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INTRO to VET DLC Dungeons

Date: Aug 11, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 01:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Duck
Category: Dungeons
INTRO to VET DLC is for those wanting to learn and experience the Veteran DLC content. This event will be on a set rotating schedule, starting with the easier DLC's and working forward. DLC content is harder than base game Veteran dungeons. We are slotting this as a 2 hour event.

Players should be experienced in their roles and skills and be able to adjust when/if necessary to achieve success. DPS for Veteran DLC content should be around 25K on a 3-6 mil training dummy, solo parse w/out support. We are not asking for mind blowing stats, achievements, or hard requirements. What we are asking is for teamwork.

When signing up, please make sure you sign up for the role you wish to do, BUT if you can do alternate roles, state so in the comments.

IF YOU WISH TO SUPPORT/HELP/TEACH, please also add into the comments that you will be available.

The schedule for the DLC's are as followed:

• White Gold Tower (Imperial City) July 21st
• Imperial City Prison (Imperial City) July 28th
• Cradle of Shadows (Shadow of the Hist) August 4th
• Ruins of Mazzatun (Shadows of the Hist) August 11th
• Depths of Malatar (Wrathstone) August 18th
• Falkreath Hold (Hors of the Reach) August 25th
• Bloodroot Forge (Horns of the Reach) September 1st
• March of Sacrifices (Wolfhunter) September 8th
• Moon Hunter Keep (Wolfhunter) September 15th
• Scalecaller Peak (Dragon Bones) September 22nd
• Fang Lair (Dragon Bones) September 29th
• Frostvalut (Wrathstone) October 6th
Tank (2)

5. delkurz Dragonknight

6. (Duck) Lucan Petilius Dragonknight

Damage (5)


Available to help and I would sit for another in my place whom is in need.
Available to help tank. Msg on discord if im needed and not online.
Unable to make this, as RL plans have changed. I will be out of town on Sunday and unable to attend. This is unfortunate, as I reallly want a Chudan helm lol
Can also heal if needed
Gotta go to kids bday party tonight, I'll be away
I changed mine to a maybe due to the numbers. I will be online and would like to go if there are 2 full parties but I've cleared these first few and have no problem sitting out if a 2nd full party doesn't sign up. In other words there is no obligation to "create" a full party for me 😀
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