or "S30V" means nothing to you.)

Chris Reeve Knives: (The third from the left, bottom row is always in my back pocked unless I'm in an airport or court house.)Small Sebenzas with wood inlays: Box Elder Burl, Tamboti, Snakewood, African Blackwood, Black Micarta (my EDC)Blades: A...
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Pieces of American history porn (mostly WWII battle implements)

U.S. Model 1903 Mark 1U.S. Model 1903 Mark 1 and BentleyU.S. Model 1903 Mark 1M1 Garands (1945), top to bottom: Winchester, Springfield Armory, and Harrington & Richardson:M1 Garand: Winchester (w/ bayonet), SA and H&RM1 Garand: Winchester...
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Sharp things porn (Bayonets)

M1 Garand bayonts:Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K-31 bayonets:Swedish Model 1896 Mauser Bayonet and scabbard:Argentine Mauser Model 1891 bayonet and scabbard (15.75 inch blade):Argentine Mauser Model 1891 bayonet w/ ground off crestThe Argentine crest was a...
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Sharp things porn (Swords)

French-Model-1831-Artillary-Sword (period) I was looking for a Gladius and this was the closest thing I could afford. ;-) I can see why the Romans found them so useful. The length and weight make it a very handy weapon.French Briquet IN XI:Co...
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Sharp things porn (Al Mar edition)

Al Mar Ospreys and Hawks:Al Mar Ospreys - Signed dated "04 & 05 VALADE (master engraver Bob Valade )Handle materials: Abalone, Black Micarta, White Micarta, Abalone, Honey Jigged Bone, Mother of Pearl, Stag, Briar Burl, Stag, Stainless Steel,...
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Sharp things porn (Buck, Kershaw, and Spiderco edition)

Buck folders:Buck 119:300 Series Buck folders:Buck 185 Knife Ed Gillet The Tiburon Water Sports Model (My dive knife):Kershaw knives:Two Kershaw Skylines and two Spyderco Paramilitaries:Ti Millie and Orange n' Blue Para 2's on top left, Techno bot...
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Please recommend a new t.v. series to watch

I'm all out of TV shows to watch.I'm all caught up on these and need something else to binge watch...Altered CarbonBlack MirrorChildhood's EndColonyContinuumDark MatterDefianceDollhouseExtantFireflyKilljoysLost in SpaceSalvationStar Trek: Discover...
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Living in AZ

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Restaurant recommendations in Jacksonville.

Going to be spending a few days in Jacksonville, FL. Got a couple responses in Discord, but thought I'd check here as well. Any local type (not chain) restaurant recommendations?
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Getting older sucks!

Waking up every night with intense pain shooting through my hand and little finger, first night it happened I thought I had broke my finger while sleeping some how, lol. Back from the Doc today, he says I have carpal tunnel and some pretty good n...
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Southern Translations

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